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July & August 2010
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August Messages

NAME: Donna Paterson-Harvie
PESENTLY IN: Edinburgh
THE CLUES ARE...: Work together in Istanbul.
EMAIL: dee1phv@yahoo.co.uk

25/8 job listing...
Director of Casino - Conrad Cairo.
Customer Relations Host - ALEA Leeds. LCI

NAME: Cara Bertoia
MESSAGE: Dear Fellow Casino People,
My name is Carol Bertoia (pen name Cara). Since you are an adventurous and international group I thought you might enjoy my story about casinos and cruise ships. I have written a novel about my years working as a croupier for Princess Cruises. It was there that I met my future husband Ray. My book is our story, with some embellishments.

If you follow this link www.textnovel.com/story/Cruise Quarters/4685 you can read an excerpt from my story Cruise Quarters, and if you have the time please write a comment. I love the feedback.
Thank you, Carol Bertoia.
EMAIL: ray92262@yahoo.com

23/8 job listing...
Customer Service Croupiers & Cashiers - Aspers Group. Newcastle (PDF)
Gaming Supervisor - Gala Leicester.

Who had this email address ?
It doesn't work anymore and I know his name is Richard and he sent me a photo from Haiti a few years ago. I want permission to post it on Flickr.
Problem sorted. Image of John Scarne ! Ian

19/8 job listing...
Director of Operations, IT Manager & Marketing Manager - Casino Op. in Med. Codego (Agency).

NAME: Stuart Warren
PESENTLY IN: Liverpool
THE CLUES ARE...: Worked with Ian in South Africa till he left in 92. Last heard he was working in the Berkeley casino in Glasgow.
EMAIL: colapubes@hotmail.com

18/8 job listing...
Experienced Dealers & Exp. Cashier - Mint Casino. Glasgow

NAME: Jeff Wilson
PRESENTLY IN: Yorkton, Saskatchewan (Canada)
MESSAGE: Just dropping to say "Hello".
EMAIL: jaw2bjamn@hotmail.com

NAME: Jack Horner
THE CLUES ARE...: Both worked for Mecca (London Clubs) in 1974/75. She went home to New Zealand.
EMAIL: ez4u2bok2@hotmail.com

16/8 job listing...
Senior Security Officer - Alea Leeds. LCI.

NAME: Kerry
MESSAGE We have 3 American Roulette wheels (authentic wheels), which we no longer use which are for sale, if you are interested, please email us.
EMAIL: kerry177@yahoo.com

12/8 job listings... Part II
Slots Host - The Casino at the Empire. London. LCI.
Cardroom Manager - Rendezvous at the Marina. Brighton LCI.
Trainee & Experienced Casino Staff - Northampton. Gala Casinos.
Director of Slot Operations - Italy CasinoRecruiter.com. Agency.

12/8 job listings... Part I
Experienced Dealers & Poker Dealers - Casino di Venezia. Malta. PDF
Dealer to Pitboss positions - Northern Cyprus. Jasmine Court.
General Manager - St. Maarten. Princess Casinos.
Gaming Inspectors - Glasgow Princes Casino. Gala. PDF

NAME: Munteanu Cristian
MESSAGE: Former casino staff on casino ships in Eilat Israel invite you to visit us on FaceBook in the group "Israel Eilat Casino Ships" Over 250 members , over 300 pictures more to come.
EMAIL: admin@lnr.ro

NAME: Dolly
MESSAGE: very sad news to hear Kevin has passed on, Keven was a very good friend we worked together in Swaziland for many years RIP KEV my thoughts are with the children.
EMAIL: faithpierce2000@yahoo.co.uk

Thank you to all those who send me me messages of condolance over the last couple of weeks they were very much appriciated. Mum died of Breast Cancer aged 81. She discovered a lump in November 2007 and treatment started shortly after.

To all you ladies out there, for you and your families - remember to get your regular scans !


