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28th December          Argentina           Monografie/Casinos de LatinoAmerica
LGE 2004 is a total flop and SAGSE 2004 is an absolute success
Two competing gaming shows were held in Buenos Aires in November. The long established SAGSE appears to have done considerably better than the new LGE event. &

6th December          Nicaragua           Capital Financiero
Casino invierte más en Nicaragua - International Thunderbird Gaming

3rd December          Argentina 
Portuarios bloquearán el ingreso al casino flotante

27th November          Mexico           La Journada
Postergar la instalación de casinos en el país, piden diversos sectores sociales
Instalación de casinos, contraria al plan oficial de fomento turístico

26th November          Mexico City           San Francisco Chronicle
Mexican bishops criticize casino gambling bill

22nd November          Mexico 
The social debate on Mexican casinos
Mexico Casino Watch

15th October           Mexico City
Mexican casino legislation advances
Federal Gaming with Wagers and Raffles Law has a new clause inserted that casinos can only open 5 years after it is approved.

30th September           Mexico
Mexico Casino Watch  - In Spanish with English translations.

28th September           Margarita Island, Venezuela
Venezuelan Agency Temporarily Shuts Casinos

27th September           Mexico City, Mexico - Barnard R. Thompson
Mexican government publishes gaming law Regulation

20th September           Mexico City
Mexican casinos appear on the horizon
If casinos are approved during this session of Parliament they are likely to allow for a maximum 50% foreign involvement and established tourist areas will be favoured.

19th September           Tijuana, Mexico          Philadelphia Inquirer
Mexico considers reopening casinos

20th August         Tijuana, Mexico           Myrtle Beach Online/Chicago Tribune
Mexico considers lifting 7-decade ban on casinos

7th August         Mexico City 
Casinos forecast by next year in Mexico
Prevén instalar casinos el próximo año
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7th August         Mexico City 
Mexico Casino Watch Index...

2nd August        Mexico City  - Casino legislation news

18th July         Mexico
Some tourism magnates opposing casinos in Mexico

12th July          Yucatan, Mexico
Temporary casino accord expected in Mexico
The legislation appears to legalise operations at fairs and events that now operate outside the law.

28th June          Reyanosa, Mexico          The Monitor
Casinos might be in Mexico’s near future

11th May          Brasilia, Brazil          Yahoo/AP
Brazil's Lula seeks bingo ban

10th May          Mexico City - 30th April
Casino initiative gains in Mexico
The article appears to suggest that opposition to casino gaming from various political factions is subsiding. Legislation even having a chance of being passed before the end of 2004.

19th April          Mexico City   - Barnard R. Thompson
Casinos in Mexico — that is the question?
A detailed look at the 3rd draft of a Gambling Bill that may see some action in the Mexican Parliament on the 27th April.
Mexico, a paradise for clandestine gambling
Mexican congress gets proposal to allow state lotteries

6th March           Mexico          The Miami Herald/AP
Videos Hurt Politicians' Reputations
A taste of what foreign companies might have to expect if casinos are ever legalised in Mexico.

1st February         Mexico           Pasadena Star News
Mexico could re-authorize casinos after 70-year prohibition

26th January         Mexico 
Might casinos be in the cards in Mexico?
Gambling in Mexico is regulated under the Federal Gambling and Raffles Law of 1947. Casinos were banned under President Lázaro Cárdenas in 1934.

17th January         Mexico           Banamex/Mexico Analytica
En México existen 1,500 casinos clandestinos


25th November          Mexico            La Opinion Digital & Banamex
Empresarios mexicanos piden legalizar casinos
Concanaco-Servytur pide retomar tema de los casinos
Establishment of casinos in Mexico is gaining increasing popularity among business leaders.

8th October         Mexico            Banamex/El Heraldo de México
Instalar casinos reviviría a los puertos mexicanos, dice Zapata

2nd October         San Diego & Santiago, Chile           Yahoo/PRNewswire
US gaming firm seeks Chile casino law changes - International Thunderbird Gaming.

2nd October         Mexico City          Banmamex/El Universal
Debe México instalar casinos como en EU

22nd September          Mexico          Source: Daily Racing Form
Mexico may be next stop for casinos

14th March           Mexico City          Source: Northern Light/Crónica
PRI and PAN accuse each other of corruption involving casinos

6th February         Argentina         Source: Northern Light/El Cronista
Casino Magic builds casino in Neuquen province

30th January        Rio Negros, Argentina          Source: Northern Light/El Cronista
Codere makes offer for concession of casinos

9th January           Argentina          Source: Northern Light/La Nacion
Crown is back to casinos business at Rio Negro


14th December         Mexico         Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal
Mexican legislative action disallows permanent casinos

14th December          Mexico City         Source: Northern Light/El Universal
Deputies approve Gaming Law with inclusion of 'mini-casinos'
There seem to be conflicting reports about what will be included under the new Federal Gambling Law. The Bill will now move to the upper House that can either approve or reject the proposals.

