WMS Gaming Premieres New Games and Innovative Technologies

World Gaming Congress 2000 Booth No. 1600

Oct. 18, 2000

New MONOPOLY(R) Brand, 15-Line Slot Machine and Newest Addition to Dual Screen Platform Headline at World Gaming Congress & Expo

    WMS Gaming Inc., a subsidiary of WMS Industries Inc. (NYSE: WMS),
premiers its new games, including the MONOPOLY(R) themed Money
Grab(TM) and its first 15-line multi-coin video slot Wild Streak(TM),
at the World Gaming Congress and Exposition, (WGC&E) (Booth No.1600)
in Las Vegas now through Friday, October 20, 2000. In showcasing its
new products, WMS also continues to make its mark as an industry
innovator, introducing new technologies such as a top box design that
includes a 3-D model and expanded applications of WMS' dual screen

    "Technology, innovation and entertaining games have always been
the keys to the success of WMS' gaming products, and the World Gaming
Congress and Expo continues to be the landmark event for showcasing
new games to our customers," said Brian R. Gamache, President and
Chief Operating Officer of WMS Industries. "This year we will
introduce the newest version of our popular MONOPOLY themed
participation game Money Grab, which features an innovative top box
design that includes a 3-D model of MR. MONOPOLY, as well as additions
to our popular products featuring new technology and innovations. Wild
Streak is our first 15-line video slot and Ready to Rumble(R) Boxing
advances our use of dual screen technology first made popular with
Reel em In: Cast for Cash(TM), and is based on the boxing phrase made
popular by Michael Buffer, `Let's Get Ready to Rumble!(R)'. With these
and other products, WMS continues to offer players games with the
highest entertainment value, thereby increasing returns to casino
operators due to longer player interaction." 

    In addition to the premier of MONOPOLY(R) Money Grab(TM) and Wild
Streak(TM), WMS Gaming will be showcasing many other new games. New
multi-line, multi-coin video offerings include Ready to Rumble(R)
Boxing, Off the Charts(TM) and Cash Crop(TM). Also, for the first
time, WMS will be showcasing international versions of its gaming
machines including Filthy Rich(TM), Reel `em In(R), Jackpot Party(R)
and Winning Bid(TM) at the convention.

    WMS will also be showcasing its new JUMBLE(R) branded
participation product at the conference. Last month WMS reported that
it had received approval from the Nevada Gaming Control Board to
install JUMBLE and had received signed orders for nearly 1,000 units.
JUMBLE, known to consumers worldwide as "that scrambled word game" and
featured in more than 600 newspapers daily, is the first game in a new
series of participation games from WMS called Puzzle Pays(TM). The
second and third games in the Puzzle Pays series will be licensed
products based on the famous SCRABBLE(R) (scheduled for release in
Spring 2001), and PICTIONARY(R) (scheduled for release in Summer 2001)
board games.

MONOPOLY(R) Money Grab(TM) Game Play

    Money Grab is a nine-line, five-reel video slot featuring the WMS
original song, "Doing the Money Grab." Characters include Miss
Virginia Ave., Marvin Gardens, Louie the Counterfeiter, Mrs. Park
Place, MR. MONOPOLY and his dog. On top of the machine sits a small
money booth with MONOPOLY game money inside. The booth lights up and
money swirls about during bonus rounds.
    A special base game bonus is triggered when three Chance cards
align on an active payline. Players choose a Chance card and are
awarded credits or one of the three additional bonus features.
    Money Grab offers two different second screen bonuses -- "Timer
Money Grab" and "Cashier Money Grab." The player selects a contestant
from the MONOPOLY game characters to enter the money booth on the top
screen. The player interaction determines what MONOPOLY game bills the
on-screen character grabs and awards are given based on the
contestant's performance. Bonuses are activated when three timer
clocks or cash registers line up on an active payline, or by selecting
a Chance card.
    MONOPOLY(R) Money Grab was developed under exclusive license with
Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE: HAS).

Wild Streak(TM)

    Wild Streak features the hilarious hit song from the 70's "The
Streak." Its engaging and humorous characters include a few daring
streakers that run across the screen: Ethel, an innocent and shocked
bystander; the irate police officer who tries to catch the streakers
to put an end to their fun; and a news reporter giving the
play-by-play of the chase.
    Wild Streak offers 15, 30, 45, 75, 90 and 150 coin configurations.
The reels feature traditional slot symbols and things found in a city
park such as trees, benches, garbage cans, fountains and hot dog
carts. All of the animation is drawn in 1970's style including the
streakers who wear gym shoes and sport hairstyles reminiscent of that
    Wild Streak offers a first screen bonus that starts when a
streaker appears on an active payline in the first reel and a streaker
symbol appears on an active payline on the last reel. The music
begins, a news reporter appears in the corner of the screen and the
streaker runs from his position to another reel symbol position. Ethel
appears in one of the symbols and initially seems shocked by the
activity. However, she soon begins peering through binoculars to watch
the streaker. Sometimes she gets so caught up in the excitement that
she sheds her clothing to streak as well.
    Whenever a streaker stops and hides behind a symbol, it becomes a
scatter pay. A police officer also appears in the bonus round and
moves from reel to reel trying to catch the streakers. When the
officer lands in the same reel position as a streaker, he makes an
arrest, putting an end to the bonus round.

