March 29th 2000

    UK based Casino Equipment Warehouse is celebrating a record-breaking delivery performance for its latest cruise ship project, completed on behalf of a prominent Israeli Public Company at a total price of less than US$350,000.

    The Las Vegas One Casino is a 180-metre cruise liner, chartered and equipped to run short trips between Haifa and Cyprus. The live gaming supply contract, handled exclusively by the Casino Equipment Warehouse, consisted of 12 Deluxe American Roulette tables, 25 Deluxe Reversible Blackjack/Oasis Stud Poker tables, 315 chairs, 40,000 cash chips, 35,000 packs of cards and all necessary ancillary equipment. Each of the 37 tables was fitted with the Warehouse’s own unique Special FX layouts.

    However, the unusual thing about this contract was not its low price, but the incredible schedule achieved by the rapidly expanding London supplier. The order was confirmed by the client on Friday 25th February, and the finished products were despatched on Saturday 18th March. This means that the total lead time involved was three full weeks, or 15 working days.

    Managing Director Nick Shaw commented, "At the Casino Equipment Warehouse, working miracles is our business. Naturally enough, divine intervention can take a little longer to achieve. In this case, we underlined our ability to meet the demands of the buoyant cruise ship business, and delivered products of the highest quality, at fantastic prices and within an almost impossible time scale. We look forward to many more opportunities to show others how this is done."


     Special FX the unique high performance layout, developed and patented by the UK's Casino Equipment Warehouse, has proved to be a massive success since its first public showing at January's ICE Exhibition in London. More than 1,000 units have been shipped to casinos all over the World. Not only that, but a further 1,000 units are currently in production in an attempt to keep pace with new orders that arrive by the day.

    Following initial trials of Special FX in Greece, Heat Regency Casinos Ltd. placed an order for more than 200 units, saying that they anticipated using these layouts on an exclusive basis for the foreseeable future. Heat Regency's Managing Director, Ian Gosling said, "Having spent over 20 years in the casino industry, I have come to realize that truly great products are very few and far between. Without any shadow of a doubt, Special FX is the finest layout I have ever seen on any gaming table, anywhere in the world."


    Following their unprecedented success with Las Vegas Casino One, the Casino Equipment Warehouse has successfully secured a second cruise ship contract from Israel. This vessel is owned by a private consortium of investors, and will also cruise the Mediterranean, out of its home port of Haifa.

    The casino, known as Magic Casino, has placed a US$90,000 order for a mix of live gaming equipment, all of which will be delivered into port by mid-April.

    Nick Shaw, Managing Director of the Casino Equipment Warehouse, expressed his delight in the reliability of the ‘grapevine’ that exists within the casino industry: "Once the word started to spread about our ability to meet the quality and pricing standards required within the cruise ship sector, and to do so within the tightest possible delivery schedules, it was only a matter of time before we received further enquiries. With ships now being built all over the World, we hope to continue delivering these levels of performance to as many satisfied clients as possible."


    Kay Davis, who was previously Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator with Starpoint Electrics, has joined Nick Shaw’s Casino Equipment Warehouse as General Manager.

    Starpoint is one of the World's leading developers and manufacturers of reels and buttons for slot machines and AWP games. During her eight years with the company, Kay gained invaluable first hand experience of the gaming industry, and is fully conversant with the unique demands of the business.

    Commenting on her new role, Kay said, "I am delighted to be joining a company that is so clearly in the ascendancy. The opportunity to move from the component sector and into dealing directly with operators was too challenging to pass up."

     Welcoming Kay into his company, Nick Shaw said, "It is essential that enthusiastic amateurs such as myself work closely with as many true professionals as possible!"


    It is a measure of the success achieved by the UK’s Casino Equipment Warehouse, and the credibility that the company now enjoys within the international casino supply sector, that the company has been chosen by Spanish giants Unidesa to supply equipment to their Casino Buenos Aires in Argentina.

    This initial order consists of eight Mark 9 Roulette Wheels with removable separator rings, eight sets of wheel checks, 250 monogrammed Roulette Balls, six Deluxe American Roulette Tables and all necessary ancillary equipment.

    Nick Shaw, Managing Director of the Casino Equipment Warehouse, said that it was a privilege to be chosen by Unidesa for this project. "Once again, we have secured a valuable and prestigious contract on the strength of our ability to respond to specific customer requirements. The management of Casino Buenos Aires required products of the highest possible quality, delivered within the fastest possible time, in order to facilitate the early opening of their new high-limit gaming room."


    Konstantine Kopylov, General Manager of the Golden Palace Casino in Moscow, has signed a contract with UK based Casino Equipment Warehouse, ensuring exclusivity for the unique layout design, Special FX within the casino and its sister casino, the Krystal.

    The Golden Palace is one of the largest and most consistently successful casinos in Russia's premier city. Its sister casino the Krystal, has in excess of 90 gaming tables and is therefore one of the largest gaming casinos in Europe.

    Following exhaustive trials, Mr Kopylov expressed his complete satisfaction with Special FX and, as a result, signed an exclusive layout supply agreement for the year 2000.

    Nick Shaw, whose understanding and experience of Eastern European markets, and Russia in particular, is without equal amongst international suppliers, is convinced that this latest deal is entirely a result of product quality and cost-effectiveness.
"Special FX is an unbelievable layout, but I would say that. However, the fact that it proves itself superior to all the other layouts in test after test, all over the World, has created a wave of confidence amongst operators that is growing all the time. I now have no doubt that Special FX now sets standards in layout design, quality, durability and value which no other layout on the market come close to matching."

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