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NAME: Amanda Wasserman
MESSAGE: I am looking for Frank Stroembo previous worked at Hyatt regency casino in
Thessalonki Greece (1997 -)

NAME: Kevin Hardy
PRESENTLY IN: Rhodes, Greece
IS LOOKING FOR: Mason Brooks
CLUES: Was working in Greece until end "96" Could now be working in London.

NAME: Karl Johnson
IS LOOKING FOR: Paul Kennedy
CLUES: last seen in cape town, south africa

NAME: Sharon, Tiesdell Smith (Carr)
MESSAGE: Looking for Nikki Guest, worked together on the Nordic Empress 90/91.Would love to hear from anyone else who knows me.

NAME: Philip Hockaday
MESSAGE: Beano - alias "Rotary Engine" - have you sunk the ship yet? If not, please drop a line.

NAME: Philip & Berni Hockaday
MESSAGE: Looking for Jackie and Marinda Gerber. Were working at Emerald Safari -Vanderbijlpark before jumping on some floating bucket on some ocean. 

NAME: Gary Morrison
IS LOOKING FOR: Tammy Vanderzee
CLUES: Last known working on NCL

NAME: Michael Glidewell
PRESENTLY IN: gulfport, mississippi.
IS LOOKING FOR: Patricia (trish)O'Connor
CLUES: Worked at a casino in biloxi in' 95, was a pit boss then left after it closed, possibly in ireland or back in vegas now

NAME: Martin (GOD) Scott
MESSAGE: Hi everyone just a quickie to say hi and if anyone knows me from blackpool, ships, london or brighton GET IN TOUCH! (no worrys simon not looking for another job

NAME: Steve Allchin
MESSAGE: Fun Casino Work? anyone wishing to earn some extra cash, especially during December. Please email me ASAP.
I asked Steve for some further info as we are now coming up to the peak season for bookings. He is based in Rochester, Kent and works with fun casino companies around and inside the M25 also Up North! - Manchester and Leeds. Ian

NAME: Natalie Krasovskaya
MESSAGE: Hi, looking for people who worked in Universal Cruises, S´pore 98-99

HELLO FROM!: Andrea Bell
PRESENTLY IN: Newcastle-out of the business but have designed a web page "" ( and am hoping to get everybody together for a reunion. pls visit and enter your details on shipmates page.

NAME: Gaming Board for Great Britain - Annual report
MESSAGE: The 2001/2 report has been available for a couple of months on the GBGB website. It can be downloaded in PDF format at:

Some quick UK casino stats.

Number of casinos 122. Drop £3.58 billion
Attendance 11.8 million Win £619 million
Staff 12,000 Hold 17%

% of drop AR -  64.6% BJ - 16.5% PB - 9.2% CSP - 5.5%  Craps 0.9%  Auto Roulette 3.3%.

NAME: Luca Giambarresi
MESSAGE: first of all , hi to all of you!!! This is the first time I visit "gaming floor".
I would like to know if someone knows which caribbean island is currently looking for staff as I wish to work on a land based casino. If you have any addresses to send me I would be very approciated...Hope to hearing from you soon croupiers!! Many thanks

I placed this message here but is an ideal one for the forum. Sounds like a decent chap. At a guess he is on the ships - Caribbean is spelt correctly and only about 1 in 20 emails get it right. :) Ian

NAME: Steve Brown
IS LOOKING FOR: Radek Knave and Iva
CLUES: Last seen working in Pardubice, Czech Republic for Casino Austria.

NAME: Evan Atkins
MESSAGE: Any Sun City "dodgy characters" or others who had the fortune (more likely misfortune) of knowing me!

NAME: Casino dealers want tips to stay in their hands
MESSAGE: A must read story from Quebec and Casino Montreal. The 850 staff are represented by the Montreal Casino Workers Union/Syndicat des Croupiers du Casino de Montreal. (see the link above). The average rate for croupiers is apparently C$18.46 an hour, before tips are calculated.

NAME: Lorraine Leach
PRESENTLY IN: South Africa
IS LOOKING FOR: Linda Reyes (Maiden Name!)
CLUES: Last seen in Star Cruise. Now a Pit Manager somewhere in Cambodia? Thailand??

