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NAME: Peter Harrison (Plug)
MESSAGE: Shane Hogg, NZ. Please send me your Email address, last one did not work.

NAME: Christine Kirby
MESSAGE: Hi, If anyone remembers me from The VIC, Connoisseur, ships, Istanbul or
Poland....drop me a line.......

NAME: Audrey Parker
CLUES: SS Oceanic, Poland,Turkey and Manchester, Lost your address and tel number

NAME: bamba
MESSAGE: looking for windmill and anyone else who worked with me. and by the way **** on the villa 

NAME: Marina Oster & Soren Dano
PRESENTLY IN: Denmark/Sweden
IS LOOKING FOR: Nigel & Yasmin + Gary Hopps + Wyn & Mano + Calvin Healey and the rest of the happy bunch we worked with.
CLUES: Last seen Carousel Casino, South Africa, 1997.

NAME: Simon Christian
MESSAGE: Does anyone have any information about work in Far East Asia, Cambodia, Laos area, would be much appreciated

NAME: Holiday misery of 10,000 Britons - Travel warning: Foreign Office advice is criticised as rates of murder, kidnapping and robbery of travellers soar
MESSAGE: The above article was in the Independent 25th August - Ian

NAME: Cristian Munteanu
MESSAGE: For all the dealers work before in eilat israel: new web site with pictures of all the ships at :

Comments: Cristian has put together a small site with some interesting information that may be unique on the web. Background on owners, working conditions and history of the ships. Worth checking out. (he can't spell very well though!). Ian

NAME: Susan Sourdeau-Shaw
MESSAGE: Would welcome news from anyone that I worked with in the past. Tehran, Gabon, Togo & Dinant not forgetting Leeds & Bradford.

NAME: Premiership Football
MESSAGE: Thought I would just post this article from the Times. There are now more Foreign players in the British premiership than Brits. 117 to 103 on the first day of the season.
British army finally outnumbered by the foreign legion

My tip for the season by the way is  - Newcastle and Alan Shearer as Premiership top scorer, but alot will depend on the weather (hopefully snow and mud)
- Ian

NAME: Stuart Smith
IS LOOKING FOR: celeste de miranda
CLUES: Last seen working for cunard 

NAME: Mike Stephen
IS LOOKING FOR: Hamish and Hazel Bertram (and Wee Hamish)
CLUES: First Dundee, then Sun City for ages. After that ..........

NAME: Donna Maria Gregory
IS LOOKING FOR: Jon Collinge
CLUES: Worked together in Manchester and then Sun City 1993-94, then I left for Nam.
Last I heard he was in Greece or Turkey.

NAME: Carl Farrell
MESSAGE: Going to Sun City Feb 16th for two weeks (jolly boys). Clice Beadle and a few undesirables going as well... Rob Kennedy (a message for you)
Message above edited - Ian

NAME: Website Praise and Criticism
MESSAGE: Two or three messages came in this week. All with good things to say.
"Tx for a very useful and interesting site!" FF

"Just want to say you have the best gaming website on the internet and i check it usually on a daily basis. thanks." MT

"ian. too pissed to say thanks for a great page, im a manager in venezuela, read yours every
day, the best! I've read yours for about 2 years. dont stop" FJZ

Thanks alot chaps very much appreciated. Please keep your comments coming in good or bad! Ideas on content are always welcome. The main thing however is making sure any additions can be maintained and updated. "Content is king".

NAME: Yarmouth
MESSAGE: Two casinos already. Interesting story about a new development recently approved by the council: Jackpot for Vegas-style casino bosses
A neat quote from the Chairman of Great Yarmouth Borough Council's development committee. "Everyone is trying to get casino licences as a result of the Budd report, but it is not law yet."

NAME: ISA Casinos
MESSAGE: Reinhold Schmitt sent me the following message. If you want news about Germany, Switzerland & France his website is one of the best. Good for those who wish to practice their German - he's also a good poker player.  Ian

At the end of the month there is a "VIP package" to be won to the Poker EM 2002 in Baden, Austria - 3rd to 5th October.

I have a new Poker and a new Blackjack game on my site. You can play it online for free,
there's nothing you have to download.
Poker Link:
Blackjack Link:

NAME: Gary Wilson
CLUES: Last seen Las Vegas casino Budapest.

