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November & December 2008
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December Messages

NAME: Chris Brunskill
IS SEARCHING FOR: All old Casino friends
THE CLUES ARE...: Worked in Glasgow, Leeds and South Africa.

NAME: Dave Scott
MESSAGE: Are the Usual Suspects going to ICE in January ?
Let me know if you are ......'

NAME: Miranda & Colin Skelton - P.E. - South Africa.
MESSAGE: Hi everyone! Just want to wish you all a Festive Season and hope 2009 will be magical. We are currently in PE - South Africa and would love to hear from people that we've worked with before. Cheers!'

NAME: Clark Robertson
PESENTLY IN: Australia
IS SEARCHING FOR: Anyone who worked in Holland, 1978 till 2000.
THE CLUES ARE...: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Manfred, Rokin, Mata Hari.

NAME: john barrett
PESENTLY IN: south africa
IS SEARCHING FOR: looking glass
THE CLUES ARE...: girl group from QE2 early 70s.

NAME: john barrett
PRESENTLY IN: South Africa, Johannesburg.
MESSAGE: Happy christmas to everybody I have worked with over the years may you have a wonderful new year with lots of health. ex-craywood clubs, mecca, qe2, sun city intersun, sun international and tusk resorts. johnjb casino consultants.

NAME: allison shephard
MESSAGE: For any one who remembers Collin McGuinness who worked for Sun Internatiional, London, Germany, Estonia, and Kenya. He sadly passed away 19th December, 08.


NAME: mark payne
MESSAGE: To all of those who are home or away,merry christmas and a happy new year. love  & peace. mark (SKID).

The term "Gaming floor" has been searched for on Google 11,700,000 times.
NAME: Janet & John Troullos
MESSAGE: Wishing all friends present & past a very Happy Xmas & a happy & healthy (& prosperous) 2009.

NAME: jeff medhurst
GREETING: wishing everyone a happy christmas and a very happy new-year. To all I know and the people I have yet to meet.

NAME: Vincent Dale
GREETING: Wishing all that know Ann and myself a very merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year.
Problem with this email address.
NAME: Mert Caliskan
GREETING: Wishing you all Merry Christmas and a happy new year with full of prosperity and success !

Steve Tanton
A message posted in November was apparently not from a reliable source so it, and a visitor condolence have been removed.  Ian
NAME: Gary Morrison
GREETING: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all that I have had the pleasure to work with.....And share the Odd Drink with...HEHO......'

NAME: Rudi
THE CLUES ARE...: Use to work for Sun International but left for the Ships
NAME: Gino Fernandez
GREETING: If we ever had a drink together....MERRY XMAS to you.

NAME: Brian Oneill
PESENTLY IN: South America
IS SEARCHING FOR: Ian Bradbury (Found)
THE CLUES ARE...: Albion Casino Salford - South Africa.
Ian, Catching up with long lost friends, would be great to know where you are hanging the 'caramel chewing shorts' these days??.
THE CLUES ARE...: Salford Albion Casino - Last known getting out of the buisness and living a normal life in the USA. Mark, I'm catching up with long lost friends from the good (or not so good) old days. Would be great to hear from you.
NAME: Andy "TAFF" Sellers
GREETING: Merry Christmas to all wherever you may be. Let 2009 be a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!.

NAME: Scott CC & Julie Livingstone
GREETING: Wishing all those we have worked with over the years, Merry Christmas & a Happy and Prosperous New Year.'

NAME: Chris Cousins
GREETING: Merry Christmas to all and hope you have a great 2009 and/or Year of the Ox!!!'

NAME: Jamie Coleman
PESENTLY IN: Cork, Ireland
IS SEARCHING FOR: Elaine Nacianceno
THE CLUES ARE...: 2000 did a few months with Orient Lines on the Marco Polo.
NAME: Bryan & Julie Webster
GREETING: Hope all our old mates have a great time this Christmas and (hopefully) a prosperous 2009! We will also be thinking of those we have lost along the way....PS - Joe & Rachel - see you in February!!'

NAME: Eva Gantner
GREETING: May this Christmas end the present year on a cheerful note and make way for a fresh and bright new year.
Here’s wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

NAME: Ian Wilson
GREETING: A merry Xmas and a great 2009 to all who know me from Mmabatho Sun casino, Morula Sun and Star Cruises x '

NAME: Brian Oneill
GREETING: Seasons Greetings to all I have known over the years. May 2009 be a good year for us all.

NAME: Bob Tisson
MESSAGE: So sorry to hear about Larry Cohen great guy I worked with him in Iran and he did have a heart of gold. RIP Larry.

