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November & December 2010
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December Messages

16/12 job listings...
Croupiers - Casino Red, Huddersfield.
Gaming Staff - All Grades - Broadway & Shaftesbury Casinos.

13/12 job listings...
Gaming Manager & Experienced Dealers - Castle Casino. Dudley (PDF)
Gaming Staff - All Grades - Broadway & Shaftesbury Casinos.

Regular visitors will have noticed that the GF homepage hasn't been updated for a few days. At the moment I'm back in Sheffield as my father is in the Northern General Hospital here. I'm doing some work but as I said earlier there would be some disruption. The record snowfalls and cold, plus having to use unfamiliar editing & email software haven't particularily helped. Feel free to send your own messages and I'll post them en-masse. There are one or two job listings also set to go live in the employment section over the weekend. Ian

NAME: Graham Dugdale
MESSAGE: As I'm not a great user of Facebook I would like to use this vastly superior site to say hello to all the ex SunCity staff who went to the re-union in Blackpool . It was great to see everyone again. Quite amazing that no-one had put on weight or looked older than when I last saw them. As special thanks to Steve and Sue for everything. Hope to see you all again next year.
EMAIL: gdugdale3@hotmail.com

Thank you for your donation and comments Graham. Much appreciated. Ian

NAME: Tina Jones
MESSAGE: It is with a heavy heart that i tell you of the sad passing of Anthony Gaunt of Star City Birmingham at the young age of 28. His funeral will take place at Bushbury crem Wolverhampton on Thursaday 9th Dec at 10.30am no flowers, our thoughts are with ants family at this sad time xx.
EMAIL: blackwidowjones@hotmail.com

NAME: Ken Morriss
MESSAGE: Clive Warwick. No details yet, but he was involved in a fatal boating accident yesterday. RIP
EMAIL: kenmorriss@live.com

NAME: Steve Zahn

MESSAGE: It is with deep regret that I have just learnt of the passing of Geoff Butler. Although we were competitors we always had respect for each other and enjoyed a few nights with our respective familys. My family send their sympathy and a big hug to Geoff's wife and large family. R.I.P. Geoff.
Steve, Milly and their boys.
EMAIL: stevezahn883@yahoo.com


November Messages

Advance disruption notice: I will be returning to the UK on Tuesday 30th. Updates once again may be very sporadic going forward. Tough times. Ian 

Happy Sunday morning from a sub zero and icy Northern Germany. Several Ad's going live right now...

28/11 job listings...
Experienced Inspectors & Dealer /Inspectors - Dragonara Casino, Malta.
Direct link.
Slot Shift Manager - Apollonia Casino. Macedonia. (PDF).
Live Dealer Inspectors - Lucky8Bet. Birmingham
Experienced Dealers Required - Grosvenor Huddesfield.
Croupiers - Bank Casino, Ireland.

Several job listings  to be posted this weekend - doing my best to catch up after the G2E break.  Ian

NAME: Ted Corpus
PESENTLY IN: Philippines
THE CLUES ARE...: Croatian, worked also in the Philippines
EMAIL: tedcor2003@yahoo.com

NAME: Pete Taylor
MESSAGE: Simon big man, never forget the Lemon....RIP. As Jeff said, Way too young.
EMAIL: petetaylor_97@hotmail.com

EMAIL: mzungu@numericable.fr

NAME: Richard Herd
EMAIL: rkherd@gmail.com

No more updates to the message board until the 25th - sorry ! 
Forum - Yes, Flickr - Yes, YouTube - Maybe, Twitter - who cares :) Ian

12/11 job listings...
Experienced Dealers & Hospitality Host - Gala Nothampton.

NAME: CasinoReunions.com
MESSAGE: Change of venue! 2010 Reunion in Vegas will now be held Wed. 17th Nov. at the LV Hilton  Tempo Lounge. Full details at CasinoReunions.com
EMAIL: npg126@live.com

Las Vegas Reunion - New location ?
The Vegas Reunion on Wed. 17th Nov. may be held at the Tempo Lounge in the Hilton.
It's semi official but please check with Neil on www.CasinoReunions.com for final confirmation.  Ian


As many of you will have noticed I'm off to Las Vegas and G2E from the 13th so very little will be happening here. Check out the Field Trip blog on the Forum and I'll also be posting a selection of images at my Flickr photostream.
See some of you there !  Ian

11/11 job listings...
Online Gaming Manager - Lucky8Bet. Birmingham.
Poker Dealers (PT) - Gala Sunderland

NAME: Ken Morriss
MESSAGE: Time for a Chris Carvell update - some good news - the chemo is working and the latest test results show the tumor is shrinking. Yeay! Chris has his appetite back and is eating normally....needless to say he has put on a few pounds but in this case it's a good thing!.
EMAIL: kenmorriss@live.com

NAME: Douglas Alexander Tait
MESSAGE: R.I.P. Simon (Beelzebub) Purtill. I'm still in shock. I remember the Star of Texas, Brighton & Dublin memories of you fondly.
EMAIL: d19a12t63@hotmail.com

NAME: jeff
MESSAGE: The sad passing of Simon Purtell. Died yesterday (9th) of Lung Cancer, age 42. Way too young for a person who was well thought of. rip simon.
EMAIL: jeff.medhurst@hotmail.com

NAME: Ken Morriss
MESSAGE: Sorry to hear the news of Geoff Butler's passing. I am happy to have known and worked with him, he will be sadly missed.
EMAIL: kenmorriss@live.com

7/11 job listings...
Security Officer & Senior Security Officer - ALEA Leeds.

NAME: Robb Crow
THE CLUES ARE...: Welsh bloke, worked with him at the Golden Nugget 2001.
EMAIL: robbthebdc@hotmail.com

5/11 job listings...
Casino Manager - Manchester 235
General Manager - Bristol Harbourside Casino. Gala,

MESSAGE: It is with great sadness that I let all know of the passing of Phillip Shanker on 26th October 2010.  May he rest in peace.
EMAIL: karenb@tsogosun.com

2/11 job listings...
Experienced Croupiers - Riga, Latvia. Italian speakers. Internet Op.
Assistant Casino Manager - ALEA Leeds, LCI.


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