US game big in Britain
   A game developed for the US casino market, could be the next big thing in the British arcade and bingo sectors.
    AC Coin's Empire® has been licensed by British manufacturer Project Coin and adapted for the UK market. The game, which is 13' 6" (4.4 metres) tall, was launched at the recent ATEI show in London.
    A representative of AC Coin said: "Generally it is unusual for US style games to be applied to the UK environment. However, some sectors of the British market are looking to the US for inspiration, specifically in relation to how machines can be used to help build the atmosphere of a location.
   "Empire® combines theatre and excitement with consistently strong returns. As a result I am sure it will be a success in Britain."
    The British version of Empire® is available in six, four and three player formats. The six player format carries a world record list price of £35,995 (us$54,000).

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