NAME: Dr Ho's Online casino
MESSAGE: Newsweek has an article on online casinos that carries a very interesting photo of the Antigua based operation. Hotel rooms are used as a mock casino with the chinese dealers getting $50 a month "cleavage bonus".

Impressive you ask! - make your own mind up at:


19th October update: 
Team now full - and a good one it is!
Further updates at

NAME: Oceans 11 - Vegas Challenge
MESSAGE: Warner Brothers UK are offering 11 free trips to Las Vegas at
Gamingfloor is entering - we can win this one.

10  team players needed to answer 1 question each. When team is full I will submit the e-mails and you will get the question sent to you.

email me at to get your team name -  are you in or out!

NAME: Jacqui Ridge
CLUES: Last heard from in Montreal, lost your email address Steve!, get in touch.

NAME: Kev Daley
PRESENTLY IN: Kiev Ukraine
IS LOOKING FOR: Gary Greenwood
CLUES: Last heard of... left the Shangrila and now in Moscow somewhere leaving his touch on another Slots operation

NAME: Ken Berry
MESSAGE: Anyone from sun city 82 -85.  Still looking 4 Terry Critchen. I have a long
memory...dave mcmillan and wife, linda bird to name but a few.

NAME: Teachers cash in with Sunderland manager gamble
MESSAGE: Story on about the change in manager at struggling Sunderland. Teachers from the Chairman's daughters shool apparently also cashing in on the information.

NAME: England v Macedonia - 16th October
MESSAGE: The image below is a part of screen grab from taken on the afternoon of the game. Macedonia at 39 to 1 and the draw at 11 to 1. If you want to Beton England at 1.11 there is £158,235 available and if you want to Lay at 1.12  £49,555.

One can see why the Bookies are not happy - but then again they never are!  Ian

NAME: Douglas Brown
MESSAGE: Hello to everyone out there who remembers me over the last 39 years. Now retired and away from all the hassle. If you want to get in touch you have my email.

NAME: Wedding Congratulations!
MESSAGE: Tom  & Joan Alcorn - click for the picture
May I take this opportunity to wish Tom and Joan much happiness for the future after their recent wedding in South Africa. Good luck with the new house in Cape Town. If you know Tom from S.A, Greece or the UK I know he would like to hear from you.

NAME: Niagara Falls & Atlantic City
MESSAGE: For those able to work legally in the US two major operations are starting their recruitment drives. The Borgata in Atlantic City and the Seneca Indian Casino to be located in the Niagara Falls Convention Center. Between them they are looking for 7,000 employees 

Seneca Niagara Falls Gaming Corporation
The Borgata

MESSAGE: Found a couple of items at the weekend that may be interesting for you gaming history buffs.
Vintage portable craps table
Bidding was at $161. The table has certainly seen some action.
Antique rigged roulette wheel
This strange device was apparently in the James Bond film Casino Royale. Give me 17 and the neighbours!

HELLO FROM!: Mick Cunningham
PRESENTLY IN: Rhodes, To anyone who remembers me, even you sad Villa fans,who should be following the BORO now.

HELLO FROM!: Ayhan Akdag 
PRESENTLY IN: hello all my friends all over the world (my nick name rambo) please send me e mail. 

NAME: Link suggestions
MESSAGE: Here are two or three that may be interesting.
Casino Gabriella Kiev
Just a casino website you think. Yes, but this one actually has a page telling punters how to cheat. I kid you not.

Early attempts to electronically predict where the roulette ball would land can be found at:
These chaps were building this stuff in the mid 80's and at that time it must have been state of the art. No mention if it worked or not!. Ian

NAME: coming shortly!
MESSAGE: 5/10. Registered this weekend and will be hosted in the UK. Look out for a full message board. Moderators/Editors will be required and suggestions are welcome for specific sections. More news to follow. Ian

NAME: South Africa - quoted casino companies
MESSAGE: For visitors who are in South Africa please have a look at my listings of companies on the JSE. If you see any errors or if I have omitted any company's please let me know. Ian

NAME: Conference and Exhibition listings
MESSAGE: Ever wondered where the bosses keep dissapearing to.? The listings for 2002 now have grown to 39 different events around the world. In 2001 we had 33 and 29 in 2000.
Internet related events account almost all of the growth. Ian

NAME: Casino staff in strike threat - Crown Casino, Melbourne
MESSAGE: The Crown Casino has since since September 1st had a partial smoking ban. According to the article smokers now congregate in just a few bar areas and this had led to a significant deterioration in air quality for the staff stationed there.

