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September - December 2011
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December Messages

NAME: gordon jackson
PESENTLY IN: Sydney Star
THE CLUES ARE...: sun city, seychells
EMAIL: jacksongordon@yahoo.com.au

NAME: Sinisa Cavic - Sini
MESSAGE: Wishing you a Merry Christmas and prosperous 2012 !!! :)
EMAIL: sinicavic@hotmail.com

NAME: Ian Wood
MESSAGE: To all my casino friends around the world ..... may I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and the best 2012 ever!!! Hope to see lots of friends in London in January!!!'
EMAIL: ianrwood@yahoo.com

NAME: mark payne (skid)
MESSAGE: to those of you who are home or away, merry christmas and a happy new year(.be lucky the skid )
EMAIL: markpayney@hotmail.co.uk


November Messages

NAME: Mike Hubb
MESSAGE: Golden Horseshoe Casino, London (find us on facebook).
Our Christmas Drinky Poos this year is Sat 10th Dec at The Kings Head, Moscow Road, Bayswater - all GHC staff (almost) past and present are welcome to come along - spread the word. @ Ian, if you're about pop in for half a shandy ;)
EMAIL: themice_42@yahoo.com

NAME: tracey hamilton
IS SEARCHING FOR: jimmy reynolds
THE CLUES ARE...: last seen at rotunda casino in glasgow. moved to brum to marry his sweetie tracy.
EMAIL: lb.loyaltee@gmail.com

NAME: Mario Eastham
MESSAGE: Just to let who ever is interested, Fred is having the RIP-RAVE-MISBEHAVE reunion at the Wild Coast the 6, 7, 8th of February, see you all there I hope. 
EMAIL: m-eastham@sky.com

NAME: PSvensen
THE CLUES ARE...: Liverpool lass lost touch a long while ago would love to say hi Last known working for London Clubs.
EMAIL: svensen@hotmail.com

What's happening at ICE  ?
Gaming Awards
2012 - Double the chance to Win  !

International Gaming Awards
Sheraton Park Lane.

Totally Gaming Awards
8 Northumberland.

Monday. Jan. 23rd.

NAME: Kevin Boyd
THE CLUES ARE...: Slots manager retired due to illness a few years ago, Have lost contact details. I think he lives in Peebles, Scotland.
EMAIL: Kevinboyd4747@aol.com

NAME: Rudi Willemse
PESENTLY IN: Cape Town, South Africa.
THE CLUES ARE...: Used to work for Sun International, but left and went on the Ships.
EMAIL: rudi.willemse@za.suninternational.com

NAME: Neil Tucker
MESSAGE: Looking for Lynn Brown (Browny). Worked with her in Soames Liverpool many moons ago. Any clues to where she is now would be much appreciated.
EMAIL: Neiltucker69@gmail.com


October Messages

20th October
I constantly get told that there's only bad news here. Visitors are always welcome to send on good news, even if you've already posted it on Facebook!

Jobs, well paid ones that offer a future, are classed as good news. However they go in the Employment section on Gamingfloor.biz

Casino/Gaming Jobs and Vacancies

Another question I often get is... why do you charge for Job listings ?...there would be alot more if it was FREE. The answer is: Do you work for FREE ?
(If the answer is yes, then come and work for me, I'll take yer :) )
Also would you really want to work for a company that does all it can to avoid paying for advertising ?. As a employer if they're so strapped for cash my recommendation is that they really should be in another business.

NAME: mark payne (skid)
MESSAGE: So sad to hear about Dale, many fond memories mate R.I.P.

NAME: Mark McGuckin
MESSAGE: I am saddened to hear about Dale Matthews. I worked with Dale for Tilley in Mexico just three years ago and previously with him, Wilf and Ian on NCL in L.A. in the 80's. R.I.P. Dale, it was a pleasure.
EMAIL: mark.mcguckin@yahoo.com

2nd October.
At the time of typing I'm in transit and on my way to G2E. All being well I should be at the Casino Reunions get together at the Palazzo on the 5th. I also hope to see some of you at the show of course - but that's business !

Talking about business
It's become increasingly clear over the years that Gamingfloor.com as a Ltd. company requires additional firepower especially on administration/secretarial and website/news update fronts. So it could be that after G2E I'll be looking for 1 or 2 individuals to work remotely. We'll see...
All potential candidates need are excellent computer skills, knowledge of website construction, preferably multi-lingual, casino experience and dedication.
Maybe that's you ?

NAME: Janice Nolan
IS SEARCHING FOR: Steve Greaves from Blackpool.
THE CLUES ARE...: information, someone told me he had passed away
EMAIL: jugsnolan@hotmail.co.uk


September Messages

NAME: CasinoReunions.com
MESSAGE: 8th Annual Reunion in Las Vegas (2011) will coincide with G2E
Wednesday. 5th. Oct. 2011.
Come straight from G2E or join in later at Laguna Champagne Bar in THE PALAZZO
I will be there! Up & back from Florida so no excuses will be brooked. Look forward to seeing you all! Neil.
Full details at www.CasinoReunions.com
EMAIL: npg126@live.com

NAME: john barrett
MESSAGE: It is with great sadness that I have just heard that Brian Katz has passed away. Thanks for everthing. R.I.P Brian.
EMAIL: johnjb@icon.co.za

NAME: wilfred smith
MESSAGE: Sorry to hear yet another friend passing away. Rest In peace Dale it was a pleasure knowing and working with you. Condolences to all his family.
EMAIL: wilfred_smith@hotmail.com

Dale Matthews
I've received an email this morning informing me that that Dale Matthews who I knew as a Manager for Tiber Trading on the ships of NCL, and more recently for Tilley Entertainment has passed away in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Dale's Obituary notice at the Portland Press Herald
RIP Dale. A lot of us casino people will miss you. Ian

NAME: David Rollo
MESSAGE: Sad to hear about Don - a good bloke.
Last saw him in Durban, just before I left S.Africa in 1992.
EMAIL: drollo@otenet.gr

NAME: Tony Butler
MESSAGE: Sad to hear about Don. Remember him well from Mecca Sportsman days.
EMAIL: tonybutler47@hotmail.com

NAME: Dave Pritchard
MESSAGE: So sorry to hear of the death of DON MACKENZIE. 
A gentleman.  RIP my friend.
EMAIL: davepritchard777@hotmail.com

NAME: Ken Morriss
MESSAGE: I am looking for a couple of people, David Rolls and Steve Flood. If anyone knows their email address, please let me know. Thanks Ken
EMAIL: kenmorriss@live.com


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