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The Winner Takes It All In London

The Casinos Austria Group debuts at ICE 2001, successfully launches new technology and is awarded the Euro Show price for “Best Presentation”. 

March, 2001

    It worked exceptionally well for Casinos Austria looking back on their three busy days at Earls Court. The concept of presenting the R&D wing of the concern parallel to the global casino operating and management company, Casinos Austria International, and the security services of CAST, Casinos Austria Security Technology, has been greatly welcomed.

    Should this be the key to a high profile one-stop-casino-shop? Well, Euro Show awarded it with the price for “Best Presentation”.

    Taking over the lead in shuffli ng technology, CARD launched what is again the top benchmark in Single Deck shuffling – the CARD DOUBLE DECKER. The product handles two card decks at the same time, thus improving smooth game conduction. 

    The ability of already inserting the second card deck whilst the first deck is dealt, increases the most important “ready-to-go”-factor up to 50% (!) over existing shufflers. “This product is a born winner, incorporating a complete new way of efficiently and carefully handling cards”, says an excited Horant Woschitz of CARD. And continues, “With the Double Decker players benefit from a smooth poker game, dealers from trouble free machine operation and operators from increased hands per shift.” The interest received was overwhelming, with a dozen trial positions already confirmed. Presented side by side with the well known Shuffle Star?, which also received several orders, CARD impressively highlighted its competence for shuffling solutions.

    Further, their latest CHIPMASTER chipping machine with the Pigment Reading System was launched at ICE 2001. With the change to the Euro currency in sight, many operators have decided for the Security Pigment Chips/Jetons, for which Bourgogne et Grasset of France has received the exclusive production rights. Only a little bit less than a year before the change to the Euro becomes reality in “Euro-land”, operators could already see the reading systems availability, as this was exactly what was up and running at the CARD stand! “Operators must be able to see in what we want them to believe”, comments CARD´s MD, Ing. Ernst Blaha.

   The company´s latest Flip-Top Black Jack and American Tables, the Corian Ball -Track Roulette Wheel, the original wheel incorporating this virtually non-wearing material for the ball-track, and the unique Ball Track Leveller were part of  a presentation that should be called the “CARD competence centre” on stand 5351.

    CAST gave an impression on how the critical roulette wheel integrity can be secured. Presented were three of the total eight stages program for their wheel analysis. The presentation of identifying weaknesses of the separator ring and the ball track received interest by operators and manufacturers alike, with also a great punch of contracts confirmed at the show.

    Apart from this unique and innovative program, CAST presented all services for international Casinos, which are Quality- and Security Audits, and the 3-stage development process - Analysis, Planning, Implementation - for CCTV operations, Intrusion and Detection Systems, as well as Access Control and Communication Systems. Their consultancy is independent from manufacturers with the clear vision of userfriendliness and “seeing it with the eyes of the operator”.

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