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February MessagesYou lookin at me ?

NAME: Bob, Tony and Dan
THE CLUES ARE...: Worked at Napoleons casino in the 80's moved to Thessalonika in Greece never to be heard from again. Great guy if you know him or of his where abouts he has several of his old London mates searchng for him.
EMAIL: neardarkp@netscape.net

NAME: Therese Laverty
PESENTLY IN: Australia
IS SEARCHING FOR: Janice and Sue Spraggon
THE CLUES ARE...: Mmabatho Sun 1988.
EMAIL: thereselav@optusnet.com.au

NAME: Francesca
IS SEARCHING FOR: Mr. Peter Green - Varinco
THE CLUES ARE...: We met at the ICE show on 25/01/11. The e-mail address you gave me is not working. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thanks and regards.
EMAIL: f.sampo@abbiati.com

NAME: Vikki Mortenson
PESENTLY IN: Park Tower London
THE CLUES ARE...: International Sporting Club, Park Lane London c 1985. Also went to Arts Educational School we are having a school reunion so would love to get in touch.
EMAIL: vikkimd@btinternet.com

NAME: Dejan Kavchak, Mazagan Beach Resort
MESSAGE: Florin Ilinca - Humanitarian support !
"As some of you might know,Florin and Lac...ramioara Ilinca are a couple that works in Atlantic Casino from Agadir. Their 6 years old son, was traced last year with a cancer glaucoma that needed to be cured with cytostatics and periodical chemotherapy. Although at the begining it was improving the situation, unfortunately the glaucoma did not disappear for good and needs further treatment. In addition; the doctors in charge have decided that only a stem cells implant would totaly recover this ilness and needs to be done as soon as possible. Just for your information,these stem cells implants cost a fortune and it just appeared on the market (only their transportation in liquid containers are incredible expensive). Therefore, We kindly ask each one of you for a small financial support, any donations will make a change and will be a great help for our friends and colleagues from Agadir. Nevertheless, it is a situation of saving a human life.......!!!!!!
Thank you very much !
Contact Florin : florinilinca@yahoo.com
Tel: 00212618530369

NAME: verity bebb
PESENTLY IN: brighton
IS SEARCHING FOR: john and roselle from newcastle.
THE CLUES ARE...: st vincent, caribbean, emerald valley casino
EMAIL: vezinafrica@yahoo.co.uk

CANCELLED - NAME: CasinoReunions.com
MESSAGE: Proudly Presents the 1st Annual Reunion in Florida. Tue. Mar. 15th.
Full details at CasinoReunions.com
EMAIL: npg126@live.com

NAME: kenny burgess
MESSAGE: any slot techs out there had dealings with Belgian Gaming Technology. Would like any feedback.
EMAIL: kennyb74@hotmail.com


January MessagesYou lookin at me ?

NAME: Gary Thompson (sqauddie)
MESSAGE: Has anyone worked in the casino in Las Americas Tenerife.......?
EMAIL: gpthompson@hotmail.com

NAME: Stuart Browne
MESSAGE: Hi All... I need a copy of Table Games Dealing Procedures (Bj + Ar). My pc was hit by lightning and is now a pretty little charred black box in the corner.  Can anyone help with a soft copy? Would appreciate it.'
EMAIL: brownesa@gmail.com

Looking forward to seeing many of you this week at ICE and the Prince of Tec reunion.
Time to catch up and reflect on the past 12 months...How was it for you ?  Ian

23/1 job listings...
Experienced Croupiers - Big Slick Casino, Waterford.
Variety of Supervisory & Management Positions - Time Out. Czech Republic. Direct PDF Link
Experienced Croupiers - Napoeons Casino Hull
Casino Manager - Palm Springs Resort, Liberia.

NAME: rosemary nash
MESSAGE: I'm thinking of going on a cruise [yep, I can't believe it either] with my husband and our 7 year old twins. I'm looking at the Indepenence of the seas or the Grand Princess around the med in August. Is anyone working on these ships who can offer me advice.
EMAIL: rosenash1@btinternet.com

17/1 job listings...
CCTV Operator - Gala Teeside
Gala Dealer - Grade 2 - Liverpool
Gaming Inspector - Liverpool
Casino Manager (Food & Beveage) - Leicester & Birmingham

14/1 job listings...
Experienced Dealers Required - Manchester 235

Yes there are jobs out there !
11/1 job listings...
Experienced croupiers - Napoleons Bradford.
Bunny Dealers - London Playboy
Experienced Slot Tech - Manchester 235
Selection of Supervisory positions - Princess Casinos (not cruises !)
Operations Manager, Gaming Machines - Melco Crown. Macau.

NAME: Eddie Baldwin
PESENTLY IN: Perth Western Australia
IS SEARCHING FOR: Anybody I worked with
Casino Club Blackpool
Royal Chimes Edinborough
Royal Bath Casino Bournemouth
Silouette Club Southampton 
Crockfords London
Palm Beach Club London. 
etc.etc.etc.etc.etc '
EMAIL: eddiebaldwin@bigpond.com

NAME: Neil Glander
MESSAGE: www.casinoreunions.com
Next Reunion in London will coincide with ICE 
Tue. 25th. Jan. 2011 at the Prince of Teck
Earls Court Road (newly Refurbished Upstairs Restaurant - Bar)
Come straight from ICE or join in later.
My new wife and I will be at the Reunion as will Doug & Linda Graham, Rod Dofort, Steve Hand and the usual suspects from ALL the CasinoReunions Lists.
We look forward to welcoming lots of new faces especially those of you that reside in Blighty.
Those of us traveling from Florida will brook no excuses!
Check out the movies & photos from previous Reunions at...

NAME: john frum
IS SEARCHING FOR: joe o'farrell
THE CLUES ARE...: Palm Beach London 1970's.
EMAIL: frumjohnno@yahoo.co.uk

NAME: Sunday Silverman
PESENTLY IN: Palm Springs, CA.
THE CLUES ARE...: Atlantic City in the late 80's. Florida cruise boats in the 90's'.
EMAIL: ladybossps@yahoo.com


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