NAME: Tracy Jones
PRESENTLY IN: South Africa
IS LOOKING FOR: Peter Anderton
CLUES: worked in the Carousel, then left to go and work in Dublin, I think. Used to have a cat called C.C.

IS LOOKING FOR: Helen O'Neil (Nee Crook)
CLUES: worked in Carousel, Manchester, Sychelles,then back to Manchester. 

HELLO FROM!: stupor & mags
PRESENTLY IN: Presently in colossus dublin, just a quick hello to the loony's we worked with at the carousel south africa.PS. its now mr & mrs porritt(3 years)

HELLO FROM!: Brad Broderick
PRESENTLY IN: Big hello to anyone that remembers me from ships &
UK..(G.A.-Westerdam/Costa/Ocean Pearl/Etc/Tiberius in Manchester) Drop me a line!

NAME: Kenny Gillon
PRESENTLY IN: Switzerland
IS LOOKING FOR: Donna Gallacher, Derek Ferguson.
CLUES: Last seen these 2 rockets in Glasgow 1997, both worked in princess sauchihall st. any info please let me know!

NAME: Footy Season
MESSAGE: The Premiership starts on the 18th. Here are a few odds from
Remember, just like on craps you can also bet a side not to win (lay) if you wish.

Manchester United - West Brom:
Opening game in the Premiership for Albion and they are a tasty 15 to 1.

Premiership to win. Odds are all decimal.
Man Utd: 2.55  Arsenal: 2.95  Liverpool: 6  Chelsea: 30  Leeds: 26  Newcastle: 36  Villa: 265  Birmingham: 1000

Top Goalscorer
Nistlerooy: 5.6  Henry: 7.2  Shearer: 15.5 (Could be good value if the pitches are too muddy for the continentals!)

First manager to be sacked or resign:
Mr K Keegan: 20  Mr T Venables: 60

To be relegated:
Birmingham: 2.2  Man Utd: 100  Leeds: 120

NAME: E-mail spamming
MESSAGE: On the 14th August some of you (myself included) who have posted messages on the board may have got spammed by a gentleman selling or representing an Internet gaming company. I contacted him about this and an apology has been given.

For your information this board as well as the employment listings are designed not to be indexed by search engine robots.
The code to keep them out is <meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow">

HELLO FROM!: Shagger McAllister
PRESENTLY IN: Presently in Canada.  Looking for old friends from South Africa, Carousel.  Also known as grandad if you worked on the ships.  Too old for this s***...put me back in the pit.

This message is a little off topic but I made an exception. Everyone has a right to try and find a better job! 
HELLO FROM!: Cornelia Murariu
PRESENTLY IN: Bucharest-Romania. I'm looking for anyone out there (specially romanian) who could help me with some data (agency name or site) in order to get to travel on a ship, Casino Department. Thank you!

NAME: California Indian Casinos
MESSAGE: For those of you interested what is happening in California after the signing of Proposition 1a in 2000. This quote from the San Diego Union-Tribune on the 10th August says it all in one sentence!.
"Statewide, 48 tribes operate 49 casinos, with slot-machine revenues alone believed to be approaching $5 billion a year, a figure that places California second only to Nevada."

HELLO FROM!: David Smith
PRESENTLY IN: Plymouth. Would like to hear from anyone who knows me.Cabala Casino Amsterdam 1983. Pleasurama 1979-1990, Newcastle, Brighton and Hove.

NAME: Casino job listings
MESSAGE: There is a nice position now in the Agency vacancies section that came in on the 12th of August.

POSITION: Assistant Casino Manager
LOCATION: Switzerland - One of the country's most luxurious resorts, 1 hour from Zurich.

For those with the relevant experience and knowledge of German this could be a very good number.

NAME: Andre Van Der Merwe
PRESENTLY IN: Budapest, Hungary
IS LOOKING FOR: Steve and Gabi White from Durban, South Africa
CLUES: Zenith, New York and Bermuda - 1996

NAME: Emma Dawson
MESSAGE: Still trying to contact Nigel  'Honey Monster'. Sorry mistake in E-mail address last time.

