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September - October 2004
Problem Gambling

29th October           Japan          Mainichi Daily News
Bank employee nabbed for gambling away billion yen

28th October           Australia
Classroom attack on gambling problems

23rd October           Omaha, Nebraska          Omaha World-Herald
Problem gamblers put blame on casinos
Debate centering around the campaign to establish casinos in Nebraska.

17th October           Detroit & Florida          The Detroit News
Gambling shatters ex-Tiger's dream life

17th October           Indiana          Indianapolis Star
Perils of poker - Big game on campus spurs concern about gambling addiction

14th October           Detroit          Detroit Free Press
More people seek ban orders from Detroit casinos
Compulsive gamblers triple at Detroit casinos

22nd September           Nova Scotia, Canada          Halifax Herald & London Free Press/CP
Suit aims to kill VLTs - Anti-gambling crusader says N.S. must pay for ruined lives
Suit aims at video gambling

21st September           Problem Gambling - New Zealand &
Gambling away a $700 benefit in a few hours
Greens demand rise in problem gambling levy

20th September           Auckland
NZ research challenges views on problem gambling
The report is from the Auckland University of Technology’s Gambling Research Centre.

18th September           Victoria, Australia          The Herald Sun
Gambler's theft haul above $1m

11th September           Australia          ABC News Online
MP seeks heroin cure for gambling addicts

11th September           Texas & Singapore          Star Tribune & Malaysian Star
Man stole from 24 city halls to pay Internet gambling debts, police say
Ex-banker jailed for stealing RM11 million

10th September           Nottingham, England          The Guardian & The Independent
Rise in gambling addiction is a safe bet, says gaming expert
Gambling Bill 'threatens children'
Professor Mark Griffiths from the gaming research unit at Nottingham Trent University was speaking at the BA Festival of Science in Exeter.
International Gaming Research Unit (IGRU) -

10th September           Glasgow          The Scotsman &
Glas Vegas dream puts experts in a spin
Problem gambling 'set to explode'

10th September           Singapore          Straits Times
Ex-assistant VP of bank stole $4.8m to gamble

6th September           Milwaukee, Wisconsin          Duluth Superior
Number of calls to Wis. gambling hot line continue to rise

2nd September           South Australia          ABC News Online
Luck runs out for punter after gambling spree
The case of accountant Dennis Craig Telford who stole A$22 million from his employer.

2nd September           New Zealand          New Zealand Herald
Tax will help problem gamblers

2nd September           New Zealand
Problem gambling levy introduced

1st September           Helsinki, Finland            Virtual Finland
Gambling hotline launched in Finland
An online resource for casino trade and industry news