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September - October 2004

31st October           London          The Observer
Murdoch betting coup on the cards

31st October           London          ThisisMoney, The Scotsman/PA & Bloomberg News
Gambling bill climbdown hint
Jowell Signals Changes to Gambling Bill
U.K.'s Jowell Indicates She'll Look at Gambling Bill Concession

31st October           London          BBC Breakfast with Frost
Casino furore - Sir David Frost interviewed Tessa Jowell, MP.
Full Text of the Interview - Casino furore
Latest show - - 45th minute onwards.

31st October           London
Gambling Bill 'could be changed'
Culture secretary Tessa Jowell was speaking on Breakfast with Frost this morning.

31st October           London          The Sunday Times
Labour prepares for snap election
The Times deputy political editor believes Tony Blair will call an Election for February 2005 and not May has had been previously thought.

31st October           Manchester & London          BBC Radio 4 - Today Programme
Saturday's Today programme takes a dedicated look at proposals for regional casinos.

31st October           London          The Daily Telegraph
From Aunty Tessa to 'gangster's moll'
While struggling to keep the Gambling Bill on track Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell has had to also cope with personal tragedy. Her brother died from cancer in New York last week.

31st October           London          The Daily Telegraph
Ministers to limit new casinos in gaming shake-up

31st October           London          The Guardian
Jowell sticks by gambling bill
Labour whips have calculated that there may not be enough opposition among MP's to prevent the Bill passing.

31st October           London          The Observer - Nick Mathiason
Fear and loathing of Las Vegas

31st October           London          The Sunday Times
Why the numbers don’t add up for a casino bonanza

31st October           London          The Sunday Times
Police attack money-laundering exemption deal for US casinos

31st October           Blackpool          The Sunday Times
Hilton to bring Vegas to Blackpool in £200m casino plan

31st October           London          The Guardian
Pressure for gambling bill changes 

31st October           London          The Scotsman
MP Warns over Risk of 'Super-Casinos'

30th October           London          The Guardian
Tote is ridiculously soft going at £150m - Sale of state bookie must be truly fair

30th October           London          The Guardian
Las Vegas will not come to Britain, says Jowell - Minister's fury at media 'distortion' over gambling

30th October           London          The Times
Casino operators turn against £1m jackpot machines
A surprise flip-flop. The BCA is now calling for a blanket ban on "Category A" slots and has written to every MP with their concerns.  -

30th October           Northeast Manchester          The Advertiser
Casino flare up
Story surrounding a £5,000 contribution to the local Labour Party by ASK Developments.

29th October           London          Daily Telegraph - Columnist opinion
The Gambling Bill won't be a lottery
The author compares John Major's introduction of the National Lottery with Tony Blair's Gambling Bill, and is unimpressed.

29th October           London          The Independent
Jowell 'flexible' in face of gambling revolt
Tessa Jowell has returned from the U.S. and is expected to speak in the Commons on Monday.

29th October           Burnley          Burnley Express
Life-of-luxury mum 'won cash gambling'
Burnley is one of the few towns in Britain where there are no plans for a casino !

29th October           Felixstowe          East Anglian Daily Times
Resort will not be home to super-casino

29th October           Bath          ThisisBath/The Bath Chronicle
MP attacks new Bill for casinos

29th October           Scotland          Glasgow Herald & The Scotsman
McConnell warns betting industry on super-casinos
McConnell raises doubts about Blair casino plans 
Scotland's first minister has said that new casinos would only open in Scotland under regulation controlled in Scotland.

28th October           London          Bloomberg News
U.K. Gambling Overhaul Will Curb Criminal Gangs, Minister Says

28th October           London          Las Vegas Sun/Bloomberg News
Blair is urged to cut plan for U.K. casinos - Opponents fear debt, poverty

28th October           London          ThisisLondon/London Evening Standard
Clubs aim to strike the casino jackpot
£2.5m jackpots on the way

28th October           London          The Scotsman/PA & BBC Radio 4 
Slot Machine Jackpots 'Could Be Millions'
Andy Tottenham who represents Ceasars Entertainment was speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

28th October           London          DCMS - Press release
McIntosh Sets Record Straight On Gambling Bill 'Media Myths'
The Minister for Gambling Regulation Andrew McIntosh responds strongly to criticism of the Gambling Bill.