14th December          Mexico City         Source: Northern Light/El Economista
Bad decision to not include casinos in Gaming Law

12th December         Mexico City, Mexico          Source: El Economista/Notimex
Aprueban dictamen de Ley de Juegos
The legalisation of casinos is being put aside until the next legislature and further studies will be conducted. The Bill provides for the establishment of a Federal Gambling Commission - Comisión Federal de Juegos y Sorteos. 

12th December         Mexico City, Mexico          Source: Northern Light/EFE
Mexican legislators rule out legalizing casinos
A Bill has been approved by the Mexican lower house Wednesday evening to regulate existing gaming and lotteries but excluding casinos.

11th December         Mexico          Source: Northern Light/El Economista
Proposals made to remove casinos from Gaming Law

9th December         Mexico City, Mexico           Source: Northern Light/EFE
Possibility of legalizing casinos sparks debate in Mexico
Detailed look at the potential for casinos and some of the likely rules and regulations operators may face.

6th & 7th December        Mexico         Source: Northern Light/Notimex & Northern Light/WSJ
Pro Casino Association laments postponement of Gambling
Wall Street Journal: Mexico considers gambling in its tourist areas

6th December        Mexico        Source: Las Vegas Sun/Wall Street Journal
Casino developer studies opportunities in Mexico

5th December        Mexico City         Source: Las Vegas Sun
Legislators favor gambling

16th November        Mexico        Source: Houston Chronicle
Gambling issue divides Mexican interest groups - Tourism drop may lead to legalization of casinos

14th November        Argentina        Source: Northern Light/El Cronista
Argentina: Roggio won the bid to set up slot machines in Cordoba province

30th October        Cordoba, Argentina        Source: Northern Light/La Nacion
Offers to set up slot machines

22nd October        Mexico City        Source: Northern Light/El Economista
Casino law to be approved Dec.15
El Economista reports that the Federal Gaming Law will be approved and that will also create a National Gaming Commission.

11th October         Mexico         Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal
Official: Mexico won't legalize gaming
It now appears that casino developments in Mexico like the UK will certainly not be happening overnight - and may never happen at all.

10th October          Mexico          Source: Northern Light/El Financiero & Reforma - Oct 8th & 9th
No legal casinos for Mexico
Concanaco to take stand on casinos
A federal deputy of the ruling PAN party (Partido Accion Nacional) has said that there is no intention to change the law to legalise casinos in the country.

7th October          Tijuana           Source: North County Times
Mexico may legalize gambling
A further look at the possibility that Mexico may give the go ahead for casinos to be located in tourist areas.

5th October          Argentina & Spain           Source: Northern Light/PRNewswire
Expansion: Cirsa invests in Argentina - (Cirsa: inversion en salas de juego en Argentina)

26th September          Argentina & Spain          Source: Northern Light/El Cronista
Cirsa opens gambling shop at Mendoza
The shop refered to in the headline would be Casino Mendoza. The Barcelona based company (parent of slot manufacturer Unidesa) also operates Casino Buenos Aires.

20th September           Mexico & Las Vegas         Source: Reno Gazette Journal/AP
Experts say Mexico could legalize casino gambling
The potential for casinos in Mexico was the topic of discussion during one of the conference sessions at G2E

29th August           Mexico         Source: Northern Light/El Universal
Mexico must woo foreign tourists

24th August           Mexico         Source: Northern Light/El Universal
Draft gambling bill handed to Govt. Commission of lower chamber

18th August           La Paz, Mexico         Source: Washington Post
Mexican Leaders Bet on Casinos to Boost Economy - Congress Close to Legalizing Gambling Over Objections of Church and Police
A Federal study has found that 12 casinos would possibly generate $200 million in new private investment and $500 million a year in new tax revenue. A vote on the plan to legalise casinos in Mexico is believed to be scheduled for September.

6th August          Mexico          Source: Northern Light/Notimex
Casinos will boost tourist visits to Mexico

1st August         Canada & Mexico        Source: Canoe/CP
Quebec approves joint venture with Loto-Quebec to help run Mexican casinos
Link likely to change on website update
Loto-Québec betting on Mexican casino partnership
The bill to enable casinos in Mexico wil be voted upon in September, properties may well be state owned. Loto-Quebec operates the Montreal, Hull and Charlevoix casinos.

25th July         Mexico         Source: Northern Light/Notimex
Motel and Hotel Association want casinos in Aguascalientes

19th July         San Salvador         Source: Yahoo/AP
El Salvador's congress outlaws gambling
Related news link from March 1999 at
Crown Group, Inc. to Open Casino Colonial in El Salvador

16th July         Mexico City, Mexico          Source: Northern Light/Crónica
Casinos would generate US$1.4 million

5th July         Mexico         Source: Northern Light/El Economista
Jalisco supports opening casinos in the state
A study by the research institute IDEA concludes that casinos in Mexico would bring economic benefits of US$2.68 billion, investments of US$2.8 billion and the creation of 183,000 jobs.

2nd July          Uruguay           Source: Northern Light/Ambito Financiero/SABI
Hipica wins concession of horse racetrack in Uruguay

1st July           Mexico City          Source: Northern Light/México Analytica
Gaming law ready to roll
Casinos in Mexico appear to be inching closer with the Mexico City daily newspaper Reforma publishing portions of a proposed gaming bill.

