Online Gambling Law in Idaho

The Detailed and Full Guide to Gambling in Idaho

Looking at the constitutional amendments, a patchwork of statutes, and other forms of regulation that regulates online gambling, we can say that it seems quite confusing.

People that have been living for a very long time in the state still find it hard to understand the situation of things

Ban is placed on the commercial casinos, but then you are going to see similar establishment that carries out their operation 24/7. These are mainly on tribal lands that are recognized at the federal level. It is illegal to play poker anyhow, but then the scratch card product that is poker based are being advertised on the Idaho Lottery. Even with the fact that trends are being mounted to abolish the animal race, Idaho still stays glued to the greyhound industries and thoroughbred.

Having given due consideration to every aspect, we have been able to figure out what you can spend your money on and what you can’t when you are in Idaho.

A conscious effort has been made such that the readers will get a concise and clear view of the gambling laws in Idaho. Of course, you have to understand the fact that we are not lawyers, but then we are just a set of people that are very enthusiastic about gambling. We are very particular about the fact that players should be treated in a fairway.

Even though you love to enjoy the slots, live dealers, pokers, table games, and some other version of casino games, one thing that you should understand is that the law is a major factor in determining your success and legality.

Imagine the kind of situation whereby the police will barge into your poker club, take all the winnings you have made, and even got you arrested. This is as well applicable to the life-changing jackpots that you can win, most of the gambling activities are considered to be illegal in Idaho.

Currently, the Americans are to abide by the 50 distinct interpretations that regulate the online gambling law. This will only change when a federal law is passed to legalize gambling throughout the nation.

Idaho residents who wish to know about their rights when it comes to partaking in gambling activity should do well to check the law such that they will know what is permissible and what is not.

Idahoan Law and Online Gambling

Americans in Idaho or others that live outside New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada may find it challenging to know whether it is illegal or legal to partake in any form of gambling activity.

Subsequently, the challenging issues will be addressed, but before going into that, let us discuss the factors that you are to consider when you are looking for an online casino that you can invest your time.

There is more to the world of online casino games, and it spans through the DFS big boys of DraftKings to PokerStars to bingo, slots, and some other specialty games. It can be treacherous to navigate in this kind of world that is not initiated. Most especially when the deposits made using the actual dollars are right on the line.

What you are to do is to make the right decision, and you should go through the stream of endless sites. This can be a matter that is subjective because the site you cherish most may not be our taste. Having said these, the fact remains that the reputable providers out there have similar issues.

Firstly, there is a proven track record for a reputable online gambling website. They are just like a restaurant on Yelp or eBay sellers that are being rated by the real customers. Most people that gamble online are not the type that tolerates sub-standard; once they notice that the payment method is slow or the bonus funds are not of a good standard, they are going to do a bad review about it such that the world will know what's going on.

Your best ticket is the review posted online by the other players, but then you don't have to get yourself carried away by this particular section. The players that have suffered the loss of love to blast the site and leave a bad review. What you are to do is to go through the reviews and make use of your discretion on what you are reading. Imagine a player that left a review on the withdrawal process and the one that expressly states that the game is entirely rigged. You will observe that the former is passing more sense.

Some other things that you should look out for are the wagering requirement placed on the bonuses given — the provision made for the payment method and all the gambling authorities that licensed the particular casino site.

Is it legal to gamble online in Idaho?

Looking at the provision of the (UIGEA) in 2006, the ban on the casino games, online poker, slot machines, and others were removed by the federal government. Today, the UIGEA is the law of the land, but then it places its reliance on the Wire Act of 1961, which is known as the elder law. This law prohibits people from carrying out any online gambling activity, making use of their mobile phones.

During that particular period, the Wire Act was held applicable to gambling by the Department of Justice. In 2011, the interpretation of the Wire Act was revised as they notice the growing gap between traditional phones and the internet.

With this, some of the states were given the right to make their regulations on casino games and online pokers. In 2013, New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada acted upon this, and gambling was made legal in their regions.

The fact is the UIGEA was written to target the gambling operators and not the players in particular. Looking at how the law was designed to carry out gameplay on the online casino is not considered as a crime, but the establishment as a similar business is an offense.