NAME: Steve Fox
PRESENTLY IN: California
IS LOOKING FOR: Anyone who wants to chat about the old days.
CLUES: Darwin 80-82, Sun City 82-88 USA 88>. Also Dean Evans get in touch before Villa drop out of the Premier div.

HELLO FROM!: Andy "Titanic" Wheeler
PRESENTLY IN: Limbo ! Hi everybody, BCEM PRIVET !  Any of you old "ex-gabs" staff still alive to send me an e-mail ?

NAME: Steve Brown
CLUES: Jay lost your e-mail if you see this send it again

NAME: Chat Room at
MESSAGE: I just had a go using the system there. Pretty neat. You have to join up and get your passwords first. For anyone on the ships or way out in the sticks this is a very good idea. Save a bundle on telephone calls!. Royston and Andrew are on duty at 9am and 6pm GMT.  Ian

NAME: Financial Controller - Moscow
MESSAGE: The position above came in on the 1st October for Moscow in the Casino Related section.

NAME: Chris Thomas
MESSAGE: looking for anyone worked in darwin 94, brisbane 95, sydney 96, star cruises 96-98, aquarius and virgo

NAME: Chris Thomas
CLUES: Last worked with in Darwin, then Adelaide poss Perth

NAME: Helen Stone
MESSAGE: still loving dub get in touch ....

NAME: Lynne Williams
IS LOOKING FOR: Fiona Mcgregor
CLUES: Sky City and Jericho.

NAME: Helen Stone
MESSAGE: lynn court where r you



NAME: - Dodgy free play Roulette!
MESSAGE: I thank Mr A. for spotting this mistake. You get a very strange game indeed. Very careless programming and I hope the for real version does not have the same bugs. Ian

Dodgy casino pictures are always required if you find them on your tours of the web. Send to could be an idea for a new section.

HELLO FROM!: Dean Evans
PRESENTLY IN: Yeah, I agree Radar!!!!!!! Hello Everybody

HELLO FROM!: Alan McDermott
PRESENTLY IN: Presently stuck in a little box at the bottom of England!!  If anyone remembers me (or ADMITS to remembering me!!!), get in touch!!

NAME: Tip taxes - US
MESSAGE: Here is the latest on the 4 casino staff sentenced in Nevada for incorrectly reporting tip income. The casino staff are the first prosecutions ever under an IRS  "tip compliance" rule that includes all workers who recieve tips as part of their work.
Nevada dealers prison terms show IRS campaign on tip income

NAME: Gary ( radar ) Taylor
MESSAGE: Like to here from anyone that remembers me especially from the ships (AA ) . what is the score with all you sad blues fans just like before, one win and your gonna win the league well let me tell you you are going down with your 10,000 fans and crap ground. Why don't you and the albion join together that way you have a chance of staying in the premier league and you might fill one of your grounds, well maybe not.
Another Villa, Birmingham rivalry message here. Why can't you all just love each other as fellow citizens of the Midland's. Do they give out free mags at Birmingham games? - nudge nudge know what I mean.

NAME: UK - Casino Unions 
MESSAGE: Those interested in this very emotive subject and what progress has been made may like to check out the independent site. for the latest updates.

HELLO FROM!: Firat Albayrak
PRESENTLY IN: hi all. I'm a dealer. and university degree.  have a good time.
Well I do say you can just say hello!

NAME: Fun Casinos
MESSAGE: For many croups they are almost a full time job and are good to keep ones hand in when "in-between" jobs. The wedge also comes in useful :) 
The most comprehensive listing on the web can be found at -

HELLO FROM!: Lesley-Ann Henderson
PRESENTLY IN: South Africa.
David Hill - Hi you old tart. I'm in dire need of some viz mags.

