Atronic at WGC 2000

    Atronic Americas, LLC will exhibit at the World Gaming Congress & Expo 2000 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. The company will show its latest range of casino gaming machines including well-introduced video slots like BREAK THE SPELL and I.C. MONEY, which have prooved to be extremely successful on casino floors all over the world.  Atronic will further display a variety of new Cashline games. Cashline is a new product series which features expanded 3-D graphics, enhanced sound and new bonus features.

The Cashline games shown at the WGC will include ROCK&ROLLIN,  a pinball themed game where players can win bonus awards while playing pinball and JAZZY JACKPOTS which is themed around the golden 20´s. Furthermore THREE WISHES, a game full of Arabian magic and excitement which takes players to a friendly Genie that will grant them three wishes. CASTAWAYS, a love story themed game features a young stranded couple on a tropical island and the romantic „Heartbeat Bonus". With THREE WISHES and CASTAWAYS Atronic introduces its first 20 line games to the US market. The company will debut further brand new Cashline games at the show. Atronic is confident that customers will be excited by the new game series which is a direct result of operator and player input.

    On top of that the company will further debut two brand new games of the well introduced HOT HAND POKER series. HOT HAND POKER features animated magic hands of a virtual poker dealer. The hands deal cards, move poker chips and even perform card tricks, all while keeping the speed of the game fast.

    All games are available in Upright or Slant Top cabinets whilst the Cashline games are also available in Upright cabinets with stylish black finish.

Visit Atronic at booth #1618 and enjoy a cool beer and a chat in our relaxing Beer Garden!

Contact: Sandra Henke, Atronic International
Phone: +49-5741-273 538