Press release from Sinclare Group, Inc.

All Aboard! ... 'The Casino Train to Vegas'

Las Vegas Company Announces Acquisition of 80 Room Train Hotel/Entertainment Complex;
Unveils Plans for Casino Train Rides in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 30
Sinclare Group, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: SNCG - news), announced today the
acquisition of Primm Valley Transit Authority, Inc. (PVT). PVT was founded last year by Larry Stockett to provide
passenger/entertainment train service from Primm, NV (near the Nevada/California state line) to Las Vegas, Henderson,
Caliente, NV and Boulder City.

PVT plans to contract with Amtrak to pull 12 high speed Talgo passenger cars over the existing Union Pacific railroad line
using Amtrak locomotives and engineers. PVT would provide all marketing, ticketing, food and beverage service, train station
operations. The train manufacturer, Talgo will provide train maintenance. Participating casino operators will provide all gaming
equipment, operators, supervisors, and surveillance personnel and equipment

According to Company President, Larry Stockett, PVT has proposed leasing the old Amtrak Station at the Plaza Hotel in Las
Vegas because it can be operational before the end of the year. It also has proposed to have train stops at:

    - 1) Primm, near the Primm Airport or Primm Valley Resort 2) Las Vegas at
      the Rio Hotel. 3) Henderson, near the Reserve Hotel and at Railroad Pass
      Hotel and Casino, 4) Caliente, approximately 100 miles north of Las
      Vegas and 5) Boulder City, at the State of Nevada Train Museum.

The time frame for adding each train stop will depend on obtaining agreements with the land owners, necessary building and
operating permits, and the construction periods necessary to construct the train stop platforms. The company must also obtain
permission of the railroad right of way owners including the Union Pacific RR, the City of Henderson, and the State of Nevada.

The company has commenced discussions with several casinos and gaming companies and proposed to refurbish train cars into
casino cars and lease them to the casinos. Each casino would enter into an operating agreement with PVT and seek their own
approval from the Gaming Commission to offer gaming on their leased train cars. While gaming has been allowed on moving
vehicles such as river boats on the Mississippi river, Stockett believes his train rides, if approved, would be the first to offer
legalized gambling in the U.S.

PVT recently purchased selected assets of a railroad entertainment complex in WilkesBarre, PA., known as Market Street
Square Station. The assets include the right to replicate or relocate in Las Vegas the historic train station built in 1868, and to
relocate the train hotel/entertainment complex consisting of over 50 train cars including the historic Flagler Car to Las Vegas.
Forty of the train cars have been used as stationary hotel rooms with two rooms per car, while others have been used as bar,
lounge, dance, and dinner cars.

According to Stockett, the 40 hotel train cars purchased by Sinclare Group and the historic train station and additional cars has
an appraisal value of $6.9 million based upon a 1989 appraisal, which is currently being updated. The Talgo 12 car high speed
train set will be leased with a purchase option price of $8 million.

Sinclare Group, Inc., was a publicly traded shell corporation trading at $.01 per share prior to the acquisitions. ``When people
realize that I have vended millions of dollars of assets into a penny stock shell corporation, I believe the market reaction will
cause the stock to appreciate rapidly,'' Stockett said. ``Where else but Las Vegas can you bet a penny a share on a start up
company and have the potential to make a few bucks a share?'' added Stockett. It's hard for any stock to get much lower than
a penny a share, so according to Stockett the only direction his train business can take his stock is up. ``Those who get in early
on the stock will have the best ride.''

Anyone who needs a hotel room in Vegas for the ``Millennium Celebration'' should make their reservations now. The train
rooms will normally rent for about $100 per night. Millennium week prices, however, will range from $500 per room for one
bedroom train cars, to $2,000 for the six bed historic Flagler train car.

The Flagler Car was built in 1968 and is the sister car to the Flagler Car located in the Flagler Museum in West Palm Beach,
Florida. Henry Morrison Flagler was one of the wealthiest men in the world in the late 1800s. He was the co-founder of
Standard Oil of Ohio with John D. Rockefeller and built numerous hotels in Florida. He owned the Florida East Coast Railway.
Stockett recently visited the Flagler Museum to assure that any restoration of the Flagler Car will include a historically accurate
restoration and actual antiques, photos, dinner service, and other train memorabilia which are authentic to the Florida East
Coast Railway.

Stockett is a high tech computer pioneer who invented the first portable computer in the 1960s, published the first software
directories in the 1980s, opened the first paperless office at the Watergate in Washington, D.C., in 1978 and launched the first
coast to coast fiber optics service in the 1980s. Stockett loves to be first at whatever he does.

Photos of the train cars along with Stockett's credentials and his entire rail strategy can be seen on the Internet at
http://www.uscement com. Reservations for Stockett's Millennium party can be made by email addressed to For more information contact the company at (702) 369-2126.

This press release contains certain forward looking statements, which are presented under the SEC ``Safe Harbor'' rules. There
can be no assurances that such future plans or projections will be completed, or that if completed will generate the results