Source: River City Group

Monday, 26th March

    The River City Group has purchased the future publishing rights to the
Internet Gambling Report from noted Las Vegas gaming attorney, Anthony Cabot
and Trace Publications.  Currently in its fourth edition, the book (first
published in 1997) has enjoyed wide distribution as the US$3.1 billion
interactive gaming industry has exploded globally.

    “We’re very happy to add the Internet Gambling Report to our stable of
publications,” noted Sue Schneider, CEO of The River City Group.  The
company also publishes the electronic trade publication, Interactive Gaming
News (  It recently issued the second annual
E-Gambling: Wagering on the Internet report which it jointly produced with
Christiansen Capital Advisors.  

    "I am extremely proud of the Internet Gambling Report and how warmly it has
been received by the industry,” said Anthony Cabot. “The explosive growth of
the industry and the issues surrounding it require an experienced and
knowledgeable staff to keep up with and properly report for future editions.
For this reason, turning to The River City Group was the best choice to
maintain the Report's high standards."  

    The current edition of the Internet Gambling Report is a 414 page book that
features the collective wisdom and knowledge of a wide variety of gaming
attorneys and other industry experts.   It covers such issues as the
definition of gambling, a primer on the technology of the internet itself,
the market, security, legal and regulatory policies and international
enforcement concerns.

    Schneider added, “This is an excellent resource for people who are
currently in the industry as well as those who are interested in getting
involved in the industry.  It develops all the basic tenets of the industry
in a way which makes it a great desktop resource for anyone around the

    It is currently available for purchase at
It’s anticipated that the Internet Gambling Report V will be prepared and
available for purchase in early 2002.

    The River City Group is an internationally recognized publishing and
consulting firm that focuses its products and services on the exploding
interactive gaming industry.  The firm offers marketing and advertising
services, executive placement, brokerage of existing interactive gaming
operations, market research and start-up consultation as well as the
following publications:

  • Interactive Gaming News (, an electronic industrypublication that offers daily stories and news on licensing jurisdictions, legal issues, industry activities, new product developments and international industry events. 
  • "E-Gambling: Wagering on the Internet" an annual comprehensive study, jointly produced by Christiansen Capital Advisors, that describes the business of commercial wagering and/or commercial gambling, with particular focus on that portion of gambling expenditures that have found, and will find, their way into the new world of telecommunications. The latest edition of "Wagering" was release this week. - an online resource for casino trade and industry news