28th October           North Wales          icNorthWales/Rhyl Prestatyn Visitor
'Super-casinos will kill seaside arcades'

28th October           London          The New Statesman
Casinos: tasteless, greedy and philistine - Link is liable to change next week.

28th October           London          The Daily Telegraph
Archbishop condemns gambling proposals
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams has met several Government ministers to express fears about the Gambling Bill.

28th October           London          The Times
Controversy over gambling regulations
Letter to the times from Paul Bellringer.

27th October           London          Bloomberg News
Blair Urged to Scale Back Plans for New U.K. Casinos

27th October           London
Blair: 'Casinos will bring jobs'
Tony Blair was speaking in the Commons at the weekly Prime Minister's question time.

27th October           London
Nothing to fear from gambling reform, insists Blair

27th October           London          The Guardian
Government to reassure MPs on casinos
A lose-lose situation - Guardian Interview with London Croupier "Polly Stenning"

27th October           London
Minister to defend gambling plans
Lord McIntosh is scheduled to meet Labour MP's today as well as speak at the "Casinos and the Future Leisure Market" conference at the Radisson SAS Portman Hotel.

27th October           Yorkshire          Yorkshire Post
Gambling Bill criticised by Labour MP

27th October           Wales          icWales/Western Mail & icNorth Wales/Daily Post
Super-casinos perfect for all the family, says Hain
Do your bit for disabled by gambling - Plans for a Charity casino in North Wales.

27th October           East Anglia          East Anglian Daily Times - Business
Casino argument bordering on the obscene

27th October           London          The Scotsman
Gambling Bill 'could bring Brown a £3 billion windfall'

27th October           London          Interactive Investor/AFX
UK tax coffers may swell by 1.5 bln stg from gambling changes - CEBR

27th October           London          The Independent
Minister: Key aim of gambling law reform is to increase tax revenues
Hoey joins growing list of rebels and describes Bill as 'ga-ga'

27th October           London          The Guardian
How the row over Jowell's gambling bill erupted
The Guardian looks at the furor surrounding the Gambling Bill and how things have increasingly gone pear shaped for the Government.

26th October           London          The Stage
Gambling bill ‘falls short’ on key issues

26th October           London
Tories to oppose Gambling Bill

26th October           London          The Guardian
Big players lobbying for piece of the action
A look at the behind the scenes lobbying of MP's and members of the joint scrutiny committee.

26th October           London          London Evening Standard
Casino retreat

26th October           Swansea, Wales          icWales/Western Mail
Vegas-style casinos set for Wales

26th October           London          Net Imperative
Analysis: Gambling Bill falls short
It's not just land based operations that are looking closely at the Gambling Bill. Internet operators are also very interested, especially in future taxation rates.

26th October           London          The Times
Terrorists could use super-casinos as a cover to channel funds, senators say
Jokers in the Cabinet pack create chaos over casinos

26th October           London          The Scotsman
Gambling Reforms won't Spark Addiction and Crime, Insists Blair
Blunkett confirms Cabinet at odds over easing gambling controls

26th October           London          Daily Mail & The Guardian
Blair faces super-casinos opposition
Public rejects Blair's casino plans

26th October           London          The Times - Editorial
High stakes - The Government’s relationship with gambling looks too cosy

25th October           London          ThisisLondon/London Evening Standard
Tussauds seeks out London eye
The company is also eager to enter the casino market and is searching for a suitable partner.

25th October           London          Conservative Party Statement
Conservatives will vote against the Gambling Bill

25th October           London, & The Guardian
Blair: No more than 40 new casinos in Britain
Blair hits back at casino critics
Blair: gambling bill will protect children

25th October           London          Daily Mail
Astonishing Blair claim: Casinos will cure poverty
Only one fate for this Bill - Editorial

25th October           London          BBC Radio 4
The World at One
The 25th October edition has an indepth report and interviews on the topic of the Gambling Bill.

25th October           Sheffield & Manchester          Sheffield Star & Manchester Online
Sheffield casino is still likely
Blair bets casinos will revitalise city

25th October           London          The Times
US casino chief says only lower taxes will lure operators
The AGA's Frank Fahrenkopf has denied an earlier Times report that government officials had secretly offered tax cuts to US casino chiefs.

