New Constitution approved by EGO membership - New division to be formed for Operators.

Hooffdorp, The Netherlands,
February  8th, 2001

    At the Annual General Meeting the members of the European Gaming Organisation voted by 87% to adopt a new constitution allowing membership from all branches of the gaming industry in Europe. At the run up to changing the constitution many of the casino operators indicated they would like to join the organisation thereby making a strong centralised organisation well able to represent the needs of the industry throughout Europe. The Secretary-General has been charged with completing the application format reflecting the increased review and disclosure information, as detailed in the new constitution, and now needed to join the organisation and these will be circulated to prospective members for all the divisions shortly. 

    The existing members will become the Industrial division and casino operators will form the Operations division. There have been suggestions that a third division should be formed covering the needs of the security/surveillance interests, but we will see if there is any general response to this in the industry. Each division will have its own meetings and its elected committee will have the freedom to respond to the interests of the division and set the divisions by-laws. Representatives from each division with form the main Board of the organisation and this Board is responsible for the general running of the body and external relations with legislative and regulatory bodies.

    This exciting change to the EGO format will break the mould of the past, a full time secretariat is to be established as soon as practical and an exacting series of tasks and goals is being set for the organisation to accomplish. It is seen that there is a need to create synergy in the gaming industry in Europe and with Europe due to expand and double its member countries time is pressing.

Chris Brammer
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