NAME: 10th August - UK Gambling Reforms
MESSAGE: The Guardian has three must read articles at:
Labour's big gamble on casino debts
Tycoon who knows what 'real people' want
£53,000 gambling debts led to suicide

Here are selected quotes from each story:
"They then moved gambling from the Home Office to the Department of Culture, Media and Sport. When they did that they never told the gaming board and they had to read about it in that morning's newspaper."

"Already the owner of Blackpool Tower, the Winter Gardens, all three piers and a large chunk of the Golden Mile, he wants to build a £130m casino there. Pharaoh's Palace will boast a 1,000-bed hotel, 3,000 slot machines and an enormous gaming floor."

"He amassed debts of more than £53,000 on the 19 credit cards he had been issued, with credit limits of up to £6,000.  In January this year Mr Opalka hanged himself. He was found by his son Jonathan to whom he had recently confided his addiction to internet gambling." 


NAME: Renee Blackwell
MESSAGE: Looking for Eric Davidson who worked in Grosvenor casino Reading last heard was in Leeds.

NAME: Vanessa & Geoff (Joburg)
MESSAGE: Looking for any friends that worked with us in Sundome Casino Joburg.
Charrise, Colin, Richard, Dalene, Brendan.

NAME: Mike Moffitt
IS LOOKING FOR: Debbie Brooke nee dougal
CLUES: debs lost your email address get in touch when you see this please.

NAME: Mike Moffitt
IS LOOKING FOR: Dorothy Colmer
CLUES: Hazy afternoon drinking sessions in Newbury and a rover 827se.

NAME: Michele Thornton
MESSAGE: I had an email from you a couple of days ago but my answer was returned undelivered. Not exactly sure what the offer was. So let me know.

Threaded board question. That is where messages follow on from each other on a particular topic. This one is usually "cut and paste" that's why it is such a jumble.

Perhaps I need a more professional system.  Question is will it just get spammed by dealers having a whinge after they have been down the pub!. Then again maybe it's a good reason to have one. Ian

NAME: Gavin South
PRESENTLY IN: South Africa
CLUES: Last heard of in Daytona Beach, possibly in Sweden/Scandinavia. Long time ago in UK at Stakis Hull and Naps in Sheffield. Sharyn, tried to e-mail you but message came back

HELLO FROM!: Roger Scott
PRESENTLY IN: Served my sentence in the north of england. I now live in kent and work in london for a small lighting company

NAME: David Johnstone
PRESENTLY IN: South Africa
CLUES: Last seen in England

NAME: David Johnstone
PRESENTLY IN: South Africa
IS LOOKING FOR: Geoff Burleton
CLUES: Last seen in Bournemouth Engalnd

NAME: Bahamas Collectable
MESSAGE: Here is a interesting link to an edition of the Canadian National Post from February 25th 1967 presently for sale on ebay. 2 days left to go.
Gambling in the Bahamas - The Mafia at work

NAME: Dublin
MESSAGE: I have had two or three e-mails this week about working conditions at a club in the city. The senders never have the decency (or bottle) to give a correct email address, or any address at all. You can trust me. Honest!

Give me your email address and I will check it out and get back to you. Ian

I must comment on this quote from one of the e-mails.
"and you will do a long time on the tables, especially if you are winning".

I had to wipe a tear from my eye after reading that one. Have you guys ever worked in the UK provinces at weekends (or has it changed now). There are not too many small unofficial type casinos where if you are winning you get extra breaks, but some extra wedge on such occasions is always appreciated.

NAME: Karen Bell
PRESENTLY IN: South Africa
Two listings
IS LOOKING FOR: Micheal Reeves
CLUES: last seen Sun City(1990), then Amsterdam.

IS LOOKING FOR: Jim and Brigitte Armstrong
CLUES: Ex Sun City/ Kings casino 1994. Went back to U.K and opened a country club. Two kids. 

NAME: Tracy Jones
PRESENTLY IN: South Africa
IS LOOKING FOR: Jane Mc Clough (Nee Hoorocks)
CLUES: Jane worked at the Grand casino in Southport from 1988 to 1991. Went to the Bahamas in 1991. Lost your address Jane. Jane has two children, last contact with you when I was in Namibia 1997. Please contact me, Tracy.