25th October           London
PM attempts to end gambling row

25th October           London          Daily Mail
Casinos: The truth behind Jowell's insults
Blair: Casinos will regenerate areas

25th October           London          ThisisLondon/Evening Standard
Gambling chief denies 'secret deals' on casinos
Labour retreat over super-casinos

25th October           London          The Guardian
Casino rethink - Editorial
Jowell squares up to gambling bill critics - Political editor

25th October           London          The Independent & Daily Telegraph
Government 'promised casinos cut in gambling tax'
US casino giants 'offered secret tax deals by Labour'
25th October           Las Vegas & London          The Guardian
US casino bosses 'offered tax cuts'
The original article detailing the reduced tax offer to U.S. gaming companies was in the 2nd March, 2004 edition of the Las Vegas Sun.
U.S. casino giants OK so far with British rules - Liz Benston

25th October           London
Gambling 'shambles' claim rejected

25th October           London          The Times
Why the Treasury can't bet on a tax windfall
Secret deal to cut casino tax fuels Brown anger
AGA President and CEO Frank Fahrenkopf was apparently told earlier this year by DCMS officials that the taxation rates on casinos post deregulation would be between 15 and 20%.

25th October           London          The Scotsman
Government Promised to Slash Taxes, Say U.S. Casino Bosses 

25th October           Manchester          ThisisLondon/Evening Standard
United plans the next big gamble - Manchester United

24th October           Manchester          ThisisMoney/London Evening Standard
Bookie profit hits £10m
Fred Done, Bookmakers based in Manchester.  -

24th October           Bristol          ThisisBristol/Bristol Evening Post
City hits jackpot with new casino
Construction has begun on Gala's £10 million Harbourside casino which is set to have have 30 tables and 150 slots.

24th October           London          The Guardian/Observer - Victoria Cohen
Don't flutter yourself  - Do I gamble? You bet. But no more casinos in Britain, please

24th October           London          The Guardian/Observer - Nick Mathiason
Casino bill derailed by bitter split in Cabinet
Why the government is betting on casinos

24th October           London          The Independent
Casinos get a thumbs down in new poll

24th October           London          The Sunday Times
How Labour blew it at the casino
Blair fundraiser met casino boss
Forget Vegas — viva Clacton: Will there be high-rolling on the seafront?

24th October           London          Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail &
'Opponents of new gambling law are snobs,' says Tessa Jowell 
Jowell attacks anti-casino 'snobs'
Jowell rejects gambling 'snobs'

24th October           London          The Daily Mail
Cabinet split over Gambling Bill
The Daily mail is presently running a campaign entitled - Kill the Casino Bill
Daily Mail campaign: Kill the Casino Bill

24th October           London          The Scotsman/PA
'Critics Overblowing Fears over Relaxed Gambling Laws'

24th October           Scotland          Scottish Sunday Herald
Casino expansion risks dirty money on the table
Care is required over Glasvegas developments - Editorial

23rd October           Belfast, Northern Ireland
Exclusion Of Casinos Is Given A Welcome
Northern Ireland was given an exception in the Gambling Bill and a casino plan for Belfast has been withdrawn.

23rd October           London          The Daily Telegraph - Columnist opinion
Will gambling cure Labour's boredom?

22nd October           Guildford, Surrey          Surrey Advertiser
New spin of wheel for casino project

22nd October           Swansea          ThisisSouthWales/Evening Post
Casino cash is now off the cards

22nd October           London          The Guardian - Special report
Gambling - Special report
The Guardian has a section devoted to Deregulation.

22nd October           London          The Guardian/PA & The Times
Slot machine supremo lobbied No 10
US gambling head lobbied No 10 before Bill change
IGT Chairman Thomas Baker's mysterious trip to Downing Street in March 2004.

22nd October           London
Churches in government casino row

21st October           Dundee, Scotland          Evening Telegraph & Post
New Dundee £5m casino gets the go-ahead
Grosvenor Casinos have plans to convert the first floor of an existing Mecca Bingo Club.

