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May & June 2010
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June Messages

29/6 job listing...
Surveillance Operator, Security Shift Manager - Casino Canberra, Aus.
PDF Direct Ad. link.

28/6 job listing...
Card Room Manager - Aberdeen. G Casino.

26/6 job listing...
Experienced Casino Staff - St. Lucia. Treasure Bay.

NAME: Mark Giles  - AKA Farmer
MESSAGE: I have finally left the casino business (at least for now), and I now find myself running a diving business.  It is a 5 Star PADI Career Development Center in Bali and one of only 60 in the world. 
We offer daily diving trips, multi day dive safaris, and the full range of PADI dive courses ranging from PADI Discover Scuba Diving - your first diving experience to professional level PADI Instructor Courses and Internships.
If you are interested in diving in Bali, please contact me and do not forget to mention this post as we will give you a 10% discount on all your diving activities with us here at Blue Season Bali. I look forward to seeing a few old friends again here in beautiful Bali. 
EMAIL: mark@blueseasonbali.com

25/6 job listings...
Casino Manager - Gala Casinos. Wolverhampton.
Dealers, Pitbosses, Slot Tech's & Slot Sup's - PDF. Direct link. Casino Atlantic. Agadir
Surveillance Training Manager - Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.
This job should have been posted last month but I goofed up  Ian

22/6 job listing...
Grand Casino Lav, Croatia. (Ad. taken down)

NAME: Tom Alcorn
MESSAGE: Goodbye Kevin, I wish you a fair journey onwards. Great memories of Swaziland days, say hi to Sue for me.
EMAIL: thomas@tjgamingconsultants.com

18/6 job listing...
Experienced Gaming Manager - Margate Circus Casino.
Compliance Engineer - IGT Europe. The Netherlands

Head Cashier & Exp. Dealers - Maxims Reading.Closing Date: 30th June
Experienced Dealers - Circus Casino. Birmingham. C. Date: 30th June
The above two ad's are re-runs with a corrected email addres. Ian

NAME: Ian Wood
MESSAGE: So sorry to hear of the passing of Kevin, whom I worked with in Swaziland for many years. Always a quiet gentleman. RIP Kevin.
EMAIL: ianrwood@yahoo.com

16/6 job listing...
Electronic Gaming Manager - Manchester 235. LCI
Surveillance Shift Manager - Resorts World, Singapore.
Surveillance Operator - Resorts World, Singapore.

NAME: rosemary nash
MESSAGE: so sorry to hear about the passing of Craig. Spent memorable nights sitting up together on the Sov singing along to Sinatra. Fly me to the moon was our favourite.
EMAIL: rosenash1@btinternet.com

NAME: Basil Brennan
MESSAGE: It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce the passing of my great friend & brother-in-law Kevin Tunstall on June 4th last. He worked in London at Charlie Chesters, with his good friend Butch Robbins, Freeport, Bahamas & Swaziland for Sun International. 
EMAIL: mebucko_15@msn.com


NAME: Lindsey Brant
IS SEARCHING FOR: Francis Marshall
THE CLUES ARE...: Nassau Bahamas 80/90's back in Leeds now I think. Any info greatly received.
EMAIL: linzze7@virginmedia.com

NAME: dans57
PRESENTLY IN: las vegas
MESSAGE: I have an older model, Gamblers Choice "Select Your Game" The Gamblers Series multi-game poker machine. I have hit a royal flush and the machine is stating call attendant, i have the keys to reset, but they for some reason do not work, and it is asking for a user ID and password, which I do not have. Is there anything I can do ?
EMAIL: ourlives2gether07@yahoo.com

NAME: Moike
MESSAGE: Numbed at the news of Randy. A good friend to all and a true pro. Boy, did that guy have some great stories. He also taught me how to pick up 5 dice on the stick, I couldn't ever deal the game for s**t but what a trick!
EMAIL: mtobias62@yahoo.com

NAME: Warren Nash
MESSAGE: To any old friends (NCL, Greece), (and the list goes on), please feel free to get back in contact.I need to know where the 90`s went!
EMAIL: margatewoz@yahoo.com

NAME: Steve Brown
MESSAGE: Sorry to hear about Randy,,,Thought's are with Adam so sorry mate.
EMAIL: stevekoplfc96@hotmail.com

8/6 job listing...
Pitboss & Dealer(s) - Emerald Casinos, Dublin.

