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April Messages

NAME: Lofty
PESENTLY IN: Australia
THE CLUES ARE...: Worked at Morula Sun, South Africa in the early 90's.
EMAIL: sccdurban@gmail.com

To celebrate Easter and the upcoming marriage of Catherine and William. Job listings on Gamingfloor's Forum will be FREE until the end of April.
Casino/Gaming Jobs and Vacancies
Send details either using the form in the Employment section of Gamingfloor.com, In WORD or simply email the text and relevant info to...
Go for it !  Ian


Please note folks that future job listings will now be posted on the Forum. It's a long story but basically I have 2 months of work to catch up on. Sorry to regular visitors for the lack of recent postings. Ian

NAME: Haydn Hullah
MESSAGE: 7 years have past my friend, once met never forgotten, RIP-H
EMAIL: jacko16@hotmail.com

NAME: John Price
MESSAGE: I have been informed that the former President of Princess Hotel and Casino (Freeport, Bahamas) during the Lonrho days has died in the US.
Many of us owe him. My condolences to his family.
EMAIL: john_a_young@hotmail.com

NAME: John Robinson 
PESENTLY IN: Great yarmouth
IS SEARCHING FOR: Steve king, Gary king, Adam fardell
THE CLUES ARE...: Stanley-kings casino great Yarmouth 1989-2007.
EMAIL: canary-yellow@hotmail.com

NAME: Kerry Gordon
MESSAGE: Looking for Carolle Shongwe, his last place of work I think was Emerald Casino at the Vaal in Gauteng.
EMAIL: kerry@thepeoplegame.co.za

NAME: Julie
IS SEARCHING FOR: Orlando (known as Olly).
THE CLUES ARE...: Croupier at The Victoria Sporting Club on Edgeware Road during 1970/71, and lived locally.  Aged around mid twenties at the time. Frequented Sam Wellers Club after hours. Would very much like you to get in touch, no pressure.
EMAIL: juliehedges@hotmail.com

NAME: Jacqui Ridge
MESSAGE: Looking for Caroline Hart...Sally Pencheon and Carlos are looking for you...worked Nordic Empress/ Sovereign etc...Sovereign.
EMAIL: jacquiridge@gmail.com

NAME: Jason McLean
MESSAGE: To my good friend Jan Podgorski who sadly took his own life on Sunday March 27th 2011, I'll miss u mate, thanks for some good memories. I hope the next world treats u better than this.
EMAIL: Jay612_@hotmail.com

NAME: Jerry Bailey
MESSAGE: Hello to all who I have has the pleasure of meeting and working with worldwide I am in desperate need of a roulette training manual (UK or American) ASAP, and if possible a schedule for training. In all my moves I have lost my copies.
Thanking you in advance.
EMAIL: jbailey@colin2000.com

A couple of people have tipped me off over the last week or so that the message below announcing the death of Paul Richardson is bogus. It's not exactly an intelligent thing to do. Especially considering the tragic nature of some of the passings of our gaming friends and comrades that have been posted on this board over the years.
Someone needs to grow up.  Ian


March Messages

NAME: Chris Whiffen
MESSAGE: I can't believe that my old mate Paul Richardson has gone. He was such a good mate and we had a brilliant working and social life together in Kiev.  The last time I saw him was only a few months ago too.  Paul was one of the few casino managers who actually knew what running a casino meant and he knew his stuff.  Gutted.  I will miss him.
EMAIL: chrissiew66@hotmail.com

NAME: Craigie Watson
MESSAGE: Carol Tweedlie, one of Edinburgh's longest serving managers has died. She worked at the Casino Martell back in the late 80's and had a continuous employment through the acquisition by Stanley and onwards until recently. She was a couple of training schools ahead of me, and I ran into her again and again over my time in and around Edinburgh's clubs.  I know that I am shocked by her untimely death through cancer and my thoughts are with all who cared for her.
I shall miss her.
EMAIL: craigiewatson@hotmail.com


NAME: Phil Davies
MESSAGE: It is with much sadness that I must announce the passing of:
Paul Richardson (51) (another bout of malaria).
30 years of casinos “Pleasurama/Grosvenor” (Bristol, Leeds, Sheffield, Newcastle, Cardiff), Darwin in 1982/3, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Czech Republic, India. Some time with Stanley's. Missed by his true friends, honest and understated 
“We are not saving lives”….he used to say.
EMAIL: p.davies@myself.com

NAME: Darryl Bryant
THE CLUES ARE...: Worked for Casinos Austria in the 80's and 90's'
EMAIL: Frankie@y7mail.com

PESENTLY IN: france antibes
IS SEARCHING FOR: castel s casino blackpool 80 s'.
THE CLUES ARE...: castel casino blackpool 1980 to 1990.
EMAIL: mzungu@numericable.fr

With the disappointment of the canceled reunion still fresh in our minds and
the knowledge that some had made plans (at least one person had booked a flight)
we have to do something; right! A gathering?, a booze up?, a light libation
before/after work? Call it what you will... this is it!... Please spread the word!!!
Same date: Tue, March 15th.
New venue: Falcon Pub – 2867 S. University Dr. Davie 33328
6pm ‘till whenever...

NAME: Gina Kemal
MESSAGE: Park Tower Reunion Fri 8th April 7pm onwards in the Wilton.
Look forward to seeing you there.
EMAIL: ginakemal@yahoo.co.uk

NAME: Mary
MESSAGE: Anyone keen to deal blackjack at a party in Durban on the 2nd April? One night only, fun casino, no cash involved!
EMAIL: croupiersafrica@gmail.com


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