21st October           Birmingham          Birmingham Evening Post
Brum's casino jackpot

21st October           Glasgow          Glasgow Evening Times
Odeon joins race to be city's first super-casino
Glasgow has 6 casinos already and their are at plans for at least 6 more at various stages of development.

20th October           London          Daily Telegraph
Gambling 'to boom' after law change
Mega-casinos will have music, drink and unlimited jackpots
Blair is gambling on replenishing the coffers - Opinion
In the first article Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell is pictured enjoying a game of American Roulette at the Gala casino on Piccadily.

20th October           London          The Times
Government bets its safeguards will block rise of super-casinos
Future of Bill would lose Labour key seats
The second article contains an error. Donations from Stuart Wheeler and Lord Steinberg were to the Conservative party.

20th October           London          DCMS - Press release
New Gambling Commission To Be Located Outside London And The South East

20th October           London & Coventry          The Guardian
Cabinet gamble on 'Las Vegas' casinos
Why would we want to be Europe's offshore Las Vegas? - Polly Toynbee
'More places to lose my money in is a worry'

20th October           Yorkshire          Yorkshire Today/Yorkshire Post
Gambling Bill to open way for Las Vegas-like casino boom Go-ahead for races on Christmas Day

20th October           Felixstowe          The Independent
Edwardian gentility of Felixstowe threatened by casino development

19th October           Birmingham          Coinslot
"Profound and negative implications..."
BACTA national president Tim Batstone speaking at the Betting Show in Birmingham.

19th October           London          The Times - Editorial
Political wager - The Gambling Bill is in danger of adding to a dire problem

19th October           London          The Times
Millions on offer to councils in casino deals
Caesars Entertainment may well have struck a deal withi Manchester City Council so that they will receive 2% of future gross gaming win from a casino at Sportcity.

19th October           London          DCMS - Press release
Government Publishes Gambling Bill - New protections against new risks - Jowell

19th October           London          H.M. Government- Parliamentary publication
Gambling Bill
The official document. Produced by the DCMS and introduced to Parliament on Tuesday, 19th October 2004.

19th October           Leeds          The Guardian
Rendering unto Caesars
Labour's wheel of misfortune
Gambling shakeup to allow mega-casinos
The alure of Soccer clubs as a possible venue for Regional casinos and the continuing decline in manufacturing jobs in Britain.

19th October           London          ThisisLondon/Evening Standard
Casino peer: I know best

19th October           London          Daily Mail
Town halls cash in on casino kickbacks

18th October           London          The Times
Casino move means all bets are off
If the Gambling Commission moves out of the capital then it could face mass resignations from key staff unwilling to relocate.

18th October           London
Casino bill seen stifling small players

18th October           London          Daily Mail, Guardian & The Times
Gambling boom that no one wants
Jowell faces revolt on gambling
Public concern at growth of gambling - Letters to the Times
Deregulation plans have failed to find support from even a single British newspaper.

18th October           London          ThisisMoney/London Evening Standard
Key players in gambling revolution
Evening Standard takes further look at two very different individuals caught up in the rush to deregulate Britain's gambling laws.

18th October           London
Casino regulators slam proposed Newcastle move is reporting that the future Gambling Commission may be moved out of London to Newcastle.

18th October           Leeds & Liverpool         The Guardian &
Stanley gambles on £125m Leeds casino
Casino deal to create 1,000 jobs
Stanley Leisure have unveiled plans for an ambitious project at Elland Road that will create a 150,000 sq. ft. casino and 1,000 jobs.

18th October           Leeds & Liverpool         Sky News
Big casino plan revealed

18th October           Leeds & Liverpool         Stanley Leisure - Press release
Proposed Regional Casino Development in Leeds

17th October           London          The Daily Telegraph - Columnist opinion
The one sure thing is that we will all be losers in this game

17th October           Yorkshire          Yorkshire Post - Columnist opinion
Too many losers in the great casino gamble

17th October           Burnley, Lancashire          ThisisLancashire
All bets are off over casino debate
Burnley for some reason appears not to be attracting too much interest from casino investors.

17th October           Corby, Northamptonshire          Corby Today
Waiting game over casino plans - PLANS to build the a casino in Corby still hang in the balance - Hamlin Leisure Services

17th October           Leeds          Leeds Today
£5m casino gamble on Leeds Utd
Leeds United appear as though they will be teaming up with Stanley Leisure to build a casino at their Elland Road ground.

