Gamecraft, Inc.
Gamecraft Announces Regulatory Submission of the GC2000 Gaming Platform

Friday February 23,

    Gamecraft, Inc., a privately owned company, announced today that it has completed regulatory submission of its GC2000 advanced gaming platform to Gaming Laboratory International, Inc. and the Mississippi Gaming Laboratory.

    The GC2000 platform creates an environment capable of rapid game development and advanced video and audio capabilities through the use of its Windows 95 embedded operating system. The GC2000 provides a single software and hardware solution for all video games and enables casino gaming designers to create games with an animation and interactive quality similar to the latest arcade games. The integrity of the GC 2000 is protected by proprietary security architecture developed by Gamecraft, Inc.

    We are very excited to have completed the development of the GC2000 which will enable us to install our own games, including the award winning Heads Up Poker game," said Paul C. Myhre, President of Gamecraft, Inc. "We are exploring the possibility of selling and licensing the platforms to a number of companies that are attracted by the faster development time than other leading platforms, its state-of-the-art ease of serviceability, along with its pull and replace components."

    Heads Up Poker, Gamecraft's first game, fills the increasing demand expressed by gaming consumers for greater interactivity. The game combines two popular forms of poker in one game. Heads Up Poker gives players a dual opportunity to play traditional video poker while playing the same cards in a one-on-one, five-card draw poker match against the machine.

    Gamecraft was founded for the purpose of developing and marketing interactive gaming products to an audience that goes beyond traditional gaming.

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