Source: plc welcomes new gaming partners

Isle of Man
September 20th, 2001

    The chairman and managing director of plc, Vincent Caldwell has welcomed the successful applications for on-line gaming licences to three of the industry's leading operators, MGM Mirage, Sun City, Littlewoods Leisure, announced today (Thursday), issued under the Isle of Man On-Line Gaming Regulations Act.

    Mr Caldwell commented: 'As an acknowledged specialist in on-line sports betting with an established infrastructure, has already been approached by a number of the licence applicants with a view to act as a Manx-based service provider. This infrastructure includes the world's largest 'pari-mutuel' totalisator wagering super-hub, housed at our headquarters here in Douglas, Isle of Man and due to go live next month. 

    'The issuing of on-line gaming licences is a tangible example of the government's e-commerce vision, a strategy which, as an e-commerce and leisure business ourselves, we wholeheartedly endorse.

    'These licences represent yet another world first for the Isle of Man. The Manx government has demonstrated its foresight by recognising and embracing what is now becoming a rapidly expanding global gaming industry - a move that will undoubtedly further enhance the Island's reputation as a leading, well-regulated and forward-thinking jurisdiction. We understand there are applications for a further nine on-line gaming licences, and given's expertise and technology already in place, we look forward to the opportunity to play our part in the development of the Island's
e-commerce industry by working closely with our new gaming partners.'

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