Aristocrat Technologies to use PowerVR Technology in Casino Video Machines

17th October 2000
Australian Company Leads Market for Video Machine Games Of Chance

    PowerVR Technologies - a division of Imagination Technologies - announces
that Aristocrat Technologies, the leading edge provider of 'casino style'
gaming machines, has unveiled a new generation of video slot machines based
on PowerVR Series2 technology, developed by PowerVR Technologies and
manufactured by NEC.

    Aristocrat launched the new XCEED video gaming machines incorporating
PowerVR technology to its New South Wales customers during October 2000.
Aristocrat is the dominant supplier of gaming machines to Australia and New
Zealand, and is the acknowledged world leader in video gaming product.
Aristocrat pioneered the industry move to video technology and has mastered
the art of producing slot machine games with player appeal second to none.

    Gareth Phillips, General Manager Research and Development at Aristocrat
Technologies said: "Aristocrat is dedicated to designing and developing
world-class software and to producing gaming solutions that consistently
outperform that of the competition. PowerVR technology will help enable us
to provide eye-catching and cutting-edge gaming solutions to our customers

    "Aristocrat's XCEED platform opens the door on a whole new era in gaming for
us. It will allow for games to be specially designed that are more
interesting and interactive for players, the challenge is no longer our
technology it is our imagination," Mr Phillips said.

    Says Hossein Yassaie, CEO, Imagination Technologies: "The replacement of
mechanical gaming machines with 3D technology is a significant step in the
evolution of the gaming market and Aristocrat has pioneered this.
Aristocrat's innovative approach has deservedly made it a market leader and
Imagination Technologies is delighted to be working with Aristocrat to bring
our PowerVR technology into this exciting global market."

    The gambling industry in the USA alone was worth $638.6 billion in 1997 and
a Gallup poll released on 1 June 1999 confirmed that nearly two-thirds of
Americans approve of legal gambling. Gaming machine revenue in the USA
comprises over 70% of the revenue of casinos and so casino operators are
continuously monitoring machine performance and focusing on advances in
technology and entertainment value offered by new machines, systems and

    PowerVR Technologies designs 2D and 3D graphics technologies for use across
a wide variety of consumer platforms, such as games consoles, arcade
machines and personal computers.

    The unique PowerVR graphics technology is licensed by international partners
including NEC and STMicroelectronics and is used in Sega's latest video
games console, Dreamcast; the Naomi and Naomi2 arcade systems, which are
used in the majority of new arcade machines worldwide; by numerous PC add-in
and OEM customers and in the next-generation of set-top-boxes.

    The PowerVR approach to 3D graphics starts from the premise that taking a
different algorithmic approach to 3D processing can eliminate all redundant
processing and memory bottlenecks. This revolutionary approach keeps as much
processing as possible on-chip minimising costly accesses to off chip memory
and improving performance. This unique technique of tile-based deferred
texturing has been successfully patented worldwide.

About Aristocrat Technologies
Aristocrat is an Australian owned and managed company with a long and
successful involvement in the video gaming industry internationally,
including Australia, United States, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, Asia
and Europe.  Publicly listed in 1996, the company employs more than 1850
people worldwide and draws annual revenues in excess of $500 million. The
company pioneered the industry move to video technology and has mastered the
art of producing slot machine games with player appeal second to none. Visit for more information.

About PowerVR Technologies
PowerVR Technologies - a division of Imagination Technologies - develops and
markets the unique PowerVR graphics/video technology. Existing partners
licensing the technology include NEC and STMicroelectronics. PowerVR
Technologies design wins have included Sega's latest video games console,
Dreamcast, the Naomi arcade system, which is used in the majority of new
arcade machines worldwide, and numerous PC add-in and OEM customers. More
information is available on the PowerVR Technologies web site at

About Imagination Technologies
Imagination Technologies Group plc is an international company that
develops, licenses and supplies market-leading 2D/3D graphics, digital
video, audio and speech technologies and products for PCs and home
entertainment, games consoles, arcade entertainment machines, mobile devices
and digital set-top boxes. Since it was founded in 1985, the company has
introduced, via licensing arrangements or directly, a succession of
innovative technologies, silicon chips and add-in boards, which have played
a major role in the development of multimedia and computer-based
entertainment systems. Imagination Technologies Group plc has its corporate
headquarters in the United Kingdom and is publicly traded on the London
Stock Exchange (FTSE:IMG). More information is available on the Imagination
Technologies web site at 

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