Land-based casino prepares to accommodate 250 million guests.

June 19, 2000

Aruba's oldest casino has just become Western
Hemisphere's first land-based casino to offer gambling on the Internet.
Excelsior Casino, operating as a successful brick and mortar casino for 30
years, has partnered with, to launch, an instant-play casino for the Web.

"It's a natural progression for us," said Walter Posner, Owner of Excelsior
Casino. "We're going to bring 30 years of experience and credibility from
our land-based operation to the Web."

By utilizing's software, Excelsior Casino plans to
establish an international presence through its online casino.  The
advantage of their instant-play games, in particular, is that they are able
to capture more revenue per visitor since they allow people to play the
games on impulse. Unlike other online casino solutions, that require a
download or a CD-Rom to be mailed, there is no interruption in the purchase
and play process.

"Although a corporate Web site is crucial in attracting new customers to
your land-based casino, it doesn't even come close to harnessing the full
potential of what the Web has to offer.  And that's where we can help," said
Mark Waters, VP of Business Development for  "Our Web
solutions integrate with your offline marketing programs to help build
stronger relationships between you and your guests". is able to provide land-based casinos with the tools
necessary to build mailing lists, run online tournaments, award comps, and
notify prospective guests about upcoming entertainment events.   To entice
prospective guests, they can also build a virtual tour of the land-based
facility. is a technology-based company that provides turn-key
solutions for Internet casino systems.  Their services including software
development,  consulting, system administration, Web services, customer
support, and marketing consulting.  They were one of the first to pioneer
100% Java technology for online casino gambling.  With more than 40
licensees worldwide, they are the leading provider of instant-play Internet
casino games.

Excelsior Casino is located in the 600 room Holiday Inn Resort in Aruba.

Jodie Thind
Marketing Communications
"Instant-Play Games for the Net"