BMM eye the future of Intranet Gaming - Industry discussion paper released 

Melbourne, Australia: 
December 20, 2000

    Testing agency BMM International Pty. Ltd. (BMM) has prepared a discussion paper covering the technical requirements of Intranet gaming in response to requests from Internet gaming system suppliers.

    Essentially, Intranet systems implement gaming services over private networks, compared to publicly available products available over the Internet. 

    "A number of our internet gaming clients have asked BMM for advice on how their systems might be introduced into the traditional Australian gaming market as Intranet gaming systems," said Mr Hugh Monypenny, Managing Director of BMM International (  

    "As a result, we have issued a white paper titled ‘Intranet Gaming in the Context of the Technical Requirements imposed by Australasian Gaming Jurisdictions’. While it is aimed at the Australian and New Zealand market, the paper discusses issues that are likely to be of considerable interest to regulators and operators in other jurisdictions," he said. 

    The 19-page paper, which is available at no charge through BMM, outlines a range of technical issues that need to be addressed in the implementation of secure and regulated intranet gaming systems.
    The introduction of Intranet gaming systems opens the way to the provision of a much wider range of services to the player, in addition to the procedural issues of harm minimization and player protection.

    As explained in the discussion paper, "This could range from placing bets on other services (wagering on a horse race) through ordering services from the current gaming venue (meals, drinks, bookings), to on-demand video". 

    "All this must be borne in mind when considering the technical requirements that may be demanded of these systems".

    According to BMM, comparing conventional gaming machine systems to Intranet gaming systems is like comparing a racing car to a 4WD. The gaming PC itself should not be considered to be the gaming device as it is closer in structure to a jackpot display. The fundamental shortcoming of Intranet gaming is the mechanism by which funds are to be transferred into and out of the system.

    Bringing Internet gaming systems into an Intranet is a logical step, but marrying it to conventional gaming systems has issues with regard to compliance with current technical requirements definitions. 

    "These can be overcome, but will require some thought and agreement across a number of jurisdictions within the context of the Australian national standards," said Mr Monypenny.

    "It is very important that in developing the next generations of data communications protocols we bear in mind the requirements of Intranet gaming systems. More to the point, Internet gaming system suppliers have a real contribution to make in helping to develop those protocols. The industry as a whole needs to be moving as quickly as possible towards agreeing on and establishing common standards in these and other areas".

    BMM ( is an internationally recognized systems assurance testing agency with 20 years experience in validating and certifying computer systems. The company is an Accredited Testing Facility (ATF) under the Australian scheme for accreditation of independent testing facilities for gaming and wagering systems, and is ISO 9001 certified. 
    BMM is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and has recently established an office in Sydney, with a North American office expected to be opened early in 2001.

For further information contact Hugh Monypenny, Managing Director of BMM International Pty. Ltd. via email or phone +61 3 9890 5988.

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