Wed, 28 Feb 2001


   The Aladdin laid off 114 workers between Friday and Tuesday, about 
4 percent of its work force.
   The layoff is the second major staffing reduction at the center 
Strip resort since it opened in August.
    "We haven't reduced our level of service at all," Aladdin 
spokesman Lynn Holt said Wednesday. "This is part of our ongoing 
effort to find the most efficient way to staff the property."
   Aladdin Gaming LLC's most recent quarterly report to the Securities 
and Exchange Commission, filed in November, reported a $40.2 million 
loss and negative cash flow of $3.2 million for the three months 
ending Sept. 30.
   The Aladdin is privately held, with Aladdin Gaming and London Clubs 
PLC owning the bulk of the property, but the company files SEC 
reports because it was financed with public debt.
   Aladdin Gaming Chief Executive Richard Goeglein and President Bill 
Timmins were unavailable for comment, Holt said.

    Almost half of the laid-off employees were casino  dealers and 
supervisors. 18 full time and 21 extra-board dealers along with four 
supervisors were laid off in the main casino, while 11 positions were 
eliminated in the property's upscale casino-within-a-casino, the London Club.
Laid off dealers and casino supervisors were notified on Tuesday, Holt said.

   The additional 60 laid-off employees worked on the megaresort's 
housekeeping and custodial staffs. They were notified of their job 
losses Friday and Monday.
   The Aladdin opened Aug. 18 with about 3,800 workers, but employment 
dropped to about 3,300 by mid-December. The property now has 3,100 
employees, 18.4 percent less than at its opening.

   About 40 of the casino's full-time dealers were placed on on-call, 
extra-board status in December. Holt said 21 of those extra-board 
dealers lost their jobs in Tuesday's layoff.
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