Just making plans for my own break...Talk about rip-off Britain.
How's this one, Train Stansted to Sheffield - First Class Open Return £317.00.
Off Peak Return a much more reasonable £54.70.
Looks a bit better on Ryanair. Doncaster to Barcelona on 31st December - £5 taxes inc.. £10 on the 2nd January.  Ian

NAME: John Crane
PESENTLY IN: liverpool
IS SEARCHING FOR: anyone. sorry for wrong email details given earlier.

NAME: Steve Bullen
MESSAGE: So sorry to hear of the passing of Susan. I had the pleasure of working with her in Belgium in the 80's. Her wit and class always ensured she stood out. My sincere condolences to her family, may she rest in peace.

NAME: Dean Wilson

NAME: Melanie Chan Tack (Taylor)
PRESENTLY IN: Haworth, West Yorkshire.
MESSAGE: Hi, worked cruise ships, RCCL mainly but some smaller ones too, between 1988-1998. Always had a great time. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Looking for a neat santa picture to send to your colleagues ?
Try here...

12/12 job listings...
Variety of positions - Dealers to Slot Manager - Casino Botzheim
Spoken French will probably be a requirement.
Experienced Slot Tech & Exp Dealers - Club Oasis, Dublin.

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of Susan Karnehm (nee Shaw) who worked at the Travemünde casino here in Schleswig-Holstein. Susan was originally from Leeds, and over her gaming career worked in many countries including Iran, France and Martinique. My sincere condolences to daughter Anastasia, son Daniel and husband Matthias. Ian
Susan Karnehm

Lübecker Nachrichten 10 & 14.12.2008


NAME: Dave 'The Cardboard Box"
MESSAGE: Worked with Grievsie back in the early 90's, as Jools said he was a diamond and will truly be missed, even from those of us who moved onto parstures new. My thoughts are with Jools and Calum.

10th December.
He's unlikely to see this message, but I wish a happy 82nd Birthday today to my father James Sutton.

Message board donation kitty: 75 pounds. 50 coming from 1 individual !
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NAME: Arpad & Nadine
MESSAGE: So very sorry to hear about Steve. It was a pleasure working with Steve at The Carousel and Ceasars. Our sincere condolences go to Jules and Callum, our thoughts are with you at this sad time, Rest in peace Steve.

NAME: Mark Adams (Dunne)
PESENTLY IN: South Africa
IS SEARCHING FOR: Tony Poole/Hightower.
THE CLUES ARE...: RSC, Staines, Bucharest, London.

NAME: Bob Tisson
MESSAGE: Happy Christmas to all old friends.

NAME: bob tisson
THE CLUES ARE...: sun city 79 84

NAME: Tracy Armitage
IS SEARCHING FOR: zoe milnes

5/12 job listings...
Experienced Croupiers - Ad removed.

4/12 job listings...
Sports Recruitment - Agency advertisement update.
Exhibition Dealers - For IGE London in January. Get in quick !
Surveillance Manager - Cairo, Egypt.
Erfahrene Croupiers - Casino Zürichsee, Switzerland.

NAME: melanie
PESENTLY IN: Johannesburg
IS SEARCHING FOR: Eugene Majola, Sean Lebelle, Keith(Sun casinos), Tamima Khan, Harriet, Leonvan dermer.
THE CLUES ARE...: Sun casinos

Entertaining but nothing to do with casinos.
A Brickies Labourer in Bangladesh

2/12 job listings...
Customer Service Croupiers & Coach - Aspers Northampton
Customer Service Managers - Aspers Nationwide. PDF Direct link
Casino Manager - Czech Republic. Admiral Casinos.

If you're recruiting...

Sadly many casino operators are now laying off staff. If you're recruiting then you must use Gaming floor's Employment section (not this page). For €200/150 Sterling or $300 you get a professional looking Ad. with logo etc... for at least a 1 month period.
If there are any companies out there that can't afford or don't want to pay the fee then I personally wouldn't want to work for you. Ian

NAME: Andy Badenhorst
IS SEARCHING FOR: Sue Stephen/ Owens
THE CLUES ARE...: Worked in South Africa in the 80's - 90's


November Messages
Steve Greaves Messages

NAME: Nadine Hahn (Salleh)
MESSAGE: I had the pleasure of working with Grievsie at the Carousel.....He was great at his job....always happy......always friendly.....he is going to be missed....great guy......Jules and Callum my condolenses to you and also to the rest of your family.

