Baltic Sea Blackjack Tournament

International co-operation between casinos in Finland, Estonia & Poland has players competing for a $20,000 first prize.

Three European casinos, Casino RAY in Finland, Olympic Casino in Estonia and
Casinos Poland, have started a new and exciting international casino
co-operation with the launch of Baltic Sea Blackjack Tournament.

The first annual Baltic Sea Blackjack Tournament Final will take place on
the 18th November.2000 in Casino RAY in Helsinki. The organizing country of the Final will
change yearly in the future. The next final will be played in Warsaw, Poland and
during year 2002 in Tallinn, Estonia. Also, this unique co-operation has
attracked a lot of attention in other casinos in the Baltic Sea region. Most
likely next year we will see two or more new countries joining the tournament.

In a nutshell, the Baltic Sea tournament consists of; national qualifying rounds
and finals and the combined Baltic Sea final. In the final, on top of being able
to compete for $35 000 total  pot (1st prize $20 000, 2nd $10 000 and 3rd $5
000), the best players of each country will have the chance to represent the
Blackjack National Team of each respective country. Also, the best National
team will be rewarded with additional $10 500.

Casinos Poland have already played their Polish championship rounds and final,
with resounding success. Especially, the chance to qualify for the trip to
Helsinki and the possibility of winning big money in the Baltic Sea Final
generated huge amounts of excitement in Poland. Casino RAY has also already
started its qualifying rounds with big buzz of interest and Olympic Casino will
begin their much awaited tournament shortly.

The tournament itself is undoubdedly a good thing for the players, but also for
the casinos and for the casino industry in Europe, in general. This is a first
genuine attempt by European casinos to cross borders with international
co-operation. The management of each casino is equally as pleased as the players
by the turn of the events. Casino Manager of Casino RAY Mr. Heikki
Rinta-Panttila comments: "The idea has been brewing for quite a long while, but
during the Malta conference of Casino Managers our joint ideas finally

More information about the tournament:
Phone: +358 9 680 80382 or +358 40 511 2858
Fax: +358 9 694 2922