NAME: Eilat
MESSAGE: After my request last week for opinions from management and owners of ships concerning work permits?, tips and salaries in Eilat, I have received a letter from the General Manager of the new Casinos Austria ship that is scheduled to be located there.

5th August.
Update: Confirmation received that I can publish.

The link below is a letter from Brett Anderson, General Manager of the Casinos Austria managed ship Lucky 7 (to be renamed Casino Cancun). It appears to be a very substantial operation indeed. He covers the delays, proposed salaries and working conditions. The ship being scheduled to go into service in early September.
website link:
From Brett Anderson, General Manager, Casino Cancun. Eilat
In Word format.

NAME: Hugh (Shug) McGreechin
MESSAGE: Now living in Manchester, been around the biz for 18 years. Would like to hear from some old friends, particularily from my days in South Africa.
The confirmation email was returned undelivered to the email address given. Maybe it's .com Ian

NAME: Adrian Griffiths
CLUES: Trained at Jupiters last seen at Star City 5-6 years ago
E-MAIL: agriffiths2@vtown
Hello Andy - The email address is incomplete what is it

NAME: Tracy Jones
PRESENTLY IN: South Africa
IS LOOKING FOR: lindie mc kewan
CLUES: Carousel,  South Africa 1995 u block

IS LOOKING FOR: paul mc kenna
CLUES: 1991 Southport Grand Casino


NAME: Paul Lingeri
PRESENTLY IN: South Africa
CLUES: Last seen farming in the north, now somewhere in Tanzania

NAME: Bernice Cheney
PRESENTLY IN: South Africa
CLUES: Last seen in Durban, although Glen is from Southampton. 


HELLO FROM!: Robert Kloos
PRESENTLY IN: Arkansas now, originaly from Las Vegas, I need the dip switch settings for a sigma reel slot model sg-1

NAME: Clayton Nary
PRESENTLY IN: Mississippi
IS LOOKING FOR: debra gajewski
CLUES: Sovereign of the Seas

NAME: Shirley Deane
IS LOOKING FOR: Jon Senior (Angus)
CLUES: Last seen at Star Pisces (Hong Kong), Napoleons (London)

NAME: Eilat
MESSAGE: Here is the latest email from my contact. If this is really the deal there are much better places on the planet. Before closing the subject I welcome an opposite opinion from Management or a ship owner.

just to let you know that the $1200 promised turned out to be $1100 and the 
estimated tips of $200+ a month are actually less than $100.nevermind at 
least the "contracts" are only 3 months. you might wonder why the staff just 
dont leave, the boat keeps your first 2 weeks money back so unless you want 
to forfiet that you are obliged to work out your can earn more 
money if you put in extra hours which we are forced to do anyway!the $1100 
is based on a 234hr month.overtime is not paid extra just you normal hourly for example an average 2 weeks you work 140hrs and will earn $ 
as you can see the money is not even worth all the effort.thank you again!

NAME: Employment section
MESSAGE: Anyone want to give this chap a job!. I turned down listing this one.
Question is - will Birmingham City be going straight back down again!.

NAME: ***** ***** *****
AGE: 36
CASINO EXPERIENCE: hi sports fans,firstly(thirstly)im the best fuckin dice dealer in the
nortern hemispere,(honest)and im a birmingham city football fan,so im not a shandy drinkin
villa bastard,i,ve worked in casinos(wankholes)for 17yrs,if any of you shitheads out their
wanna employ the real deal,gimme a call(no muppets please)worked africa,the bahamas and on several of those floating buckets,fuckin lov it!
POSITION REQUIRED: president/boxman/not england
E-MAIL: **********

Update: August 23rd.
I have had more correspondence from him. He's OK, knew what a £20 HORN hi YO paid even after a full press. He worked for some of my old bosses - maybe that explains everything!.

