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Deck-Checker Proves Perfect
December 21st, 2000

     Dolphin Advanced Technology and Australasian Casino Equipment Supplies have announced an association to market the deck-Checker worldwide.  ACES the Australian subsidiary of the TCS Group immediately confirmed a sale of Deck-Checkers to S.T.D.M. in Macau, where they’ll be used primarily in a security role to ensure all cards are coming back to the operator from the tables.

     "We market and support the world’s premium range of shuffling machines, and the Deck-Checker melds with, and compliments, these products." commented Bryan Jenkins, M.D. at ACES.  "This exciting product has huge potential, and development assistance provided by Crown Casino has ensured the features of this Product very specifically match an operator’s needs." Jenkins said.

    "ACES has proved highly successful at not just selling high technology products, but also providing the crucial high level service and technical support required to produce the performance levels our customers demand.  Dolphin and ACES make a natural team, well suited to ensure the successful launch of the Deck-Checker." stated Bill Purton, M.D. at Dolphin.  "The fact that the first production run has been snapped up by two of the largest casino operators, Crown and S.T.DM. speaks volumes for the reliability and benefits provided by the Deck-Checker." Purton said.

    The Deck-Checker is available from all TCS offices and for detailed product information you can check it out at the ACES website:

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