NAME: Peter Burrows
MESSAGE: Worked with Randy in Haiti back in the early 80's A really good guy, An original from top to toe. My commiserations to his son Adam Daniel. " He lived as many would like to"
EMAIL: peterburrows77@hotmail.com

NAME: Mark Payne
MESSAGE: So sad to hear about Randy, he was one of the coolest guys I've ever met. RIP me old china. XXX:
EMAIL: markpayney@hotmail.co.uk

I've been told that there are a number of messages on Randy's Facebook page.
We had quite a bit of email contact over the years but unfortunately I wasn't on his Facebook friend list. Cut and paste's are welcome if you wish your condolences to appear in two places. Just send to editorial@gamingfloor.com. Ian

NAME: Richard (Brooks) Ludbrook
MESSAGE: Randy and I worked together in the sixties at the 'Mazurka' just off Shaftsbury Avenue, it was a drinker and speiler since the War I believe run by Pepe, and in Haiti for the McLaney brothers. He was a pro...
EMAIL: rludbrook@msn.com

NAME: Paul and Cathy Clark
MESSAGE: Just heard the news about Randy Steed, very sad, our condolensces to all of his kin and extended family, a true legend of the game.
EMAIL: pclark@galaxyentertainment.com

4/6 job listings...
Casino Manager Required - Manchester 235. Closing Date: 11th June.

NAME: Jacko
MESSAGE: I think we all just found out about Randy Steed.
RIP My Friend. A True Gentleman with time for all of us, when ever and where ever,
Sadly missed by all.
EMAIL: jacko16@hotmail.com

NAME: Hugo Mersey
MESSAGE: Really shocked to hear of Craig Neilson's passing. I shared a cabin with him back in 92. A man of great character and intelligence who turned me on to some wonderful music. Some wonderful memories. This ls a sad day indeed. RIP Craig.
EMAIL: hugomersey@hotmail.com

NAME: Scott Campbell Cowan
THE CLUES ARE...: Last heard from him, he was in Canada. Anyone got an email or number.
EMAIL: ScottCC711@aol.com

1/6 job listings...
Exp. Dealers, Inspectors & Poker Dealers - Draganora Casino. Malta.


May Messages

31/5 job listing...
Experienced Dealers - ALEA Leeds. LCI.

NAME: Ricky Ng
MESSAGE: For all of you who know Julian aka jvboy43, please pray for a speedy recovery. He is now suffering from stroke and hopitalised in HCM.
EMAIL: rickynkw@yahoo.com

NAME: stewart carlyle
MESSAGE: sad to hear passing of craig neilson. worked for many years on RCCL.
God rest your soul big man.
EMAIL: stewart.carlyle@yahoo.co.uk

25/5 job listings...
Casino Dealers Trainee & Experienced - Gala Casinos. UK.
Surveillance Operators & SurveillanceTraining Manager - Marina Bay Sands.
Dealers, Inspectors & Poker Dealers - PDF. Direct link. Jasmine Court. N. Cyprus.

NAME: Bev Helm
MESSAGE: So sorry to hear the very sad news about Stuart Reading, he was a lovely guy. R.I.P
EMAIL: beverleygroves@ymail.com

21/5 job listing...
Regional Managers - Gala Casinos. N & S. UK.

NAME: John Charles
PESENTLY IN: Caribbean
IS SEARCHING FOR: Kieran Kennedy
THE CLUES ARE...: George, what have I told you about wandering off.
EMAIL: info@caribbeangamingsolutions.com

18/5 job listing...
Dealer/Inspector - PDF. Direct link. Aspinalls. Closing Date 31st May 2010. Temporary summer positions.