NAME: Kerry Gordon
MESSAGE: Looking for Theresa Smith, last working at Graceland Casino and possibly now in Durban.  If anyone knows her whereabouts, would appreciate contact details

NAME: Allan Brown
IS LOOKING FOR: Timothy Kenny
CLUES: Norwegian Wind 2001 went back to Melbourne I believe to be a stand up comedian hard to beleve as he is not funny

NAME: Dale Matthews
MESSAGE: Anyone worked for Sterling in Canaveral or Surfside Princess in Freeport, TX when they used the old New Yorker for a ship? How was her ride? Please email. Thanks

NAME: Macau
MESSAGE: Chips are down for enclave's outmoded labour laws
"Even though tipping will continue to generate a major chunk of casino workers' income, executives maintain the new salary regime will render them less greedy. Most croupiers worry they will end up earning less than before"

Croupiers in Macau are represented by the Macau Gaming Industry Workers' Union that apparently has some 5,000 members.

NAME: Stephen Hirst
PRESENTLY IN: Direct-Staff 
IS LOOKING FOR: Peter Djordivic
CLUES: Connoisseur Club, Kensington

NAME: Caribbean shippies
MESSAGE: A bundle of stories out today (July 24th) concerning the P & O Princess, RCCL, Carnival takeover plans. The one at the top could be the most important.
US FTC likely to block Carnival, Royal Caribbean bids for P&O Princess
Royal Caribbean says EU made procedural shortcuts in Carnival/P&O ruling
EC clears Carnival takeover of P&O Princess Cruises
P&O Princess's profits rise

NAME: Eilat
MESSAGE: I have received some interesting e-mails recently regarding the current working conditions, contracts, tips and salaries etc.

There are a number of ships in the market that open for business in International waters. They must be regarded as being somewhat unofficial. Check contracts before you go (as with any job) and if recruited through an agency make sure you keep in touch with them. Work permits according to the correspondent appear not to exist.

Unofficial casinos exist in many countries. Holland was a popular destination in the 70's & 80's - the money back then was considerably better.  Ian

NAME: Ola Steinsrud
PRESENTLY IN: Mogop European
IS LOOKING FOR: European Gaming Regulatory
CLUES: Regulation on gaming in Europe

NAME: Edward Daley
PRESENTLY IN: manchester
IS LOOKING FOR: sun city scullers
CLUES: sun city 1982

NAME: Suzanne Collins
MESSAGE: Looking for mad Liverpudlian: Annette Ridgeway/Davies. Anyone any ideas?

NAME: Gregory K Stevens
MESSAGE: Looking for moniter for older IGT Video Machine Model #701, also need need nickel hopper will trade quarter hopper Also have extra poker machine for parts almost complete.

NAME: Croupier - a quick image search on Google
MESSAGE: Google is always a good source and this is the link for Croupier.
Clive Owen in the film Croupier is by far the most common but I found this chap interesting.

And here's one from a "fun" casino night in California - a laugh a minute these boys.

The Japanese back in 1960 were not only copying designs of British Motorbikes but were also conspiring to get rid of the dealer altogether. Professor Hal Layer from the San Francisco State University has an example of this fiendish little device "The Talking Croupier Roulette Game"
His website by the way is also regarded as one of the top web resources for gambling and bookmaking history.

If you find any pictures of dodgy casino scenes please send on the link!.

NAME: Acoustic problems delay floating casino
MESSAGE: Here is a story for all people intersted in Eilat. 
Acoustic problems! There are usualy lots of excuses given when casinos fail to open on time but this one has to be a world's first.! - Ian

NAME: Natalie Hesse
MESSAGE: Am looking for someone to repair a slot machine I own in my home in Northern Michigan (Mio area) Model is Bally FO-650-12 electronic slot.  Thanks!

HELLO FROM!: Voirel Mitrea
PRESENTLY IN: Hello to all of you who had the chance to work abroad. If somebody could help me getting a nice job abroad please contact me. I will apreciate, Thank you

NAME: Alf Lowings
MESSAGE: Looking for Frank van der Kerkhove! None of the email addresses I have for him work. Drop me a line if you know him or know of his whereabouts! Ta!

NAME: Johann Goosen
IS LOOKING FOR: Ivan Lubinski
CLUES: Fish River Sun, Sun City, South Africa.

NAME: Bill Walker (Photograher)
IS LOOKING FOR: TSS Festival Staff 1995
CLUES: If any ex staff think they know Nina LeLievre(Kiwi), Billy, Becky, Daren, Lisa.(Sorry last names lost in time!