17th October           London          The Times  - Registration required
Americans tilt odds against UK casino firms
MP who led gaming review in line for top casinos job
Do a keyword search on the times site for the full articles.

16th October           London          The Daily Mail - Comment
Gambling with our futures

16th October           London          The Sun
Casinos 'a tax on poorest' - Political editor
Losing bet - Editorial
The Sun says: This Bill must be changed to remove the free-for-all and put in proper controls on casino numbers.

16th October           Scotland          The Scotsman
Bill brings Vegas-style casinos for city closer 

16th October           London          The Times - Registration required
Politicians on casinos inquiry had stakes in gambling
The full article can be found after conducting a search on the Times website and makes interesting reading.

15th October           London          The Times - Registration required
Don't bet on an easy ride, casinos are told
Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell has warned that regional casinos could be shut down if they cause an increase in gambling addiction.

15th October           Glasgow          Glasgow Evening Times
Rangers unveil £150m casino dream for Ibrox
Glasgow Rangers have released pictures of the planned £150 million Ibrox Sands entertainment complex.

15th October           London          The Daily Mail
Daily Mail campaign: Kill the Casino Bill
Hundreds of thousands face gambling addiction
The Daily Mail has started a national campaign aimed at derailing the Governments plans for gambling deregulation.

15th October           London & Scotland          The Glasgow Herald
Winning hand for the super-casinos

15th October           London          The Scotsman
US gaming giants poised for invasion of UK
Why Casino Scotland is dicey - Columnist opinion

14th October           London          San Francisco Chronicle/AP
British government to introduce gambling legislation soon to open way for big casinos across country

14th October           London          Channel4 News 
Gambling laws set to be relaxed - A Las Vegas in Leicester? A Nevada in Newcastle?

14th October           London          The Scotsman
Gambling Reform Bill to Be Unveiled Next Month

14th October           London & Interactive Investor/AFX
Britain to Introduce Gambling Legislation
UK govt to bring forward gambling liberalisation bill

14th October           Salford, Manchester          The Salford Advertiser
Twin casino terror
More details of last weeks Samurai sword and machette attack at Stanley's Albion Casino.

14th October           London          Bloomberg News
U.K. Casino Gambling Laws to Get Fast-Track Overhaul

14th October           London
Hain to announce Queen's speech pre-emption
Gambling Bill to get fast-track treatment 
The Gambling Bill will be fast tracked in order to get it on the statute books before the next election.

14th October           London          London Evening Standard
Gambling law will pave way for mega casinos

14th October           London          The Times
Britain catches gambling fever with a casino in every town
Casino explosion is odds on to create more problem gamblers, say operators
Heading for a town near you
Graphic: Proposed sites for casinos
The Times with an alarmist picture of mega-casinos springing up all over Britiain.

14th October           London          The Times - Leader
Society at stake - There are risks in Britain becoming a gambling nation

13th October           London          The Scotsman
Caesars and Quintain bet on Wembley resort

13th October           London          The Times, Guardian & Daily Telegraph
Gamblers bring Las Vegas to Wembley
Caesars Palace bets on winning Wembley formula
Las Vegas raises the stakes at Wembley
The Times & Daily Telegraph reports have an artists impression of the proposed Caesars Wembley development.

12th October           London          Gaming Board for Great Britain - Press release link
Gaming Board appoints Cheif Executive

12th October           Las Vegas & London          Las Vegas Sun & LVR-J
Caesars planning to build major casino in London
Caesars strikes deal for London luxury casino

12th October           London          CBS Marketwatch
Caesars readies for first U.K. deal - Wembley venture 'could be a home run for us'

12th October           London          Quintain Estates - Press release
Quintain and Caesars join forces to continue Wembley's transformation into a world-class leisure destination

12th October           Las Vegas          Caesars Entertainment - Press release
Caesars to Partner in Luxury London Casino Project as Part of Major Wembley Revitalization

12th October           Las Vegas & London &
Vegas comes to Wembley with casino plan
Wembley to become glittery casino
Caesars plans vast Wembley casino
Caesars plans are for a 75,000 sq ft casino with 135 tables and 1,250 slots.