NAME: Karen Alexander
IS SEARCHING FOR: Jack Parkinson
THE CLUES ARE...: Last know place - Mississippi, gulfport area.
EMAIL: aidan112000@yahoo.com

17/5 job listings...
Slot Technician Trainer - Cerus Casino Academy. Namur, Belgium
Exp. Gaming Staff & Dealers - G Casino. Bolton & Manchester
General Manager - PDF. Direct link. Aspers Swansea. Closing Date 28th May.

NAME: bobby dunn
MESSAGE: sorry to hear the news of stuart reading, a good man from aa days rip
EMAIL: oscarcabuk@yahoo.com

NAME: Richard Munroe
MESSAGE: Once again Gaming Floor comes through in securing me a job, after i posted an advert here. Took a bit longer this time  but hey there is a crisis  :) 
Thanks Thorndyke
EMAIL: richinmos@mail.ru

NAME: Chris Charistas
MESSAGE: Casino Porto Carras re-union, all the employees on the opening of the casino are invinted to join the party on N.Marmaras Chalkidiki on the end of August 2010!!!!! please find info and join the group at:
or email me at: charistas@hotmail.com

A memorial website has been made for Stuart, you may leave a message, write a tribute or light a candle. Please revisit the Fred Hunters website frequently, it is being updated with new information about funeral arrangements as it comes available.
Thank you all, much love. Nikki xx.
Memorial site - http://stuart-reading.gonetoosoon.org

NAME: Arwyn Thomas
MESSAGE: One of the best. Rest in peace Stuart.
My deepest condolences to Nikki and Family.
EMAIL: arwynthomas@gmail.com

NAME: Ken Morriss
MESSAGE: Stuart, you were one of the few gentleman in this business and you will be sadly missed by both friends and colleages. I worked with you when you first started with AA and was more than happy to see you rise to the higest gaming position with RCCL, you deserved it. You were loved by many in life and will always be remembered in death. RIP.
EMAIL: kmorriss@vwgrand.com

NAME: Richard Tampin
MESSAGE: My condolences to the family. RIP Stuart.
EMAIL: richardtampin@hotmail.com

NAME: Mick Cunningham
MESSAGE: One of the greatest blokes I ever had the pleasure to work with, God Bless, My thoughts and prayers are with Nikki and the children at this time.
EMAIL: mickc63@hotmail.com

NAME: Heath Irving
MESSAGE: Very sad news about Stuart. I worked with him on a couple of occassions back in the late "80's for AA. My thoughts go out to his family at this difficult time.
R.I.P. Stuart!
EMAIL: heath_irving@hotmail.com

NAME: Brad Broderick
MESSAGE: So sorry to hear about Stuart Reading. It was a pleasure to know and work with Stuart over the last 11 years...you will be sadly missed.
EMAIL: brad.broderick@tcsjohnhuxley.com

NAME: Jon Aronson
MESSAGE: I am truly sorry to hear about the passing of Stewart Reading today. I am thankful to have known him for over 25 years. I always found him to be caring and a gentile person. He also achieved great goals during his lifetime. I am sure Stewart will be greatly missed and always be remembered with great reverence.  R.I.P. Stewart.  Here's to you Cheers! 
EMAIL: jondenver77@yahoo.com

NAME: Colin Hayes
MESSAGE: It is very sad news to hear of the passing of Stuart Reading, he truly was a great person and will be missed by all. Our thoughts and prayers go to Nikki and the children during this time.
EMAIL: hayesusa@bellsouth.net

NAME: Andy Sellers
MESSAGE: Devestated to learn of the passing of Stuart Reading. A true Gentleman and an absoloute pleasure to know and to work for. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Rest in peace mate, you are already missed.  Taff. xx
EMAIL: andytaff@hotmail.com

NAME: Bamba
MESSAGE: Stuart Reading was a true gentleman and most of all a great friend to have. He treated everyone with respect and dignity and made everyone laugh with his sense of humour. No more pain and suffering Stu may your soul rest in peace xx.
EMAIL: paulbroadfield@yahoo.com

NAME: David Kay
MESSAGE: I am so sorry to here about Stuart, I worked with him on two occasions and he left a lasting impression. My love to Nikki and their children.
EMAIL: kay65@blueyonder.co.uk

