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October Messages

NAME: Vic Aslet
MESSAGE: Very sorry to hear the news of Geoff Butler's passing. He was my trainer at the Golden Nugget in 78/9. If not for him I would never had traveled the world and met so many people that I now call friends. Thanks Geoff,  you will be missed by many.
EMAIL: vaslet@yahoo.com

Online Italian Croupier Magazine

28/10 job listings...
Croupier - Soul Casino, Aberdeen.
Various Management positions - Caribbean Gaming Solutions.
Cashier & Dealers (Bournemouth & Barracuda, London) - Gala Casinos.
Dealers & Inspectors - Palace Casino Gt. Yarmouth.

NAME: Greg Fleming
PESENTLY IN: South Africa
IS SEARCHING FOR: Trevor Hammond
THE CLUES ARE...: Amatola Flat 17.
Director of Table Games at Venetian Macau
EMAIL: gregfleming17@yahoo.co.uk

NAME: Ian Livingstone
MESSAGE: Very sorry to hear the sad news of Geoff Butler's passing and I would like to extend my condolences to all his family. Geoff was always the professional and a pleasure to work with, he will be missed.
EMAIL: ian@casinoadjara.com

NAME: Mark Giles  - AKA Farmer 
MESSAGE: I have finally left the casino business (at least for now), and I now find myself running a diving business.  It is a 5 Star PADI Career Development Center in Bali and one of only 60 in the world. 
EMAIL: mark@blueseasonbali.com

NAME: Dean Jessop
MESSAGE: Sorry to hear about the passing of Geoff Butler.one of the good guys.
EMAIL: deanjessop@sky.com

NAME: all casino staff
MESSAGE: rumour coming out of gala casino wolverhampton, they are going to be holding a poker tournament on the 2nd November which is exclusively for casino staff.
EMAIL: casinoman1@hotmail.co.uk

NAME: Martin Knights
MESSAGE: My sincere condolences go out to all of Geoff Butler's family upon hearing the very sad news of his passing. Fortunate to have as a friend for many years which have left me with many fond memories of a lovely guy. God bless Geoff.
EMAIL: casinoknights@hotmail.co.uk

NAME: Butch Robbins
MESSAGE: I would like to pass on my condolenses to Kevin's family and friends, he was an inspiration, great spirit, happy with life. Arsene Wenger wrote to Kevin towards the end with support from the Arsenal team. Respect Bruv.
EMAIL: johnrobbins@kairointernational.com

NAME: Stephen Cameron
MESSAGE: I was very saddened by the news of Geoff Butler's passing.  He was an excellent trainer and a great guy to work for.  R.I.P. 
EMAIL: stephenscot@yahoo.com

11/10 job listings...
Casino Manager - Leicester. Gala Casinos.
Gaming Inspector - Nottingham. Gala Casinos.

NAME: Colin Hayes
MESSAGE: Very sad news about the passing of Geoff Butler, enjoyed his company as a friend and the man as a professional in the business - R.I.P Geoff.
EMAIL: hayesusa@bellsouth.net

NAME: David Floyd
MESSAGE: My Condolences to all the Butler family, Geoff will be missed by many, He helped us all at one time or another. R.I.P Geoff.
EMAIL: joannefloyd27@ntlworld.com

NAME: Nick Holt
MESSAGE: Very sad to find out about the death of Geoff Butler, who passed away yesterday afternoon after a brief struggle with pneumonia. R.I.P.
EMAIL: nickholt@hotmail.com

6/10 job listings...
Variety of positions, GM (Wales) & Poker Dealers - Gala Coral Casinos.

5/10 job listing...
Casino Receptionist - Maxim's Club. London.

NAME: CasinoReunions.com
MESSAGE: Next Reunion in Las Vegas will coincide with G2E Wednesday 17th. Nov. 2010. McMullan's Irish Pub. Full details at CasinoReunions.com
EMAIL: npg126@live.com

4/10 job listings...
Card Room Dealers & Dealers - Manchester 235 & ALEA Leeds
Experienced Gaming Manager - Circus Casino. Margate.
CustomerServiceCroupiers- Aspers Northampton. Direct link (PDF)
Surveillance Officer - Aspers Newcastle. Direct link (PDF) CORRECTED EMAIL ADDRESS !

