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Hakan Karaca

Age: 35
Nationality: Turkish
Presently in: Turkey

Certificates and Qualifications etc...
International Casino Monitoring Certificate. CV and references are available on request.
Casino Experience
I have extensive knowledge of all aspects of the Gambling, Casino & hospitality Industry, specializing in casino operations and casino openings. This experience has been gained over 15 years in the international gaming market, in various countries and gambling jurisdictions. I am smart, well presented and efficient, with a good standard of education, during my career I have gained experience of sales, administration and dealing with high net worth clients. Proficient in languages, I speak English, Turkish, Russian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian.
Position required & location
Slot Director, Slot Manager.



Ibrahim Gunindi

Age: 37
Nationality: Turkey
Presently in: Turkish

Certificates and Qualifications etc...
Selcuk University Konya 1990-1992
The Technical Vocational School of Higher Education - Electronic communication
Technical High school of Gölcük 1987-1990 - Marine electronic communication
Casino Experience
I have over 13 years of slot gaming operations, management experiences and also IT. I am honest, hardworking individual who is willing to go the extra mile. 
I speak English well and I  have good interpersonal skills. If given opportunity I assure you I will be an asset to the organisation.
Position required & location
Slot Shift Manager, Assistant Manager or any other position suits my qualif.




Age: 33
Nationality: -
Presently in: -

Certificates and Qualifications etc...
CV and references is available on request.
Casino Experience
With a creative and open mind combined with long manegerial experiense I've managed to increase game with more than 100% on different locations. I'm now searching for a new challenge and I'm interrested in a company that will recognize my skills and has a possibility to grow in.
Position required & location
Slots Manager.



Daniel Song Yew Meng

Age: 27
Nationality: Malaysian
Presently in: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Casino Experience
7 years of Slot Gaming Operation and management experience. Accustomed to working in fast paced environments with the ability to think quickly and self-motivated. Good interpersonal skills, ability to work well with others
Position required & location
Slot shift Manager / Assistant Manager



Roderick D. Leviton

Age: 35
Nationality: South African
Presently in: Caribbean

Casino Experience
Accomplished, driven, 14+ years hands-on "progressive" experience in Slots Management. Accompanied with good judgment, analytical, marketing, development and people skills. I am self motivated and can be a team leader or a team member. Resume and references on request.
Position required & location
Slots Management - Americas, Europe or Asia.


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