NAME: Prakash Chadee
PESENTLY IN: Mauritius
IS SEARCHING FOR: David Marshall

NAME: Helmut Pistora
PRESENTLY IN: Grand Casino Brussels
MESSAGE: Hello to everybody i know.

NAME: Paul Nicole
MESSAGE: Saddened to hear about Steve, we always chatted about Man U, condolences to his family.

NAME: Craig Taylor
MESSAGE: Can Anyone with any information on opportunitys for interviews in cruise ship work happening U.K in the near future, please email me with details.
thank you

NAME: Jools and Cal
MESSAGE: Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts and words, wish they could fill the emptiness we're feeling at the moment, but to us he'll always shine on like the crazy diamond he was and boy, how we wish he was here!!.


NAME: Lisa Morgan
PESENTLY IN: West Bromwich
IS SEARCHING FOR: Sandra Wilkinson
THE CLUES ARE...: Horizon....1992

NAME: Brian Turpin
PESENTLY IN: ireland
IS SEARCHING FOR: geoff peron or morag mctavish
THE CLUES ARE...: ncl, tiber trading.
IS SEARCHING FOR: jason harding
THE CLUES ARE...: the legend that is jason the slot teck from the ships my old cabin mate a good friend last seen by me on the seawood in 93?.

Bubbles Devere at the Roulette table.  Ian

Little Britain USA - Episode 1 Part 5

NAME: Peter
THE CLUES ARE...: Red head, fiery disposition, great sense of humour last known where abouts. London, originally from Sheffield, previously worked for Chandris Cruise Line.

14/11 job listings...
International Sales Manager - N. Cyprus based operator.
Casino Dealers - Shems Casino, Agadir.

G2E break !
12th November
If you have a message to send please send NOW. Latest they'll be posted is Saturday 15th. I'll then be over in Nevada till 27th so nothing new will happen here until around the end of the month.
Those of you travelling to Vegas if you wan't to meet up drop me a line. Ian


Finally got the film from Newcastle on YouTube. I've worked out now which is the best format for uploading so you can almost watch the HQ version in full screen.

CARD Poker Challenge 2008

From Neil Glander at
The folks have spoken.
It seems that, for most people, Tuesday is a better day for the January London (ICE) Reunion at The Prince of Teck. the date is as it was. Tuesday Jan. 27th. '09.

Also just around the corner...
Las Vegas (G2E) reunion. Tuesday 18th. Nov.
Cruise Ship reunion. Wednesday 19th. Nov.
Both in Shenanigans at McMullan's Irish Pub.
Come straight from G2E or join in later.

Blackpool's Super Casino plan. An interesting film found on

Supercasino, UK Film Council from Dreamtime Film on Vimeo.
10 minute film that was screened at Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner.

NAME: Wayne Phillpotts
THE CLUES ARE...: Last worked together at Aspinnals in 92..

NAME: Virginia Harrison
PESENTLY IN: Sydney Australia
IS SEARCHING FOR: Robin Clark - last heard of from Europe.
THE CLUES ARE...: Found Robin a while ago and then lost touch.  Would like to catch up with him again.

8/11 job listings...
Experienced Gaming Staff - Napoleons Casino. Sheffield.

7/11 job listings...
Experienced Gaming Staff - Fitzpatricks Casino, Dublin.

NAME: Rick in British Columbia
MESSAGE: Hello everyone, I am looking for anyone with casino chips that they might like to either trade, sell or donate (ok...I know that I am pushing to/for my collection. Looking for chips/jetons/plaques from any casino. Am just trying to put together a nice collection of cool plaques. I don't care if the casino is still up and running. Wanna help? Pease email me. cheers.

NAME: Tanya Sparbier (Griffin)
PESENTLY IN: South Africa
IS SEARCHING FOR: Andrea McClaren ?
THE CLUES ARE...: trained together at Fish Rver Sun & worked together at Carousel'

NAME: kim kelsey (stevenson)
PRESENTLY IN: cuffley,just outside London
MESSAGE: worked in south africa 1981 to1993. sun city, amatola and wild coast. would love to hear from anyone that remembers me.

NAME: Ronnie McFarlane
PESENTLY IN: Edinburgh

Steve Greaves Messages

NAME: Eddie Plaskett
MESSAGE: My condolences to Jules and the family. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time. Steve will be sadly missed.

NAME: Lindy Bergstrom (McEwan)
MESSAGE: My sincere condolances go out to Julz and Callum. Steve was an awesome man and to this day still brings a smile to my face when I think of him. R.I.P. xxxx

NAME: Brett & Sue
MESSAGE: So sad about Greavsie, he was a diamond, condolences to Jules & Callum. Rest in peace me old mucker.

