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Matsui Gaming Machine of Japan introduces their new card Shredder

24th November 

    Matsui Gaming Machine successfully launched their MA-2 shredder at the Las Vegas show. Displaying the patent pending MA-2 on the USPC stand resulted in a great deal of interest from customers around the world.

    According to International Sales and Marketing Manager Steven Williams 
"..the MA-2 was designed for speed in order to cut down the number of manpower hours otherwise spent in the disposal of used cards. The shredder can cut through over 600 decks an hour, making it one of the fastest shredders on the market. In addition, thanks to its compact size it can be easily fitted into a gaming table, thereby giving casinos and players the added protection against card markers during play.  This is proving very popular throughout Asia..."

    The MA-2 was developed in the thinking by Matsui Gaming Machine’s long history in a market situation where a large number of cards are consumed. The machine is made with typical Japanese excellent craftsmanship, which will satisfy our many 

Steven Williams
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