NAME: Darron Pearson
MESSAGE: Steve Goldsby -"taffy"- Last seen at Sun City early 80's. 
Please contact me. Cheers.

HELLO FROM!: Therese Laverty
PRESENTLY IN: Back in Australia, where is everyone from the Carousel, Wild Coast, Sun City and Mmabatho???

NAME: Casino du Liban strike
MESSAGE: Casino du Liban security clashes with striking workers
The above story is from the Lebanon Daily Star 26th September - the link at their website is time sensitive.

NAME: Casino Austria's - Lucky 7
MESSAGE: For those of you tracking events in Eilat this story is from the 13th September at Ha'aretz Online.
Eilat's casino ship suffers from gov't backtracking

NAME: Brian Moss
PRESENTLY IN: Fernandina Beach, Florida
IS LOOKING FOR: David Langton (Scouser)
CLUES: Last seen in Tallin,Estonia,1990. Last heard of in central Florida wheeling and dealing in used slot machines.

NAME: Nevada Casino workers tips and the IRS (Internal Revenue Service)
MESSAGE: This story in the Las Vegas Review-Journal is one not to be missed. Talk about heavy handed!
Tip income: Casino workers get prison terms - Employees 'fall guys,' attorney says

NAME: Lindy Bergstrom (nee McEwan)
MESSAGE: Trying to get in touch with Bridgette & Brian Farquar. Last heard they were floating around in NZ. To anyone else I might know from back then, drop us aline

NAME: Graham "Jazzy" Austin
IS LOOKING FOR: All ex.Carousel, especially Tony Burns, Richard Donnelly & "Big" Jim Cadman
CLUES: Last seen Carousel eight years ago. Big hi to all ex Carousel, just been with Chas & Laura, and Rich Eves in Blackpool reminising. Get in touch....

NAME: Graham "JAZZY" Austin
MESSAGE: Hello to everyone out there, ex. Carousel, Loutraki and RCI. I am still cruising so if anyone wants me for anything, get in touch.....

NAME: Craig
MESSAGE: I'm looking for any T&GWU members in Grosvenor Casinos who are interested in helping to get union recognition in the provinces, Iím looking for people who are willing to give up a little of their time to make a contribution for their workmates, if we are then successful we can create an effective bargaining unit that can negotiate pay, holidays and other issues like Health & Safety. If you want to make a difference please contact me via my e-mail address. 
Normally a full name should be given with messages, but as some casino employers still seem to have what may be termed a Victorian attitude towards the rights and welfare of their staff  - it is waived.  Ian

NAME: Tanya Healey
PRESENTLY IN: South Africa
IS LOOKING FOR: Noga (Ziv) and Peter Nichols
CLUES: Amatola 1989, last seen in Perth, where are you guys??

NAME: Richard Tampin
IS LOOKING FOR: Paul Broadfield
CLUES: la bamba, s**t on the villa

NAME: Stuart Smith
MESSAGE: Hi all am looking for old friends from the last 15 years anyone from Coventry,
Birmingham, Morula Sun, Hotel Seyhan(Turkey), Sky City or now Sweden please feel free to mail me if you know me

NAME: Stuart Smith
IS LOOKING FOR: Celeste De Miranda
CLUES: Cunard

NAME: Trevor & Sarah Mayne (nee Tassell)
PRESENTLY IN: Aylesbury, England
IS LOOKING FOR: All lost Friends and collegues.
CLUES: The Carousel and Amatola Sun in South Africa and Napoleons Casino in London.

NAME: Gary Ludwig ("DIGGER")
IS LOOKING FOR: Mike Babinski
CLUES: possibly still in Bettendorf, IA

HELLO FROM!: Jason Cook
PRESENTLY IN: Same Country different Town. Seeking Chris Cousins for no other reason than just to say HELLO! If you are in JHB, good luck; I feel safer in Israel!