NAME: Bob Jackson
MESSAGE: This is a very sad day for anyone who new Stuart, he was a gentleman and a fantastic friend.  Nikki we had a great time out in Galviston on the Europa Jet, my thoughts and blessings go out to you and the children.  God bless you Stuart, you will be greatly missed by all.  Love Bob.
EMAIL: robertjackson6@yahoo.co.uk

NAME: Bob Jackson
MESSAGE: Very sad to hear about Craig's passing, rest in peace my friend. Bob.
EMAIL: robertjackson6@yahoo.co.uk

NAME: Daniel Lindsay
MESSAGE: Terribly sad news hearing about the passing of Stuart Reading, a charming person to know and work with, my thoughts are with his family at this time.
EMAIL: daniel.lindsay@aristocrat.co.uk

NAME: Alex Rydzewski
MESSAGE: Stuart Reading touched many lives, he will be sadly missed and remembered fondly.
EMAIL: alex.rydzewski@hardrockbiloxi.com

For Facebook users - perhaps most of you. There are also a number of messages there from friends and colleagues of Stuart Reading. Ian

NAME: Peter Windmill Smith
MESSAGE: Tragic news to hear the passing of Stuart Reading. A true champion to emerge from the Birmingham casino circuit to make his way to the very top of RCCL in Miami.  You will be sadly missed by many from the days of the Rainbow, AA and of course RCCL. My thoughs are with Nikki and the kids in Florida, this is such a sad and tragic loss for many people. Much love xxxxxxx forever  Windmill.
EMAIL: smivers66@hotmail.com

NAME: steve thompson
MESSAGE: just heard that stuart reading has passed away after a long fight with cancer. my condolences to Nikki and his kids.. he will be sorely missed.
EMAIL: stevethompson67@hotmail.com

Stuart Reading
Dear all
It is with great regret to inform you that our long time colleague and friend Stuart Reading, Director of Casino Operations passed away last night. Stuart had been battling cancer for the last year and left his job in March to spend his final days with his family.
The funeral arrangements have not yet been determined and once the dates and venue has been arranged, myself or Elsie LaFontisee will communicate this so those who wish can send sympathy cards or flowers etc to the family.

For those of you who were lucky enough to know and have worked with Stuart, I'm sure you will agree that the world will be a much sadder place without him.
Geoff Burleton

NAME: Neels Meyer
MESSAGE: Many laughs and fond memories of Dave, condolences to his family and kids, God bless and rest in peace "Supersonic".
EMAIL: lagairoi123@gmail.com

NAME: Nick Moger
MESSAGE: Desperate news about my old roommate Craig....RIP buddy. Never to be forgotten.
EMAIL: nick.moger@hardrockbiloxi.com

NAME: mel kiernan
PESENTLY IN: tunica mississippi usa
IS SEARCHING FOR: anybody from soames casino m/c 1975-1979
THE CLUES ARE...: steve griffin, mark, stan abbott, steve boil, all dice dealers.
EMAIL: melkiernan3@msn.com

5/5 job listing...
Croupiers with London Experience - Colony Club. Temporary Summer positions.

NAME: Ian (Jocky) Ramsay
MESSAGE: Like to hear from anyone who worked at Amatola Sun (Bisho) Especially Big Nige, Celia, Ronnie Mac, Gez, Loraine, Fiona, Basher, Ken, Frank 'n' Cheryl, Nick, Andy, Justin.... The Beers worn off its all coming back to me, where are you guys ? and what u' up to ?.
EMAIL: johnramsay1@btinternet.com

NAME: The Halfpennys
MESSAGE: we are so sorry to hear about the Passing of Craig Nielson we worked together for a long time, He was a fun person to be around. He will be missed...RIP Craig Kim and Simon.
EMAIL: hapneys@bellsouth.net

More sad news from the casino world unfortunately. Geoff Burleton passes on the message that friend and ex-colleague Craig Neilson committed suicide this last Monday.
Craig worked for a number of years on the ships and Geoff and myself were at his wedding in Las Vegas a couple of years ago. His funeral is next Thursday.
I'll try and get an email address for condolence messages.  Ian


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