Ready to Rumble(R) Boxing

    Ready to Rumble(R) Boxing, a nine-line dual-screen video slot
based on the phrase made popular by boxing ring announcer Michael
Buffer, is available in 9, 18, 45 and 90 coin configurations. The
lively reel symbols include boxers, boxing gloves, speed bags,
punching bags, championship belt, a knockout symbol and a training
symbol. The game features four boxers, each with a unique fighting
style: Brad "The Rose" Thorne, a featherweight fighter; Steve Yuen
Trouble, an Asian lightweight; Flinch O'Leary, an Irish middleweight;
and Rhino Hughes, the heavyweight contender.
    Ready to Rumble(R) Boxing base game bonus features include the
Training Bonus. When two speed bags or two punching bags line up with
the training symbol on an active payline, players earn either 5 free
spins at 3 times or 10 free spins at 2 times the line pay.
    The "Main Event" bonus round begins when two boxers line up with a
"versus" symbol between them. Renowned ring announcer Michael Buffer
calls out his popular slogan, "Let's Get Ready to Rumble!(R)", and
introduces the opponents. By choosing a boxing glove, players dictate
the type of punch their boxer throws. The opponent retaliates by
throwing a punch. Each punch has a varying level of power that will
reduce the amount of strength on a boxer's health meter. The round
ends when a boxer loses all the strength on his health meter and is
knocked out.

Off the Charts(TM)

    Featuring the chart topping songs "Dance to the Music", "Chain of
Fools", "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag", and "Soul Man", Off the Charts
is a nine-line video slot. Available as an upright or slant-top
machine in 9, 18, 45 and 90 coin configurations, the lively reel
symbols include gold, silver and vinyl records, musical instruments
and music notes. When three of the same records (or two of the same
and a gold) line up, the records become animated and begin to sing and
dance. If the record skips and one of the dancers trip, the payout for
that combination is repeated.
    The Platter Scatter Bonus occurs when three blue music notes align
on an active pay line. The player is awarded four free spins. One of
the dance hits begins to play and the reels spin in random directions,
a pattern unique from any other WMS video slot machine. All symbols
are then paid in a scatter pattern and the best combination of record
symbols become animated and dance. Once a dancing album appears on a
reel, it will not spin again during the bonus round unless all five
reels contain dancing records.

    Approvals for Money Grab, Wild Streak, Ready to Rumble(R) Boxing,
Off the Charts and Cash Crop in North American gaming jurisdictions
are currently pending.

    WMS Gaming Inc. is headquartered in Chicago (800/932-3021) with
offices serving Las Vegas (702/257-7020), Atlantic City
(609/569-0100), Biloxi, MS (228/396-3711), California (877-WMS-GAME),
Denver, CO (303/216-2945), Kansas City, MO (816/413-8700), Reno, NV
(775/827-6617), British Columbia, Canada (604/272-3935) and Barcelona,
Spain (34-93-594-8720).

    WMS Gaming Inc., a subsidiary of WMS Industries Inc., designs,
manufactures and markets video and reel-spinning gaming devices and
video lottery terminals.

    This press release contains certain forward-looking statements
concerning future business conditions and the outlook for the Company
based on currently available information that involve risks and
uncertainties. The Company's actual results could differ materially
from those anticipated in the forward looking statements as a result
of certain risks and uncertainties, including, without limitation, the
financial strength of the gaming industry, the expansion of legalized
gaming into new markets and legislative and regulatory changes in
existing gaming markets, the development, introduction and success of
new games and new technologies and the ability to maintain the
scheduling of such introductions, the ability of the Company to
qualify for and maintain gaming licenses and approvals and other risks
more fully described under "--Factors Affecting Future Performance" in
the Company's Annual Report on Form 10-K.

    MONOPOLY(R)&(c) is a trademark of Hasbro Inc. All rights reserved.
Used with permission.

    SCRABBLE(R) is a trademark of Hasbro Inc. in the U.S. and
Canada(R)&(c)2000 Hasbro. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

    PICTIONARY(R)is a registered trademark of Pictionary Incorporated.
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    JUMBLE(R) is a trademark of Tribune Media Services, Inc. All
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    Ready to Rumble(R) and "Let's Get Ready to Rumble"(R) trademarks
are owned by Ready To Rumble Inc. and used by a license through the
Buffer Partnership. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

    Money Grab, Wild Streak, Reel em In: Cast for Cash, Off the Charts
and Cash Crop are trademarks of WMS Gaming Inc.

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