Going by these happenings, the majority of the Americans do visit the offshore sites with their money such that they can satisfy their gambling urge. Subsequently, we will be talking about the offshore sites that understand the fact that Idaho residents are left with no choice. Even with the fact that an attempt was made to rush the introduction of the legislation such that online gambling will be regulated in some states such as Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania, Idaho did not make any attempt to propose that. The constitution of Idaho is one of the hindrances as it looks rigorous when it comes to wagering online.

Under the Idaho law, it is prohibited to gamble online, making use of the laptop, mobile device, and computer. Having said this, there has not been any reported case of an arrest. With this, you can infer that it is illegal to play on any online poker and gambling site, but then no strict law is put in place to get things regulated or punish you.

Is it safe to play on an offshore site?

The answer to this is not that straight; what you need to do is to ensure that you carry out your research before you invest your money on any of the offshore sites.

By just making a simple search on Google, what you are going to see is the fact that the majority of the offshore sites do not have a good reputation, no generous bonus and slow payment methods, stolen jackpot, and other bad reviews.

The internet is full of bad reviews; even with this, millions of Americans are still signing up on the offshore sites to enjoy their favorite slot, poker DFS, and some other games.

The fact is that the majority of the industry will be doomed if all that the providers do is to scam their players.

What is applicable is the fact that the online casino is very similar to the land-based casino going by the ratio of the reputable ones, and the ones that are out there to scam the players. The only issue is that in any issue that involves online, the ones to be heard first are the vocal minority.

The sites that we recommend are those that have been in operation for a very long time, and their record of pros and cons can be tracked. All that will attest to the fact that it is reputable is swift withdrawal, manner of handling customers, game integrity, and the security of the players.

The legal precedence of the day is still held by the maxim that says “buyer beware.” It matters when it comes to gambling online due to the draconian approach that is responsible for the lack of regulation.

Just in case you find yourself wondering if it is safe to gamble on an online casino, all you need to do is to check out the other player's review.

Can someone be arrested?

You can get arrested in Idaho if you partake in online gambling. This is because it is illegal, although the state is not very particular about looking for an individual player.

More Gambling Laws

The gambling law in Idaho permits its residents to enjoy the Tribal Gambling, Dog Racing Betting, Horse Racing Bet, Bingo, Lottery, Charitable Gaming, on the other hand, and they prohibit Casino Gambling, Poker, Social Gambling, and the Daily Fantasy sports.

Gambling Venues

Today, Idaho can be considered as the home to 7 tribal casinos, and this credit can be given to the IGRA that was passed in 1988 by the congress.

The venues cut across the northern panhandle of the state; with this, the residents can easily access the tribal casinos provided. The tribal casinos include the Bannock Peak Casinos, Coeur D'Alene Casino, Clearwater River Casino & Hotel, Fort Hall Casino, It'se-Ye-Ye Casino, Kootenai River Inn Casino & Spa, and the Sage Hill Travel Center and Casino.


In 1890, the first state enactment was made in Idaho, and it is to the inclusion of the clear language such that lottery games wager will be outlawed.

In 1930, no law was actually out in place to place a ban on slots. Ones with armed bandits are well known throughout the state.

In 1947, a statute came into place, and the prohibition no more restricted the slots machines.

In 1953, the slots machine was rendered unconstitutional, and the slots were made illegal officially.

In 1957, the Idaho legislature made approval of the Horse Racing Act.

In 1963, the passage of the horse racing action was made, and it was signed into law by the government.

In 1988, the Legislature in Idaho passed the senate bill in 1471. They acted on the referendum held by the voters, and it was later approved by November

In 1992, there was a debate on the Class III gaming, and this forced the legislature in Idaho to amend the constitution of the state.

In 2002, the eligible voters were given a chance to make debates on the issue.

In 2011, they passed the simulcasting law, and Idahoans that were enthusiastic about horse race can wager

In 2013, players were allowed to wager on the historical races die to the Bill No. 220

Your view and the future

Not long after, the revised opinion was issued on the Wire Act by the DOJ. After revision was made, many of the states were able to enact the laws that will regulate their gambling activity. The problem with Idaho is the fact that the majority of their legislative member did not prioritize online gambling.