12th October           Las Vegas & London          San Francisco Chronicle/AP & Scotsman/PA
Caesars Entertainment to build major casino in London
Caesars to Build Major Casino in Capital
The Caesars Entertainment partnership is with Quintain Estates and Development PLC.
Yahoo Finance:

12th October           Liverpool          The Liverpool DailyPost
Should our gambling laws be liberalised?
Two arguments, one for and one against the proposed Government changes.

11th October           Manchester          Manchester Online
Armed gangs raid casinos
The Stanley Albion Casino in Salford and Grosvenor Casino on Empire Street Manchester were both the scenes of armed roberies last week.

10th October           London          The Guardian
Las Vegas to gamble £3.5bn on UK casinos
Gambling fever? Try Hong Kong

8th October           London
Apparently the 13th of October is the day that the Draft Gambling Bill will receive it's first reading in Parliament.

7th October           Manchester          Daily Mirror
Casino Rooyal - Boozy Wayne blows hundreds in minutes on late-night poker
Footballer's, Alcohol and Gambling a popular topic for the British tabloids.

7th October           Glasgow          Glasgow Evening Times
Rangers £6m casino windfall
Glasgow Rangers are purchasing land adjoining Ibrox and hope to get £6 million in rent annually from their casino deal with Las Vegas Sands.

7th October           Leicester          Leicester Mercury
'Mega -Casino' Odds-on to cash in on the Boom
Gala Casinos intend opening a casino on Vaughan Way in Leicester on the 2nd of December.

5th October           London          The Scotsman
Internet and Tax Change Fuel Gambling Fever

5th October           Las Vegas & London - G2E          Las Vegas Sun
U.K. experts wary of casino boom prediction

4th October           London          Daily Telegraph
Britain leads the world in gambling bonanza

2nd October           Brighton          GMB Union - Press release
Gmb And Unite-here Announce First Ever Transatlantic Union Partnership To Organise Gaming And Casino...
The GMB Union and UNITE-HERE a U.S. Union representing casino staff have announced an alliance at the Labour party conference in Brighton.

30th September           London          ThisisLondon/London Evening Standard
Hat-trick Rooney boots bookies

29th September           London
Blue Square pulls out of exchange talks

29th September           London & Boston, Mass.          PRNewswire
Global Gambling Expands as World Economy Slows
The 3rd edition of the Global Gambling Review entitled "Double or Quits" is now available.

29th September           Ayr, Scotland          ic Ayrshire
Racecourse casino plan could fall at first hurdle
Owners Pacific Shelf have an ongoing application to build a casino, hotel, multiplex cinema, and racing academy at Ayr Racecourse.

29th September           Birmingham          Wolverhampton Express & Star
Gangsters warning over casino plan
An alarmist story warning of what may happen in Brierley Hill if a casino is granted planning permission.

28th September           Ontario, Canada          Business Wire
iView Systems Selects EndX Ltd. As Exclusive Reseller In Europe

28th September           Brighton
Labour Conference 2004 in Brighton: Sun International’s fake gambling debate
Sun International are sponsoring session this evening at the Labour party conference entitled "Gambling, regeneration, and social responsibility: can everyone be a winner?".
- Social Market Foundation:

27th September           Las Vegas & London          Reno Gazette-Journal - Jeff Burbank
Las Vegas: Britain pondering tax rates on gambling
The current highest rate of Tax on gaming profits in Britain is 40%. U.S. operators are hoping for something between 15 and 30%.

26th September           Brighton, England          ThisisLondon/Mail on Sunday
Gaming chiefs step up lobbying
Sun International is sponsoring a Social Market Foundation meeting about responsible gambling at this weeks Labour Party conference in Brighton.

26th September           Blackpool          The Guardian/Observer
The man with a winning bet on Blackpool
A profile of Marc Etches, after driving the campaign to bring casinos to Leisure Parcs Blackpool properties he will be leaving the company shortly.

26th September           Scotland          Sunday Mail
£1/2 million betting probe: Raith bosses summoned

26th September           U.K. and Australia          The Scotsman
Packer to chip in £300m for casino roll-out
The article details many of the potential casino developments in Scotland that have an overseas involvement.

