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Atronic’s Crazy Fruits™ Hits Jackpot at WGC 2000

November 7, 2000  

    Atronic Americas left the competition behind with sales of their "Great Games" at the World Gaming Conference 2000 — especially with their newest Crazy Fruits™ game. During the three-day exposition, Atronic received more than 3,000 game orders at the show site. This represents an astonishing 326% increase over the 1999 totals.

    Atronic WGCE 2000

    At Atronic’s booth, the theme of Crazy Fruits filled the air. Inside the 4,000 square foot space, were a two-story configuration with four meetings rooms, 69 Atronic games and two tropical huts. One hut held a bank of the eight new Crazy Fruits games and the other hosted the popular refreshment stand. Throughout the booth one found fresh bananas, Crazy Fruits candy, blinking Atronic suns, Castaways game cubes and friendly, fresh-faced Atronic staff donning the animated Crazy Fruits shirts.  

    "In comparison to last year, Atronic had a significant impact in the market. Sales people were so busy selling games on site that they couldn’t draw up the orders quickly enough to keep up with the demand for our games!" exclaimed Joe Bailo, Vice President of Sales. 

    Michael Gauselmann, Owner and Chief Executive Officer as well as a leader in the worldwide Game Design and Development of Atronic said, "I am more than pleased with Atronic’s great success at the show.  With the distinctive new games coming out in 2001, I know that this winning streak will continue to gain momentum into the new year." 

    Atronic and sister company Atronic International is a family owned and operated organization and a leader in the video machine gaming industry. Atronic is headquartered in Germany and has offices in Australia, Austria, Great Britain, Peru, South Africa and the United States. Atronic is dedicated to producing only the highest quality of entertaining games in 65 countries worldwide.  

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