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Special FX© passes 1,000 units per month
December 30th 2000

    Nick Shaw, President of Alicante based CEW International SL, has announced that November 2000 saw another significant landmark in the company’s history. The monthly order book for their unique and fully patented layout, Special FX©, passed the magical 1,000 mark.

    The 1000th layout for the month was purchased by Konstantin Kopylov of the Golden Palace Casino in Moscow. Nick Shaw underlined the extent to which this breakthrough represents real progress: "When we used to produce only traditional wool layouts, our average level of production was between 10 and 40 units per day. The revolutionary printing techniques used in the production of Special FX© allows us to produce up to 100 units each day. In November, we received orders for just over 1,000 units, every one of which was despatched to the customer before the month ended."

    Following an extensive sampling and testing programme carried out during the Autumn, more than 40 international casinos have been won over by Special FX©. The unprecedented success of this product has proved to be a fantastic boost to the company, providing a sound platform for further expansion.

The next step is "Perfection"….

    Not content with the success of Special FX©, Mr Shaw has also revealed that a further new layout concept will be unveiled at the forthcoming ICE Exhibition in London.

    Commenting on this development, and the confident choice of brand name, Nick Shaw said: "This is not a replacement for Special FX©, it is something quite different. I am a great believer that if something isn’t broken, then it shouldn’t be fixed. Having proved ourselves to be at the very forefront of layout design and production, we feel it is important to offer our international clientele a choice. Perfection is the result of this development work, and its name simply speaks for itself."

    Other new CEW International products scheduled for launch in London include a range of furniture called Sal Privee and an exciting new collection of ashtrays and drinks holders specifically developed for deluxe tables.

CEW International takes to the high seas!

    CEW International has been selected to supply a full range of gaming equipment to the latest cruise vessel to be managed by the maritime arm of Casinos Austria International.

    The equipment to be supplied has a specific interior design flavour, with specially created finishes predominant throughout. The tables chosen include six deluxe card tables, one American Roulette and one mini-craps.

    All metalwork will be chromium plated, all the woodwork is finished and laminated in a matching tobacco shade, and a specific shade of blue has been selected from the Special FX© layout range to carry embroidered and printed corporate logo designs.

    CEW International’s President Nick Shaw said of this most recent order: "During the past couple of years, we have shown that our products and services can be effectively tailored to meet the particular needs of the cruise ship sector. We now understand the demands of this market at least as well as any other international supplier, and our commitment to keen pricing and rapid turnaround is proving to be increasingly popular and successful."

CEW International strikes ‘Gold’ in Buenos Aires

    CEW International recently supplied 47,000 of its Gold Award solid brass high value cash chips to the Cirsa flagship casino, Casino Buenos Aires.

    This product was selected because, unlike other American chip brands, it has a highly authentic expensive feel and appearance. The product is blended with plastic to give the appearance of a conventional American chip, but as soon as the dealer or player takes it in their hand, the quality is instantly evident due to its exceptional 24-gramme weight.

    CEW International’s President Nick Shaw claims that he has not seen a chip like it in 15 years supplying the industry: "The Gold Award chip offers unprecedented security. In addition to its exceptional weight, the intricacy of the artwork, combined with the fact that we can literally engrave onto its face, means that there really is nothing quite like it."

    Casino Buenos Aires also took delivery of a full year’s supply of CEW International’s unique Special FX© layouts, plus 60,000 wheel checks, numbered 1-30, for easy table recognition.

CEW International enjoys ‘electrifying’ EELEX!

    CEW International has taken a massive step towards ensuring the highest possible levels of service to its vast casino clientele within the former Soviet Union.

    At the recent EELEX Exhibition in Moscow (December 10-12), CEW President Nick Shaw announced the confirmation of a strategic trading alliance with Boris Belotorovsky’s Unicum group. The objective of this agreement is to offer Russian Federation clients further price reductions and a significantly simplified purchasing procedure.

    These casinos will now be able to purchase most items of casino equipment from stock, thereby eliminating importation costs and hugely reducing lead times.

    In support of this new alliance, CEW International has delivered more than US$100,000 worth of stock into Unicum’s Moscow facility. This includes over 500 Special FX© layouts, plus a selection of tables, wheels, colour chips, cash and tip boxes and other accessories.

    Commenting on this new partnership, CEW President Nick Shaw said: "The former Soviet Union has always been a major market for our company, and we have built up an excellent network of clients and contacts. Although we have frequently worked closely with Unicum, the formation of a formal alliance will further strengthen both companies. However, most importantly of all, it will prove to be of great operational and financial benefit to all the casinos within this region."

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