NAME: Neil Glander
Bunny Barbara’s Playboy Bash at The Grapes IS ON! Sun. Sep. 12th. 4pm...>
Full details at CasinoReunions.com 
EMAIL: barbara.haigh@btopenworld.com

NAME: Lorna Mornington-Abrathat
PESENTLY IN: Cape Canaveral
IS SEARCHING FOR: Karen Bubb (now married) Lewis or Phillips
THE CLUES ARE...: Karen was my flat mate at Sun City, and a true friend, we were at Thaba'Nchu Sun in 1985.
EMAIL: Lorna_gb@yahoo.co.uk

IS SEARCHING FOR: Del (Derek) Wollen or Woolen
THE CLUES ARE...: Friend of David HARRIS (deceased).
EMAIL: AEROminicabs@hotmail.com

NAME: stewart carlyle
MESSAGE: all the best to chris carvell
EMAIL: stewart.carlyle@yahoo.co.uk


July Messages

As you can see from the messages below it's a sad time for many people including myself. Updates to this section and to Gamingfloor as a whole will be on hold for a number of days.  Ian

In Memory of Lily Sutton.
Mum sadly passed away on the 26th July at St. Lukes Hospice in Sheffield.
In memory of Lily Sutton

26/7 job listings...
Experienced Gaming Manager - Maxim's Reading
Experienced Dealers - Grosvenor, Bristol.

NAME: Neil Glander - Don Kennaugh
IS SEARCHING FOR: Dave & Sandra Fargher
THE CLUES ARE...: Playboy UK - Bahamas Slots - Craps
EMAIL: npg126@live.com

NAME: Rodney Stewart (ex SunInternational)
MESSAGE: It is with great sadness that I have heard about the passing of Rodney Stewart, a great man, not only did I have the joy of working with him at the Wild Coast Sun and Morula Sun casino, he was my best man and my house mate and true friend, my condolences to his family, god be with them at this time of great loss. Mike Howard.
EMAIL: mike.howard@za.suninternational.com

NAME: Ken Morriss
MESSAGE: Inquiries and personal messages for Chris Carvell who is presently undergoing treatment for Cancer.
Chris Carvell
1550 NE 191 St.,  Apt. 308
Miami, Fl. 33179
EMAIL: kenmorriss@live.com
Ken sent me quite a long message which I've edited down. Please contact Ken for further info. Ian

NAME: Janet Troullos
MESSAGE: After many many years in the casino business I am soon to go as a self employed whole of market mortgage broker. If you are looking for a mortgage/life assurance/income protection buildings & contents etc. please don't hesitate to contact me and mention that you are in the industry for a good deal.
Tel/Fax: 01903 52798
Mobile: 07530364550
EMAIL: janet@assuredmortgages.org.uk

NAME: paula rivera
MESSAGE: looking for jose rivera, please get in touch, paula. (Found)
EMAIL: paula.rivera@sky.com

21/7 job listings...
Casino General Manager - Gala Casinos. Leicester.
Service Manager - G Casino. Newcastle.
General Manager - Grosvenor "E" Casino. Scarborough.

16/7 job listings...
Gaming Manager(s) - Palace Casino. Gt. Yarmouth.
Pit Bosses & Senior Pitbosses - Storm Int. Monterrey, Mexico.
Experienced Gaming Staff - G. Casino, Bolton. Written replies.

13/7 job listings...
Director Marketing - Storm International. Moscow based.
Experienced Casino Staff - Gala Wolverhampton.
Property Accountant/Financial Controller, Cash Desk Manager, I.T. Manager - Treasure Bay. St. Lucia
Dealers & Inspectors - Palace Casino. Gt. Yarmouth. Direct link.

NAME: Paul MacDonald
THE CLUES ARE...: Ekaterinburg, St Petersburg.
EMAIL: macexpat2@hotmail.com

NAME: Dennis Connaghan
MESSAGE: It was with great sadness that I have learned of Kevins passing. Great memories of Kev in Swaziland "Smokies" Rest in Peace Kev.
EMAIL: connaghans@gmail.com


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