Casinos in South Africa


Africa is a gambling destination now because of its uncomplicated legislation and its charming features. You have more than 30 countries in this continent that offer gambling services to residents. You will see slot machines and casinos in these countries. To make more people come to them, these physical casinos also have online based casinos. And we are going to tell you how you should go about finding an online casino in Africa that would give you awesome bonuses. Just make sure to go through our reviews and advice carefully, follow it and you will surely be able to land a big win.

Casinos in South Africa

Yes we might talk about online casinos a lot, but we are all avid land based casino players. So we want to introduce you to the most famous and renowned physical casinos in Africa. Make sure to look through our tips carefully before going to a casino. That way, you'll have a better chance of winning.

South Africa is definitely the go to country for casinos in Africa as it has more than forty casinos to boast of. Of course you have other countries that have casino services to offer. Some of them are Botswana, Cameroon, Ghana, Namibia, Uganda and Zimbabwe. Since it offers much more potential and has a wider range if casino spots, South Africa is the to go country in Africa when it comes to gambling. You will find a lot of the best casinos on the continent in this country. Some of them are Kempton Park, Imperial Palace, Fourways, Montecasino, Golden Reef City, Pilanesberg and Sun City.

Things are evolving though. South Africa Online Casinos are becoming more and more rampant and so a lot more people now have access to gambling. There's no need for expensive plane tickets and accommodation. All you have to do is use your mobile device to create your account at an online casino that accepts your home country. And you will that a lot of them give you a very generous welcome package.

Casinos in South Africa

Top Ten Casinos in Africa

You know how difficult it is to rate things that have a lot more to do with personal feelings and experiences but nevertheless, we tried to compile this list so as to tell you what we feel are the best physical casinos in the continent of Africa. If you feel that we have omitted some casinos, if you feel that there are casinos that merit to make it to this list, do contact us. We are interested in the online and offline sides of casinos so we are ready to go to a new location so as to check these out and tell you if they truly are worth it.

Land Based Casinos in South Africa.


There is definitely no reason why this casino shouldn't feature on this list. The casino is found in Sun City in South Africa and it is one of the prestigious in this country. It has come a long way. You have more slots than you can imagine, table games that will blow your mind and all that featuring The best technology out here. There is a section of the casino for non-smokers. This is good as it is rare for such a section to exist in South Africa.

Golden Reef

Golden Reef has come a long way and has stood the test of time. It is old, amongst the oldest on the continent but that does not diminish its shine in any way. It is located in Johannesburg and is a top notch casino that offers you a lot of features. The feel and atmosphere of the casino is great, the games are the latest you'd see and the service is great. Here, history and modernity meet in the most harmonized way to offer you a whole world of entertainment. It goes without mentioning that you will use the best equipment to play at the latest slots.

The Montecasino: The theme of this beautiful casino is an old Italian village. They have managed to capture that traditional Italian atmosphere and you really feel at ease here. The main thing they have to propose is the slots. You will see thousands of slot machines that you can play at. Sure you will see the classic Blackjack and Roulette board games. There are poker tournaments give both new players who have low stakes and high rollers a chance to win. And guess what? The Montecasino is family friendly. You have playgrounds, movies and other attractions for your children.

Emerald Casino: As its name indicates, this is a casino full of greenery. If you want to have fun in the most relaxed manner, then you definitely need to come here. The gardens are green, big and beautiful; allowing you space to wake around and just relax. That was the relaxation part. Now the fun part! You have over seven hundred games at this casino and you will have all the fun your wallet permits you to have, no matter what kind of gambler you are. Trust Emerald Casino.

Physical Casinos Found in Other Parts of Africa

Yes South Africa is definitely a country to visit when you go to Africa in terms of casinos. Yes it has awesome casinos. But this doesn't mean that other countries on this continent don't offer great service as well.

Morocco – La Mamounia

This casino is very well known and respected. It is found in Marrakech at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. This place has a lot of charm. It is quite easy to get lost in its beautiful. Mix this feeling of luxury with a whole lot of excitement and you get La Mamounia.

Botswana – Gaborone

Another really amazing country that will give you a thrilling casino experience in Africa is Gaborone Casino. This casino will definitely be the answer to your casino fix. This is a famous spot for all visitors who are looking for a bit if fun and want the thrill only land based casinos can offer. This casino is under the Sun International Group. This one has about 29 hotels and 12 casinos. So yes, the Gaborone ia a hotel that combines luxury, fun and entertainment.

Uganda – Pyramid

Inspired by the ancient Egyptian gods, the Pyramid Casino Escape is one of the most fun places to be in the African continent. Not only do you have fun here, you have great food at your disposal. The most prominent feature of this casino is its board games. So if you are a fan of these, you will most definitely find your fix. Bookmark and save it. It's a great destination.

Kenya – Golden Key

Are you the type who likes classy and cool? The the Golden Key is definitely for you. You have great food, beautiful surroundings and just overwhelming hospitality to make you feel just at home. Even if you are new to gambling, you will definitely find something for yourself. There are regular shows you can attend as well. So before going there, check whether anything thrilling is going on.

Namibia – Swakopmund

Found in the Skeleton Coast, the Swakopmund is amongst the top rated casinos in Namibia. If you want to have fun, then go there. Let's tell you why. The food (seafood) is the best and not only can you play games at the casino, but you can also keep fit by going to the gym or walking through the beautiful gardens. If you are a fan of the classic arcade games, then go to the big arcade hall and play.

Nigeria – Federal Palace Hotel and Casino

This casino is found in Lagos, more specifically Victoria Island. This is a great and fun casino and it is found close to business areas. So you can conduct business and come in for a night or nights of fun. There are more than 140 rooms in this hotel and it offers a high class casino experience. Here, you are treated to the best: great breakfast; a refreshing outdoor pool; a shopping center; housekeeping. You have only the best and latest games here. You won't find yourself bored as there are more than 100 slot machines at this casino.


Like we already said, you have quite some options when it comes to land based casinos in Africa. South Africa evidently is the country with the most famous casinos but as time goes on, more countries are bringing this fun aspect of gambling into their areas.

Yes you have different game modes at online casinos and they give you more variety when it comes to games. You could even use live casino options so as to make your experience seem more real. But it just isn't the same as playing at a land based casino. So get up, get dressed, pick up some cash, call up some friends and go have fun. You will enjoy it!