NAME: Lynn and Stuart Wells
MESSAGE: So very sorry to hear about Steve, We had the pleasure of working with him at the carousel, our sincere condolences go to Jools and Callum, our thoughts are with you at this sad time, Rest in peace Steve.

NAME: stewart porritt
MESSAGE: sorry to hear about steve g, heart felt condolences to his family and loved ones he left behind.

NAME: Phil Olinger
MESSAGE: A good friend, shame about the United thing, but we cant all be perfect Stevie. You will be truely missed by everyone whom crossed your path. Sincere condolences to Jools and Callum. Only one thing left to say..... Steve Greaves, what's the score ?

NAME: Stretch
MESSAGE: It's a miserable day in Jo'burg and it's not just down to the weather. It was an honour to sit and watch the football with Steve Greaves. Watching England won't be the same. "STEVE GREAVES, WHAT'S THE SCORE!!!?"'

NAME: Shaun Winfield
MESSAGE: I along with many had the privilege of working with Steve Greaves. He made everyones life special just with his laugh and his humour. If it was not for people like him i would of left the business altogether. My thoughts and condolences are with Jules and Callum and the rest of his family. I will not forget you my old mate.

NAME: Graeme "Dessi" Smith
MESSAGE: It came as i shock to hear of Steves Passing he was a great friend and will always live on in my memories all my sincere condolences to Jools and Callum.

NAME: Lee Hanson
MESSAGE: Very sad to hear of Greavsey's passing. We had many a laugh working Craps at the carousel. Condolences to Jools and family.

NAME: Ian Gutteridge
There will be a memorial service for Steve Greaves on...

Friday, 7th November @ 10:00.
Doves Funeral Chapel,
46 Cranbourne Ave
For Flowers Doves can be contacted on 011-421-0926.

NAME: Taff Thomas
MESSAGE: To my close friend, many good memories. Words can't describe the loss I feel. Callum and Jools my thoughts are with you. Stevie G R.I.P.

NAME: Scott CC
MESSAGE: I would like to pass mine and Julies condolences onto Steves' family. We worked with Steve briefly at the Carousel. God bless and rest in peace.

NAME: Jon Burton
MESSAGE: A true friend, honest friend and a loyal friend, you mate will be very sadly missed by all you touched, go well on your journey, it's been an absolute honour to be your mate. Till we meet up again your in our hearts.
What's the score STEVE GREAVES.

NAME: Nigel Wyles
MESSAGE: Having a beer for my old buddy Greavsey, R.I.P mate. Sincere condolences to Jools and Callum.

NAME: debby robbins vahed
MESSAGE: very sorry to hear about GREAVSIE he was one of the good one's. sincere condolences to jools and callum.

NAME: John Head
MESSAGE: RIP Greavsie, a good man who will be missed by all that had the pleasure to meet him. My condolences to Jools and Callum. John

NAME: Dewet Oosthuizen
MESSAGE: From Vegas to Africa to Vietnam. Steve Greaves might be gone but the his legend will live on. Those ones who had the privilege of knowing him knows what we lost. Jools & Callum be strong my thoughts are with you.

NAME: Jimmy Rainford
MESSAGE: Shocked and saddened to hear about the untimely death of one of the most special people I ever had the pleasure to work with. God bless you Greavsie. I was honoured to call you a friend. Sincere condolences to Jools and Callum.

NAME: Richard Donnelly
MESSAGE: another great person taken from us, lots of great memory's from the Carousel days, will never forget you greavsie. My condolences to jools and callum R.I.P dude.

NAME: Tracey Smithies
MESSAGE: Greavsey will be on the cloud, fag in the one hand, pint in the other, watching Man Utd V Blackpool. RIP Steve. My sincere condolences to Jools and Callum.

NAME: Peter O'Neill
MESSAGE: It was a honour to have worked with greavsie for the past 15 years and a bigger honour to be able to call him a friend. God bless mate.

NAME: Ian Gutteridge
MESSAGE: For the second time time in two years I find myself letting you all know of the passing of another great mate of mine. Steve Greaves passed away suddenly on Friday 31st October in Durban. He is survived by Jools and his son Callum. The funeral will be held in Johannesburg in the coming week, I will post the details when I have them.
God Bless mate we will meet again.


3/11 job listings...
Manager/Pitboss - Smart Live Casino. London.

We need more job listing's folks. Is your casino short staffed !
Or is business bad everywhere ?

2/11 job listings...
General Manager - Grosvenor Casino Newcastle. Closing date 14/11


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