1/10 job listings...
Experienced Dealers - Grosvenor Casino, Reading.
Card Room Supervisor/Manager - Circus Casino, Newcastle.
Field Service Technician - (PDF)Bally, via Empire Casino Rec.
Commercial Finance Director - Les A's via Hays Recruitment.

NAME: John Tyrrell
MESSAGE: Lucy-Looks like you had a good reunion bash at Grapes. Hope all is well and great if we can could make contact again.
EMAIL: johntyrrell@singnet.com.sg

NAME: Steve Fox
MESSAGE: Looks like everyone is having a reunion, so we are going to do one as well....If you worked at Sun City in the 80's then come to the reunion on 19th and 20th November in Blackpool (where else?)...we are all staying at Sticky and Sue Bostocks boarding house (oakvilleapartments.co.uk)...check out the web site and let them know if your coming,so they can save you a room.  See you there..
EMAIL: sfoxdealer@yahoo.com

From the 24th September
NAME: jon ash
MESSAGE: just heard the sad news john ashworth  (ash), has died there's not many legensds in the casino world but he was one and it was my good fortune to have known  you. jon ash good night. god bless you and rest in peace my mate, save me a place at the bar for the next time we meet. Rest in peace jon..... maloney.
EMAIL: tomskymaloney@hotmail.com


September Messages

S.S. Norway.
worlddiscoverer's photostream @

Playboy Reunion 2010 - The Grapes
Now on Casino Reunions photostream @
What a cracking shot this is.

Aletta Victor Marilyn Janie Linda
Aletta Victor Marilyn Janie Linda
Casino Reunions' photostream

NAME: Gordon Clark
MESSAGE: Calling all ex Edinburgh "Royale Chimes Casino" staff interested in reunion, if you want a blast from the past, please get in touch.
EMAIL: gordonaclark@yahoo.co.uk

NAME: David Croft
MESSAGE: Hello to all my old friends from over the years - Manchester, Dublin, cork, Israel, ships and where ever else! Just to let everyone im out the casinos now but i have set up a website sponsoring poker players. Im doing a special pro mo for casino staff/old friends. (Sorry Ian don't mean to advertise on here). www.pokersponsors.org
EMAIL: admin@pokersponsors.org

IS SEARCHING FOR: Clive Wright (Found)
THE CLUES ARE...: Inspector at Sun City, Pitboss & wild party animal.
EMAIL: adiva40@gmail.com

NAME: johny boy
IS SEARCHING FOR: Sergey Kolodenko
THE CLUES ARE...: Antigua
EMAIL: tibald2@yahoo.com

NAME: Haydn Hullah
MESSAGE: Happy Birthday My Friend. RIP
EMAIL: jacko16@hotmail.com

NAME: Barbara Haigh
IS SEARCHING FOR: croupier Bunny Blanche Sheppard
THE CLUES ARE...: I've had a letter from a Jane Swan who is looking for croupier Bunny Blanche (Sheppard), Playboy London around 1970'ish. Reddish blonde hair used to live in Bishops Park Road Fulham - previously a nurse and air hostess.  Must be about 68 now; used to have a restaurant in Dublin.  Last known location living somewhere near Bristol Airport. Can anyone help? ttfn Barbara
EMAIL: barbara.haigh@btopenworld.com

9/9 job listings...
Gaming Team Manager - Grosvenor Casino Bristol
Surveillance Officer - Dragonara Casino. Malta.
Experienced Dealers - Rubicon Casino. Wolverhampton.

NAME: Rod Bateman
MESSAGE: All Ex Adelaide Casino are invited to the 25th Reunion to be held Dec 1st/2nd at the Arkaba Hotel. Further information from...
EMAIL: rodbateman@hotmail.com

NAME: Ron Pieles
MESSAGE: The old Kingsway casino on the prom in Southport was burned to the ground last night.
http://kingswaycasino.com - Found this link while looking for news. Ian

Name: Clive Maxwell-Yates
Find me on...: Facebook
Link: www.facebook.com
email: clivemy@hotmail.com

6/9 job listings...
Various levels of gaming staff - Seefar Associates (Agency).
Slot Tech & Slot Supervisor - Treasure Bay. St. Lucia.

5/9 job listings...
Erfahrener Croupier (M/W) - Casino Schaffhausen. Switzerland.
Experienced Dealers - Sporting Emporium. Dublin.
Variety of positions Gaming & Non-Gaming - Rainbow Casino, Brum.


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