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ACES Innovations

TCS Deck-Checker®

13th December, 2000

The Ultimate playing card security solution for casinos and card rooms!

    The Deck-Checker® and Card Vault provide the ultimate secure Card Management
System for checking, storing and tracking cards as they move through the casino.

    The Deck-Checker® enables you to check up to 8 decks or 416 individual cards automatically every 2 minutes.  The Checker can be programmed for all standard playing cards, whether plastic or paper, and  can also be programmed with all usual games and a specific location.

    In 3 easy steps, the operator loads the cards, enters an ID number and selects details such as game, location, plus number of decks to be checked, then presses "enter", the rest is automatic.  The cards are received in the Card Vault and a report printed…..  The operator simply tears off the report strip, removes the card vault complete with checked cards, then places the report in the card vault with the cards and secures the lid with the security seal.  Your cards are now checked, secure and ready for immediate use or storage.

  • Slashes checking time!
  • Cuts labour costs!
  • 100% accurate, every time!
  • Increases your hold!
Calculate just how much the Deck-Checker®   Dolphin Card Vault can save your property

For a casino operator, the following issues need to be considered;

  • Checking 8 decks of cards at table opening usually takes approximately 15 minutes if done by manual visual inspection, or 2 minutes if cards are passed through the Deck-Checker.  While this is being done not only the dealer but the entire pit staff are waiting for the check to be completed and cost savings will be made by reducing the time for checking, furthermore the table win will be increased with longer playing time….
  • Sorting and checking cards at the end of a shift means closing the table some 15 to 20 minutes early.  Again, this is lost playing time. Why lose at least 15 minutes play time, and the associated revenue?  When using the Deck-Checker you can have your tables work longer. Your dealers are tied up for less time on a non income producing activity!  How much will your win increase with an extra half hours play per table per day?
  • In a pre-shuffle environment the Deck-Checker has proven to reduce staff requirements by up to 66% and don’t forget, its 100% accurate!  Do your card handling procedures offer an opportunity for savings if using the Deck-Checker?
  • Are you purchasing pre-shuffled cards, or is purchase of pre-shuffled decks being considered at the moment?  You can’t derive the full benefits from pre-shuffled decks without the Deck-Checker.  Whoever your card supplier is, you’ll need to verify the decks are complete and that all cards are getting to your tables….  Manually checking the decks is too expensive and subject to human error, to a large degree, this negates the benefits of pre-shuffled decks!
  • Does your property currently have an integrated and secure card shuffling, sorting and packaging operation?  The Deck-Checker and its printed report, complete with Card Vault, Harcor Security Seals, can provide you with a complete secure system.
  • Furthermore if you are currently evaluating the introduction of continuous card shufflers, check out the Deck-Checker and consider introduction of a completely integrated card stream?
  • Call ACES and let us help you through the maze.  Your card stream can produce heaps of headaches, or be surprisingly efficient and easy to introduce and run!
Inspect the Deck-Checker at ICE, London, 23rd – 25th January…  The TCS Stand !!!
For more information on the Deck-Checker®, visit our website;

Harcor Security Products

Friday, 13th October, 2000

    Harcor is a long established and well respected Australian manufacturer of security packaging, with a wide range of quality products ideally suited to the Casino Industry.  Harcor already supplies most casinos throughout Australia and New Zealand and has recently appointed Australasian Casino Equipment Supplies as their overseas distributor.  A.C.E.S. will market Harcor Products in S.E. Asia and the South Pacific.

     The Harcourt range includes; Security Seals, Cash and Coin Bags, Utility and Till Bags, Coin Cassettes, Trolleys and Cash Cabinets, plus numerous other security items….

    Harcor Security was established in 1969 and specialises in finding solutions for areas of security concern throughout many industries.  The Company is committed to offering affordable security solutions.  A high level of integrity has been maintained by the Company since inception, and meticulous records kept of each and every serial numbered seal sold since formation of the business.

"ACE" Card Shuffler

Friday, 29th September, 2000

     The Shuffle Master ACE single deck card shuffler has passed another rigorous evaluation with flying colours and is now set for approval across Australian and New Zealand jurisdictions.  The ACE hardware and software has been tested by GLI Australia and found that it meets "Australian/New Zealand Gaming Machine National Standards Rev 3.0"

Ace ShufflersApproval has now been received from the Queensland Office of Gaming Regulation and the first Australian installation of six machines completed at Brisbane’s Treasury Casino where the ACE shufflers are employed on the Casino's Caribbean Stud and Let It Ride tables.  Initial in-service performance indicators are excellent with high reliability and low card wear reports.  A further 19 ACE Shufflers installed at the Gentings Highland Resort in Malaysia are also performing exceptionally, with similar reliability and low maintenance stat’s combined with a low card wear factor.

    A.C.E.S. is supporting a number of ACE Shuffler trials in Australasia at the moment, and this replacement for the venerable BG-3 is finding favour with the most demanding operators.  More sales of the ACE will be announced shortly….

Touchbet Sic Bo

Friday, 15th September, 2000

    While the rest of Australia has been pre-occupied with the Olympics, the ACES team have been hard at work developing a second generation TCS Touchbet product.  Touchbet Sic Bo is the result, and it brings alive the age old Chinese dice game so well known throughout S.E Asia and Australasia.  

    Individual player terminals permit far greater participation in a casino’s live game than was previously possible…  In the past perhaps 15 players could crowd around a table, now an operator can add up to 250 on top of that figure.  The system employs off the shelf hardware similar to that utilized for the TCS Touchbet Roulette system, and like the roulette system, the Sic Bo terminals are linked to a live game and operate in conjunction with that game.  The video presentation matches the live game screen, and is touch screen activated, thus players can quickly adapt to the "Virtual Concept".

Touchbet Sic Bo features….

  • One server with from 1 – 250 terminals.
  • Links to, and is compatible with, your ACES Sic Bo table.
  • Attractive and robust slant top terminals.
  • Available with bill acceptors and/or coin comparitors and hopper.
  • No additional dealing staff required.
  • Detailed Information and Help screens, with multi-language capability.
  • System parameters adjustable for your specific game requirements.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration contact ACES 

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