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July 11, 2000

    CARD, Casinos Austria Research & Development, is known as manufacturer and supplier of specialized technical casino products (e. g. SHUFFLE STAR, CHIPMASTER, STABLE TABLE, BALL TRACK LEVELLER, ...). In the course of the change to the Euro currency, Card has also chased this hot topic, which decision makers of casinos in Euro-land presently deal with.

Ing. Peter Krenn, Technical Director at CARD: "We have been researching for a couple of years now Jeton/Chip security and automatic reading. The "electronic way" (i. e. Microchip-in-chip) however involved too high initial investment, that could double the cost for new jetons/chips for a casino. Other "non-electronic" versions still mean multiplied cost, specifically compared to the Pigment-Jeton/Chip, and are in an early stage of development regarding automatic reading. We at CARD have found a new, innovative way, specifically before the change to the Euro currency is due."

What is this Pigment-Jeton/Chip all about?
    It is the first time that an encoded, invisible security feature has been developed, that can easily be implemented during jeton/chip production. Each jeton/chip-type (i. e. differently marked chips/non-values) and each value is dedicated a specific, invisible security pigment that can be read with a special reader. The way the pigment is attached to the jetons/chips is comparable to a printing process.

Ing. Peter Krenn further highlights the high security standard of this technology: "The security pigment was specifically developed and is protected for use in casino jetons/chips only, in order to fulfil the casinos high security needs. There is even a chemical difference to pigments like used for currency bills."  To ensure security levels also during production, company BOURGOGNE & GRASSET (BG) of France is the exclusive manufacturer and supplier for the Pigment-Jeton/Chip.

BG´s CEO and President, Mr. Gérard P. Charlier, says: "The use of special and exclusive security pigments in connection with light of a specific wave-length is an innovative idea that CARD developed for jeton/chip identification and sorting. CARD made an impressive demonstration to us in May 2000, where the first sample jetons, to which BG attached the security pigment, were read with the prototype of the CARD pigment reader, at a speed of 6 jetons/second (like in CHIPMASTER).
This new technology is now available for jetons and chips. The supplement to the price depends on the chip size and order volume, but is in the range of cents (Euro) per piece only. It is certainly an interesting alternative or even an addition to "Safechips by Bourgogne et Grasset" (with integrated High-Tech Microchip) which allows wider applications with, however, a substantially greater supplement per chip".

The great advantage of the new system is the option of automatic chip counting, besides its security against counterfeiting. The pigment reader system for the chipping machine CHIPMASTER is already developed, taking the reading exactness and quality to a whole new dimension. Jetons/Chips from other casinos or counterfeits are detected at the same time.
The development of hand held readers – with which for example single jetons/plaques can be checked at the cash desk or by security – is finished also. Additional machinery like a chip/cash change machine (chips against cash and cash against chips) and a chip counting machine, optimising the time consumption for the casino count, will be ready in time.

The reading of the Security Pigment is done with light of a precisely defined wave-length, which does of course not have any impact on the jeton/chip material. The reading ability of jetons/chips is thereby ensured over decades.

Casinos Austria with its 12 operations in Austria is one of those operators having decided for this technology. Their Director, Ing. Ernst Blaha, responsible for Gaming Equipment and Security at Casinos Austria, says: „We needed to ensure for the future that our Euro-Jetons are 100% safe against counterfeiting and can be handled automatically. This increases efficiency on our tables and greatly supports better customer service by decreasing time consumption for jeton/chip counting."

The Pigment-Jeton is a modern, readily developed product that stands all needs for exactness, reliability, efficiency, life span and cost effectiveness. "The technology is now available" says a proud Peter Krenn, looking back on another development success. BG and CARD have bundled their forces already once before, for the development of the so called Corian Ball-Track Roulette-Wheel. This Wheel incorporates the balltrack (ring) made from the durable material Corian for security and preciseness reasons. Product and the idea are successful enough, that extremely similar products have meanwhile been spotted from other companies. "However, nothing matches the original. The developers at CARD and BG have again done a fantastic job, with the Security-Pigment Jeton/Chip now being the second smart product from our cooperation", says a delighted Horant Woschitz, the driving force of CARD's Marketing and Sales.


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