HELLO FROM!: Lindy Bergstrom (nee McEwan)
PRESENTLY IN: South Africa

NAME: Stardancer disappearance - Sept 10th
MESSAGE: Here's a good one for any casino staff who have ever been stranded shoreside. Looks like it's happened again.
Casino cruise ship vanishes in Tarpon Springs
This story has a few potential clues - The Vegas Guy: Stardancer Casino

NAME: Vaughn Kray
CLUES: Las Vegas technician

NAME: Fiona Dennehy (nee Trinh)
PRESENTLY IN: Sydney, Australia
IS LOOKING FOR: Paul Micheal Boetcher
CLUES: Last seen 1989 in Cairo and the UK.

NAME: Fiona Dennehy (nee Trinh)
PRESENTLY IN: Sydney, Australia
IS LOOKING FOR: Robbie, Andrew, Stuart and Moyneen
CLUES: Last seen in 89/90 Ohrid Yougoslavia.

NAME: Richie Brooks nee Ludbrook
MESSAGE: To all the guys and girls I have had the pleasure of working with since 1966 in
Casinos from London to anywhere else in the places I've worked, I am now retired from Casino's and have taken a job as a bus driver, in London, there's more money in  it!! and less stress?? au revoir, bon chance!!

NAME: Sandra Douglas
PRESENTLY IN: South Africa
CLUES: Last seen the old man in PE, SA! Heard he was in Blackpool! Could be on the ships!
Found - through!

NAME: Hard Rock Casino - Manchester
MESSAGE: Leisure and Hospitality Business has an interesting article on the opening of the new themed Grosveror Casino. The London version is due to open in Leicester Square in November. 
Rock and roll - August 22nd
Betting and Gaming section homepage:
"If you've never played before, staff will take care of you and the way we will deal the games is unprecedented in the UK," 

It sounds as though Vic Taucer's article the Dealer as Entertainer is very applicable here.

Question is - are the staff being paid the money of entertainers?.
Anyone care to let Gaming floor visitors know?. Ian

Reply sent in answer the question above.  I can say that Hard Rock London are offering £22,000 pa starting salary for gaming hosts. How this compares to other London clubs I do not know as Iím a provincial dealer. Uniform will be mor relaxed ie trainers black jeans and a hard rock short sleeve t-shirt. However there will be no staff meals probably because they expect the hard rock café to be very busy. The company will be supplying microwaves and fruit and bread and cereals, as far as I can remember the is also a £1.50 per day meal allowance as well.

NAME: Florida casino boats.
MESSAGE: Here is an excellent story about the Stardancer, a few years ago the ship was known as the Europa Sky it now sails out of St John's Pass Village.
The Vegas Guy: Stardancer Casino
"What all this means is that a small boat like Stardancer relies almost entirely on local retirees and word of mouth. There are virtually no signs directing you to the marina, which is a good half hour from downtown St. Petersburg, and the only advertising the ship does is in the phone book and on pizza boxes"

NAME: September 4th - Eilat story on Northern Light/Xinhua
MESSAGE: Israeli police raid casino boats on suspicion of money laundering
A further story is in Globes online...
Floating casino owners concealed NIS 100m revenue - police
And in Ha'aretz Online September 6th.
70 detained in raid on illegal casinos

NAME: John Wherlock
CLUES: Ginger Aussie, worked on ships (AA), nutter

NAME: John Wherlock
MESSAGE: Anyone out there?  I worked on the ships for AA from 91 to 94 - Scan Dawn, Holland Americas, Wind Song, Cunard Princess

NAME: Switzerland - Casino Schaffhausen opening gala
MESSAGE: Nice photo of former Miss Germany and TV Star Verona Feldbusch spinning the first ball on August 31st. The winning number?. Who cares!. - Ian

NAME: Domain name -
MESSAGE: It is for sale on ebay
For those of you who want a tasty domain name this has to be a decent investment. Perhaps the reserve is on the high side. Or is it?. - Ian

NAME: Training in the UK
MESSAGE: Learning all about chips
A very rare story about training in the UK. Grosvenor Casino, Huddersfield are taking on a potential 25 new recruits and good luck to them. - Ian


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