Institute for the Study of Gambling and Commercial Gaming University of Nevada, Reno

Designing Casinos to Dominate the Competition

Reno, NV
February, 2001

    The Institute for the Study of Gambling and Commercial Gaming at the University of Nevada, Reno announces the release of the important new book by Bill Friedman, Designing Casinos to Dominate the Competition: The Friedman International Standards of Casino Design™.   

    This book addresses numerous questions as to why some casinos are successful and others are not - or do not live up to their potential - by examining the their design characteristics.  

   The book’s scope covers almost all major casinos throughout Nevada’s entire legal history of gambling.  Friedman has produced a monumental book that analyzes casino design elements and financial and player count data along with his own astute observation of gamblers’ preferences.  From this analysis he puts forth his thirteen winning and losing principles of casino design and how they directly correlate with high or low player counts - the Friedman Casino Design Principles™. 

    For the first time, they are fully revealed and analyzed in this important encyclopedic volume.

    Bill Friedman, who was the author of the breakthrough Casino Management (Lyle Stuart, 1974), served as general manager of the Castaways in the 1970s and 1980s, which was located on the Las Vegas Strip at the future site of The Mirage.  He was known at the time as a marketing genius, and was early to recognize the importance of attracting local clientele in a highly competitive tourist market.  

From the Preface:

    "This is a controversial and challenging treatise on the underlying principles of casino design and casino customer psychology.  Mr. Friedman…has used his years of management experience and lifelong obsession with casino operations to put forward a thesis that cannot be ignored."

    "Anyone who carefully reads this book and has an interest in casino performance is going to have to think twice about the Friedman hypotheses. As Friedman notes, for casinos, ‘…location is the single most important factor, because it determines the size and demographic composition of the available marketplace…However, interior design (is) the second most important impact:  …Interior design is far more important in determining potential player counts than management, marketing, and operations combined." 

    Bill Friedman's new book may not be not the last word on this topic, but it might prove to be a very important roadmap, especially for those organizations who are still in the process of designing or redesigning their casino space in order to maximize their overall performance. 

    The 629 pages include 164 full-page color photographs showing important interior features that Friedman discusses. This is an important book for casino managers, owners, analysts, designers, and potential investors to read to assess the likely success of any casino venture.

ISBN 0-942828-44-5
Hard cover, 629 pages, 164 color illustrations, glossary
Publisher: Institute for the Study of Gambling & Commercial Gaming, University of Nevada, Reno
Price:  $150 plus shipping

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