NAME: Sally Uppal
IS LOOKING FOR: Carl Neilson 
CLUES: Israel

HELLO FROM!: Michael Ward
PRESENTLY IN: Baltic-working for casinos austria on radisson diamond. anyone from carnival, cunard(qe2), celebrity, rccl or anywhere on land remember skippy or the big aussie let me know where and how you all are!!!! up ya chuff!!!

NAME: Frank Stroembo
IS LOOKING FOR: Craig Ballantyne & Bernard Storace
CLUES: Craig was last seen wearing a kilt & Bernard was cooking italian. 

NAME: Rory Botten
PRESENTLY IN: South Africa
IS LOOKING FOR: Carl Farrell
CLUES: Russia/Lithuania

HELLO FROM!: Richard Wade
PRESENTLY IN: Bristol.Would like to hear from any old mates from the "AA"/"GA" days 1990-94. Scan Dawn, Noordam, Westerdam, Regent Star, Southport Raw Bar-sound familiar?

NAME: Carole Ann Rice
IS LOOKING FOR: Tanya Healey
CLUES: Last saw Tanya 1991, we travelled europe together then she went back to South
Africa, love to find her, help if you can

NAME: Stephen Russell (Rocky)
IS LOOKING FOR: Brain Johnson
CLUES: Playboy London eaily 80's. Playboy Bahamas 1982. Victoria Sporting Club sometimes. The Lake District. may be in Poland.

NAME: Johann de Lange
IS LOOKING FOR: Gavin Roberts & Ken Grant
CLUES: Tlhabane Sun City Rustenburg. Gavin - Last seen jacket fluttering in SC
Ken - Last seen back end of caravan on the way to GatsonderWater

NAME: Gaming History in Great Britain
MESSAGE: For all you  history buffs. Brian Hever has sent me along the URL for the book: The Gaming Table:  Its Votaries and Victims by Andrew Steinmetz.
Written in 1870 it is available in text format. 

Steinmetz, Andrew. The Gaming Table: Its Votaries and Victims, In All Times and Countries, especially in England and in France. Volume 1.
Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia Library
Steinmetz, Andrew. The Gaming Table : Its Votaries and Victims : Vol. 2 (Illustrated)
Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia Library

"Slave! I have set my life upon a cast,
And I will stand the hazard of the die!" - King Richard

PRESENTLY IN: Scotland. lovely to hear from those who remember me from A.A , R.C.C.I , Loutraki or elswhere.

HELLO FROM!: John Phillips
PRESENTLY IN: Christchurch, New Zealand
Looking for old friends from Glasgow and cruise ships.

NAME: Nigel French
IS LOOKING FOR: linda racs?
CLUES: big spot on forehead, gobby, ncl, A.A

NAME: Eilat Ships
MESSAGE: To the person who sent me the message about working conditions and visas. I cannot post the message as you did not give your e-mail address. Interesting however. Ian

6/7. Thanks for the further update and I understand you not giving your address however it would not be posted on this board if you did not request it. The name of the Agency will be useful as I can then talk to them about this. Ian

NAME: Peter O'Neill
PRESENTLY IN: South Africa
IS LOOKING FOR: Si Moller, Keiffa Norton, Dave Archer
CLUES: The Derby in Scouseland and the castle in Blackpool
I send a confirmation e-mail to this address but it came back undelivered - Ian

HELLO FROM!: jazzy geoff(Geoff Binns)
PRESENTLY IN: Hi to all who have been fortunate to work with me either on land or sea!. I am back home in Eginburgh at the mo awaiting a new life soon Mmmmmmmm"""
All calls answered.................

NAME: Website Casualties
MESSAGE: Websites for croupiers now seem to be dropping like flies. Here is a short list after a quick tour on the 30th of June after the World Cup final.
Domain name lapsed and snapped up by a Hong Kong search company.
The domain name is now for sale.
Now disappeared.
Never ever updated.
Big entry at the ICE 2002 show. Still there but never changes.
Still up and running with just the auto-news headlines changing.

If you find a good link for casino staff please send it on - Ian

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