London launch for £36K AWP

Next week's ATEI will see the launch of what is undoubtedly the most expensive and tallest AWP in the world.

    The six-unit version of Project's Empire, which is 13'6" (4.115m) tall, carries a world record list price of £35,995!

    The game, which is being manufactured and marketed by Project under an exclusive licence agreement, is, according to the company, "the ultimate AWP experience." Taking its inspiration from the movie 'King Kong', the focus of the game is to move an animatronic gorilla to the top of the Empire State Building. Project Managing Director Tony Boulton believes that Empire represents an important re-positioning of the AWP product: "Empire is about gaming as an experience," he said. "In Vegas, machines, whilst satisfying the core function, are used to build the atmosphere and buzz of the location. In this sense Empire with its ability to provide the 'wow factor' is straight out of a US casino."

Empire, which is designed to serve as a high profile centrepiece attraction, is also available as an eight-foot (2.44m) tall three- and four-player unit.
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