GLI Europe Moves Into New Larger Facility To Meet Demand

June 26, 2000

GLI Europe is pleased to announce that they have completed a move into a new and larger facility to meet the testing demand of European Gaming regulators and manufacturers.  GLI Europe’s new office remains in Hillegom, less than ten miles from Schiphol International Airport.  The new location allows us to meet the growing market demand of products going into the European markets as well as testing equipment for European companies sending their products to the US markets.

"This is very exciting for our company", said Mr. James Maida, President of Gaming Laboratories International, Inc. (GLI), "We would have never believed that we would have had to expand our operation in Europe as quickly as we have, we thank all of our clients for the warm welcome that they have shown to us."  GLI expanded into Europe just two years ago and now plans to expand its engineering staff, two years ahead of schedule.  "Our expansion will allow us to further increase testing throughput, quality management and customer service to all that seek approvals from GLI giving access to the European market to suppliers located throughout the world" said Kit Hall-Johnston, General Manager of GLI Europe B.V. and the current President of the European Gaming Organisation (EGO).

Gaming Laboratories International, Inc. currently operates wholly-owned and fully-staffed gaming test laboratories in Toms River, New Jersey, USA; Golden Colorado, USA; Hillegom in the Netherlands; and operates Gaming Laboratories Australia under license in Adelaide and Sydney; and has provided staff for the laboratory in Pretoria, South Africa.  GLI employees number approximately 120 worldwide, providing more than 30,000 certifications annually to over 300 gaming regulatory bodies worldwide.  GLI was founded in 1989 by James R. Maida and Paul J. Magno and was the first independent laboratory of its kind.

For more information contact:
Mr. Kit Hall-Johnston at GLI Europe at +31 252 529 838 or by e-mail at
Ms. Christie Eickelman at GLI in the United States at (303) 277-1172 or by e-mail at