Gaming Laboratories International, Inc.®(GLI) Opens GLI Africa®.

Roger J. Farrell Named General Manager.
SABS Accepts GLI Test Reports For South African Market.

Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa 
February 5, 2001

    Gaming Laboratories International, Inc.® (GLI) announced today that it has opened a new office in Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa for the purpose of providing test results and consulting services to the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), the National Gaming Board and the nine Provincial Gambling Boards located in South Africa, under procedures that have been established by SABS.  At the same time, James R. Maida, President of Gaming Laboratories International, Inc.® has named Roger J. Farrell as the first General Manager of GLI Africa.®

    ďWe are pleased to continue serving the South African gaming industry through our new office, which is wholly-owned by the GLI group of companies,Ē said James R. Maida, President of GLI.  ďThis level of control gives us the opportunity to provide timely and cost effective services and to transmit those test results around the world.Ē

    GLI will undertake testing for the South African market either at GLIís new office in Midrand, South Africa or at its other laboratories located in Sydney, Australia; Adelaide, Australia; Hillegom, The Netherlands; Golden, Colorado, USA; or in the world headquarters in Toms River, New Jersey, USA.  Once the testing is complete, the test results will be submitted for certification under the new procedures established by SABS.

    Mr. Farrell will report directly to GLIís board so that services can be coordinated worldwide using GLIís proprietary international database of more than 250,000 test reports and certifications.  Access to this information will help avoid duplication of testing where other GLI laboratories have previously tested items submitted to South Africa.  In addition, equipment that is certified for the first time in South Africa will be available to the more than 360 international regulatory clients that GLI supports.

    Roger Farrell, GLI Africaís first General Manager, assisted in developing and implementing GLIís move into Australia from 1994 to 1998 and since then has served in South Africa working with SABS in a consulting role on GLIís behalf.

   Gaming Laboratories International, Inc.® currently operates wholly-owned and fully-staffed gaming test laboratories in Toms River, New Jersey, USA; Golden, Colorado, USA; Hillegom, The Netherlands; Midrand, South Africa; and operates Gaming Laboratories Australia® under license in Adelaide and Sydney.  GLI also operates three field inspection offices in Mississippi servicing the southern gaming market.  GLI employees number approximately 130 worldwide, providing more than 30,000 certifications annually to over 360 gaming regulatory bodies.  GLI was founded in 1989 by James R. Maida and Paul J. Magno and is the first independent laboratory of its kind.

   For more information contact Mr. Roger Farrell at +27 11 314 6877 or by e-mail at or contact Ms. Christie Eickelman at GLI in the United States at 
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