ICE Ball adopts Children's Charities

December 6th 2000

Chips Logo    The first International Casino Exhibition (ICE) Ball, which takes place on 25th January at The Dorchester Hotel, will have a strong charitable theme. The inaugural event will be raising money for Children's Happiness Involves People (CHIPS) and Motivation, two registered charities with distinguished track records in assisting wheelchair users.

    Motivation has focused on improving the design of locally manufactured wheelchairs, particularly in developing countries. According to Motivation, an estimated 20 million people world-wide who need a wheelchair don't have one at all and millions more have wheelchairs that are totally unsuitable for their needs. The charity is active in 14 countries including Bangladesh, Indonesia, Albania and Sri Lanka. In Cambodia the focus has been on providing suitable chairs for the many double amputee landmine survivors.

    CHIPS was established on behalf of the casino industry by Linda Lindsay with the sole purpose of raising funds to purchase powered wheelchairs for children between the ages of 5 and 18 years. Since 1991, Linda has raised in the region of £300,000 (US$420,000), £90,000 (US$126,000) of which has been under the auspices of CHIPS which was formed two years ago. All monies raised by CHIPS are administered by the Charities Aid Foundation, with every penny going towards the purchase of wheelchairs.

    Each powered wheelchair costs £3,000 (US$4,200) but as Linda explained the advantages and benefits a chair brings to the children, many of whom have desperately short life expectancy, are priceless: "With mobility comes independence and with independence comes self-respect and dignity," she said. "The children which we have helped suffer from a range of debilitating diseases including cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis and muscular dystrophy."

    Samantha Byrne who is the Special Events Manager working on the ICE organising team said: "The first ICE Ball is destined to be a major event in the industry calendar. The casino industry has demonstrated great depths of generosity and it would be fitting to round-off another successful exhibition with a fantastic night for two deserving causes."

Samantha Byrne    Tickets for the Ball, which is open to ICE exhibitors and their guests, are available from Samantha Byrne on (tel) +44 (0) 207 713 0302 or (e-mail)

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