Imagis Technologies Helps Casinos Keep Unwanted Patrons Out

"New biometric solutions to be launched at the World Gaming Congress and Expo 2000," Technology ID’s  patrons ejected from Las Vegas casinos

Vancouver, Canada, 
October 11, 2000

    Imagis Technologies Inc. (Imagis), announced today a new suite of gaming products for the security and surveillance markets will be demonstrated at the upcoming World Gaming Congress, October 18th, with Imagis business partner, Laser Barcode Solutions, of Las Vegas, Nevada. Gaming-ID™ is a sophisticated suite of biometric solutions designed to meet the unique needs of casinos.  The suite includes biometric facial recognition, data and imaging, regional data sharing and investigation applications. 

    "Gaming-ID™ brings together a number of applications necessary for casino operators to maintain order in their facilities," stated Tom Yokoyama, President of Laser Barcode.  "Photos of all banned patrons will be held electronically both by the casino and also in a central location. Imagis Gaming-ID suite of software solutions can instantly recognize banned patrons and alert casino security, faster and more efficiently than procedures in place today."

    "Imagis Gaming-ID™ software works by translating facial images into digital strings that produce immediate confirmation of a visitor’s identity. Visual information can be captured, stored, searched and retrieved in a user friendly system designed specifically for casinos," said Iain Drummond, President & CEO, Imagis Technologies Inc. "Our casino customers have benefited tremendously from this technology. We believe we can help Las Vegas casinos significantly improve their security systems."

    One fan of the Imagis system is George Joseph, an international expert for police agencies and gaming regulators around the world on the surveillance of casino activity.  According to Joseph, "Imagis will be providing Las Vegas casinos with a complete solution to prevent repeat casino offenders from re-entering the grounds. Gaming-ID is an ideal system for casinos because it operates out of sight, is non-intrusive and does not disturb legitimate customers. And it works!" 

    Gaming-ID is designed for a network, such as Las Vegas casinos, where a common database is easily built up.  Imagis products can search local, regional or national databases to identify suspects in seconds.  Imagis’ ID-2000™ recognition technology was designed in conjunction with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and is used in numerous law enforcement, gaming, airport and security settings around the world.

About Imagis Technologies Inc.
    Imagis Technologies Inc., is an independent software developer of biometric solutions. Its ID-2000™ facial recognition technology is being used by international customers in the justice and law enforcement market. ID-2000™ forms the basis of some of the world’s largest criminal justice digital imaging systems. Imagis’ product suite includes the flagship criminal database application CABS™, used by numerous law enforcement agencies.   CABS™ provides an integrated view of data, arrest and booking information, evidence tracking and images, including faces recognition. Imagis is currently expanding into new markets such as security, e-commerce and identity verification at high traffic locations including airports and casinos. Imagis markets its products through a global network of business partners. 

Imagis is located at booth 3003 at the World Gaming Congress and Expo 2000 – October 18th  to 20th.

Demonstration of the entire suite on Thursday, October 19th in room s110, Las Vegas Convention Center.

Imagis Technologies Inc. 

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