29th June           Mexico          Source: Guadalajara Reporter
Casinos one step closer to approval
The proposals contemplate 10 casinos at various cities around Mexico, mostly capitals, northern border cities and major tourist destinations.

14th June           Mexico City           Source: Northern Light/Notimex
Casinos could bring in US$3bn per year
The proposal is for 10 casinos in 10 different tourist resorts. The plan could also create 98,000 jobs according to a study by Christiansen Capital Advisors.

11th May            Mexico           Source: The Desert Sun
Move under way to legalize casinos south of the border

6th May           Mexico           Source:
Mexico considers legalizing Vegas-style casinos

2nd May           Mexico City           Source: Yahoo/AP
Mexico considers legalizing Vegas-style casinos
Casino style gambling has been illegal in Mexico since the early 1930's. Betting on foreign & domestic horseracing is permitted at numerous "Caliente" outlets.

26th April           Lima, Peru            Source: Yahoo/Dow Jones Newswires
Peru's Congress Passes Bill To Ban Casinos In 2005

23rd April           Mexico City          Source: NorthernLight/EL Universal
Gaming law may be passed in September

3rd April           Mexico           Source: Northern Light/Diario de Yucatán
Government irons out details on gaming law
The Mexican Government is hoping to have a bill ready by August that will provide a framework for establishing casinos in the country.

13th March          Mexico City          Source: Northern Light/El Economista
Deputies study permitting casinos and gambling in Mexico

28th February          Las Vegas & Mexico          Source: Yahoo/PRNewswire
Phoenix Leisure Reviews Viva's Mexican Court Decision

27th February          Mexico & Las Vegas          Source: Yahoo/PRNewswire
Viva Loses Court Decision to Open in Mexico


20th November        Peru         Source: Yahoo Singapore/Asia Pulse
US Unit of Australia's Aristocrat Scores Major Peruvian Contract

8th November          Colorado & Uruquay          Source: Yahoo/PRNewswire
Century Casinos Part of Consortium to Seek Casino License In Punta Del Este, Uruguay

6th November          Mexico          Source: Las Vegas Review Journal
Federal policemen close slot casino - Operator shut down hours after opening in Mexico City

3rd November    Mexico City    Source: Yahoo/PRNewswire
Viva Announces Status of Mexico City Entertainment Center

2nd November          Uruquay          Source: Northern Light/EFE
Int'l group plans $1-billion casino, hotel project in Uruguay

30th October          Uruguay           Source: Northern Light/EFE
Billion-dollar investment planned for Uruguayan resort city
Hyatt Regency and Uruguay's Terrawind are planning to invest some $1 billion to build a five-star hotel and casino in Punta del Este.

15th & 17th October         Mexico          Source: Northern Light/Excelsior/SABI
Thunderbird - Mexico Update
Mexico: International Thunderbird Gaming unhappy with 'arbitrary' closure

9th October           Uruguay         Source: Northern Light/El Pais/SABI
Uruguay: Bid for the construction of a hotel-casino in Punta del Este
The casinos concession will be for 20 years with what looks like a very hefty annual levy of  - US$107.5 million.

6th September          Suriname          Source: Las Vegas Sun
Casino co-owner killed amid charges of financial wrongdoing

31st August          Venezuela         Source: Norhern Light/El Nacional
Cirsa spends US$2mil on Margarita casino improvements

24th July          Las Vegas & Mexico        Source: Las Vegas Sun
Mexican deal struck

7th July          Las Vegas & Northern Mexico          Source: Las Vegas Review Journal
Nevada Palace owner agrees to build casino in border town

17th June         Suriname         Source:
Casino boom in Suriname brings profits and doubts - Suriname has gone from one casino in 1997 to ten now with apparently more on the way.

13th June         Nevada           Source: Las Vegas Sun
LV gambling operators likely pondering casinos in Mexico
Casino operators also eye Taiwan for gambling

12th June        Mexico         Source: Northern Light/El Economista/Infolatina
Mexican Casino Authorization Seen Triggering Investment Boom

16th May       Connecticut & Argentina        Source: Yahoo/PRNewswire
Latin American Gaming Association Partners With Global Gaming Expo

25th April        Mexico City        Source: Northern Light/AP
Fox Favors Legalizing Gambling - President Vicente Fox believes that legalized and well regulated casinos would be good for the Mexican economy.

11th April           Uruquay          Source: Northern Light/El Observador Economico - April 9th
Uruguay: Tender for hotel and casino in Artigas

20th March          San Diego         Source: International Thunderbird Corp - Mar 16th
Thunderbird Re-Opens Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Settlement with California Tribe & Update on Nicaragua.

27th February          Mexico & Nicaragua             Source: Int.Thunderbird Gaming
Mexico Update and Thunderbird Opens in Nicaragua

13th February    New Jersey & Peru          Source: Gaming Labs International - Feb 5th
Gaming Laboratories International, Inc.® (GLI) Receives Five Year Extension from Peru to Test Gaming Devices
An online resource for casino trade and industry news