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Fees and information

Sending your advertisement

Use the standard Place Job Listing form to send your advertisement. However if one has already been created in WORD or PDF email it to

Once recieved we will e-mail you to confirm that everything is correct. Your Ad. will then be uploaded to... Casino/Gaming Jobs and Vacancies

We accept three types of listing.

Jobs that are directly involved with gaming. Dealers, Inspectors, Pitboss, Management, Surveillance & Cashdesk etc...
Casino related
A strong connection to the industry. This could perhaps be Marketing, Sales, Reception, Technicians, Manufacturing, Suppliers etc...
Agency vacancies
Any position within the industry where an employee or candidate will be recruited by the agency on behalf of a client. Agency listings are always described as such.

Please note: Most Ad's are placed without the need for confirmation. Minor changes can be made after posting - it's quicker and simpler !


The basic price is £100 ($150) for 1 month.

U.S. companies will be billed in $'s. Euro zone companies in €'s. U.K. companies in £'s. All others in $'s.

If you wish to pay in any other major currency the invoice will include an additional 10% to offset banking charges. Re-booking of an advertisement or placing for longer periods will qualify for at least a 20% discount. 

Please contact us if your company has a requirement to post a large number of advertisements.


When the advertisement is to your satisfaction you will be invoiced by email or regular mail. The fee becomes payable upon receipt. For companies that we're not familiar with payment may be requested in advance.


Payment may be made by company cheque payable to Ltd or by a bank transfer directly to our account. Full details are given on the Invoice.

Text changes

If you require a text change to your advertisement simply email the amendment and it will be changed as part of our daily site updates. (Holidays excepted)


Your advertisement may contain a request for staff in a number of various positions. Recruitment from one advertisement for various properties is also accepted. We reserve the right to advise if we think that more than one listing may be more successful or desirable.


Advertisements will only be accepted for locations where casino gaming is legal. Our decision is final on regions and countries where this very important matter could be open to question.

Disclaimer & Small print
  • Gaming floor reserves the right to decide location, edit or not display any advertisement.
  • Contact will be from the potential employee directly to the employer.
  • Employers/Employees are advised to make all necessary suitability checks before entering into contracts.
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