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Greektown Opens With 60 Random Ejection Shufflers™

- Bringing the Company's Statewide Shuffler Placement Total to 160

Nov. 20, 2000

    Casinovations™ Inc. today announced the recent Greektown Casino opening included card tables equipped with Random Ejection Shufflers™.

    During the opening, the shufflers were monitored by company representatives and reported to be performing with exceptional reliability. The company has installed a total of 160 Random Ejection Shufflers™ on casino tables in Michigan.

    "Our shuffler has proven itself to be an excellent tool for gaming operators," said Bob Pietrosanto, president of Casinovations. "The superior performance of our product actually prompted one Michigan gaming operator to replace our competitor's product with the Random Ejection Shuffler."

    "Greektown marks our first installation on every table for the grand opening of a casino," stated Steven J. Blad, chief executive officer and chairman of Casinovations. "This penetration reflects the reliability and efficiency of our device, which helps gaming operators increase productivity and security."

    Casinovations Random Ejection Shuffler was the first device of its kind to produce a truly unpredictable shuffle through its use of technology. While most shuffling machines repeat the same mechanical action, each shuffle in the Random Ejection Shuffler is unique. As a result, efforts by expert players to track the shuffle or use other methods to gain a significant advantage are eliminated.

    The Random Ejection Shuffler can shuffle six decks of cards in approximately three minutes, which greatly reduces the downtime due to manual card shuffling. As a result, productivity can be increased by an average 20%.

    The Random Ejection Shuffler is in use in more than 80 domestic and international casinos.

    Casinovations is a Las Vegas-based developer, manufacturer and distributor of an automatic card shuffler product line, which includes the  Random Ejection Shuffler and the Continuous Random Ejection Shuffler.

Casinovations™ and™ are wholly owned subsidiaries of VendingData™ Corporation. VendingData Corporation features the SecureDrop™ Systems product line. Casinovations distributes the Random Ejection Shuffler™, an automatic card shuffler, product line. will offer business-to-business services for the vending machine industry. VendingData Corporation currently has regulatory approvals for the distribution of its products in multiple domestic and international jurisdictions.

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