Gambling in Germany


Gambling in GermanyOf course, there are several states that their gambling activity does not rely on the decision of the government. In Europe, Germany is a country that is loved by most people in the world. This is the very reason why many players wish to spend reasonable time on it. On each year insignificant events are being held in some cities in Germany. Despite this, the gambling industry status is still facing some hindrance throughout the country. Of course, this can be said to be an entire reason to make an in-depth exploration of the details properly. This is just for you to have deep insight next time you decide on paying a visit to Germany.

Legal Background

Just before we start making the proper scrutiny of the legal framework of gambling, you need to know that Germany is a state that operates a federal system. Over the years, the regulation of gambling activities is being run by the local and state. Over time, things started changing, and the federal level decided to have the exclusively responsible for the control and monitoring of the gambling activity. This is a very reason why a ban was placed on gambling activity between 2008 and 2022. It was only a state that has an exclusion Schleswig Holstein has the exclusive right to make gambling legal.

The implementation made the ban of the Interstate Treaty that happened in 2008, which in turn places ban on all online gambling activity. This act was able to go as far as not allowing any online poker casino game to come into place. Of course, the treaty makes the obligation that all internet providers and banks should not cooperate with any provider that supports gambling. Having said all this, provision has been made for a harsh penalty for those who violate the law. So far, there is no reported case of any imposition of any fine on individual and company.

Of course, the intention that brought about this 2008 edition was basically to curb any criminal activities such as internet fraud. Despite this fact, the authorities are trying to curb anomalies, as in 2012, the EU issued a notice to the federal level to reduce how harsh it is on the gambling providers. After this notice was published, it paved the way for another treaty and new gaming edition. Of course, this activity is legal, and it encourages lotteries and sports betting, but then there is still some form of gambling that is prohibited

The only place where the exclusive right of granting people license still holds is Schleswig-Holstein. It's a place whereby the gambling right is issued to gambling providers is Schleswig Holstein. As at the start of 2013, over 50 licenses have been issued to providers on internet gambling. The obligations that were to be carried out by the providers licensed is to ensure they make the payment 20% of the gross revenue tax. The validity of the license will only last for 6 years before it will be renewed.

In 2013, an online casino that has that accepts credit cards and real cash were launched, this was under the licensing of Schleswig-Holstein. In that very year, Holstein joined a Treaty that recognizes the fact that the federal rules should also be used in regulating the live and online casino.

The online providers that were able to get this license are given a chance to continue their operation and activities without any form of fear. Of course, they will still have to comply with the rules and regulations made.

How Does It Look Like Today?

As of today, there is a fact about the gambling industry in Germany as the gross revenue that was generated amounts up to €14.2 bn. This can be considered to be a huge amount of money, even though the regulation is strict. A more substantial portion of this revenue comes from slots machines, bricks and mortar casinos, and lotteries. The other amounts come from Sportsbet's, slot games, progressive jackpots, and some other ones.

However, it is essential to note that the illegal market is much bigger than. Like the time the value was estimated, €22 billion Euro happens to be the amount that was figured out. This is showing leakages, and the amount of money that is supposed to go the government pocket, instead it is getting lost through the illegal activity of some people. On most cases, it's always straightforward to make gambling legal rather than placing a ban on it. When talking about the online casinos, it will not be appropriate to make mention of illegal gambling. The absence of the regulations of the online casino forces German players to look out for a foreign online casino that can offer them what they want. The activities carried out on the foreign casino does not undergo any form of restriction and prosecution as people can make their deposit and withdrawals on sites that allow Germans

What Do German Players Look Like?

The population of Germany is up to 80 million, and various sport events are being held. This is the obvious reason why the governmental authorities could not afford to miss the ample opportunity of regulating the sports betting sphere. As of now in Germany, 38%of the gambling sphere is carried by sports betting. The fact that Bundesliga is on the best league around the globe is a plus. Some other sports bet people engage in include basketball, handball, hockey, tennis, and horse racing.

A fantastic aspect of the gambling industry is the casino entertainment; on most cases, this does end up with player's money up to 34%. They are always from the brick-and-mortar games, and its regulation is handled by the ministries of interior and state laws. Over 50 casinos are present all over Germany, and they entertain different states. The only thing is that there are only a few of the national online providers. Of course, you can make use of foreign providers instead of using the local operators.

Poker can be said to be among the industries that were able to make huge success in Germany — going by the statistics it takes up to 24% of the profit generated by the gambling industries. Over the years, the status of online poker is not clearly stated. Court decisions held it that live poker could happen when the stakes are not that high; it also stated that the buy-in money would all be diverted to proper maintenance. The rulings made by the court happens to be the most contradictory one, given the fact that the prize pools are always as a result of the player's contribution.


The reviews carried out made it known that there are slight differences in gambling culture of Germany, compare with some other countries in the world. Each gambling venue has a dress code, and they are not working 24/7. The majority are never in for the days business until afternoon, and the thing is that only people who have attained the age of 18 can gain entrance. In some cases, most venues do charge entrance fee and also request debt guarantee note. The only problem is that the state runs most of them, and they didn't have what it takes to attract customers. They ban smoking, absence of real entertainment, additionally there are nice casinos online.

Top 3 Questions About Gambling in Germany

Is gambling legal in Germany

  • It is important to note that all activities related to gambling are run under the Interstate Treaty

Is poker legal in Germany

  • As for now, this is illegal, but live pokers are held on the countries territory

How old you have to be to gamble in Germany?

Players under the age of 18 are not eligible, and the same thing goes for lotteries and sports betting