25th September           Yarmouth          Norwich Evening News
Blow to Yarmouth's big gamble

25th September           London & Kuala Lumpur          Business Times
Genting poised to garner slice of UK gaming mart
As well as buying Maxims, Gentings International already has a 15% stake in London Clubs International.

24th September           British Bookmaking           ThisisLondon/London Evening Standard
Revolution at the bookies
A look at the rise of FOBT's there are currently now over 17,000 of them in Britains 8,800 betting shops.

24th September           London & Sydney           The Weekend Australian
Packer's $757m casino bid
Double up: Packer's big play
Reports from Australia are that Kerry Packer's CPH has earmarked £300 million for casino investments in the U.K.

24th September           London 
UK Gambling Industry - A case of supply outstripping demand?
Niall Quinn from takes a close look at the Government's proposals for deregulation.

24th September           London           The Guardian
Gambling's losers
BACTA letter responding to yesterday's Guardian leader.

24th September           Malaysia & London           Business Times
Genting bets on acquisition of UK casino
The purchase of Maxims by Genting International will be through their UK subsidiary Coastbright Ltd. The Gala subsidiary presently owning Maxims is Lydiashourne Ltd.

23rd September           London          The Straits Times
Mega casino No. 2 in London on the cards

23rd September           London 
Gambling law
Includes comment from GamCare, the Salvation Army and the Independent Casino Operators Association.

23rd September           Malaysia & London           Utusan Online
Genting International acquires Maxims casino

23rd September           London          Glasgow Evening Times
Glasgow's new casinos may pay out £1m jackpots

23rd September           Malaysia & London          Yahoo Singapore/Dow Jones & The Edge Daily
Malaysia Genting Unit To Buy UK Casino For £10.5 million
Genting buys London casino for RM72m 
Genting Bhd have announced to the Kuala Lumpur stock exchange that they intend buying Maxims Casino from Gala for £10.5 million.

23rd September           London          The Guardian
A listening government
Bookmakers face clampdown on roulette machines

23rd September           Birmingham          ic Coventry & ic Birmingham
NEC plan for 'Las Vegas of the UK'
Brum could be casino capital 
The latest British venue to announce potential casino plans is the National Exhibition Centre near Birmingham.

23rd September           London          ThisisLondon/London Evening Standard
Olympia casino team is named

23rd September           London          ATE Online
Casino sector confused over Bill's intentions

23rd September           London          ATE Online &  Bacta - Press release
BACTA disappointed with DCMS announcement
BACTA's membership is mainly companies involved with operating Amusement arcades and AWP machines.  -

23rd September           London & Scotland          The Glasgow Herald
Casino machines to offer unlimited jackpots

23rd September           London & Scotland          The Scotsman
US casinos may reap fruit of limit on slots - Corrected link

23rd September           London          The Independent
Tax fears delay arrival of 'Las Vegas' casinos

23rd September           London          Daily Telegraph
UK gaming rounds on Vegas-style casinos

23rd September           London
Jowell backs slot machine limits

23rd September           London          Financial Express/LCI - Press release
London Clubs International plc - Re: Gaming Bill

22nd September           London          DCMS - Press release
Tough Controls On High Prize Slot Machines To Stay – Jowell
The full text of the Government's responce can be found @
Government Response to the First Report of the Joint Committee on the Draft Gambling Bill (Regional Casinos) (Cm 6330)
14 pages in PDF format.

22nd September           London          Salvation Army/Methodist Church
Government proposals not enough to stop rise in problem gambling, say churches

22nd September           London
Gambling firms' high-prize hopes dashed

22nd September           London          The Scotsman/PA & DCMS release
Government Sticks by Plans on £1m Slot Machines
Tough Controls on High Prize Slot Machines to Stay - Jowell

22nd September           London          Bloomberg News
U.K. Allows No-Limit Slot Machines in Biggest Casinos

22nd September           Northeast England          ic Teeside
Huge amount of money at stake

22nd September           London          iWon/Dow Jones
UK Gov: Unlimited Slot Machines Only In Largest Casinos

22nd September           London          The Independent
'Las Vegas' casinos set for go-ahead in UK town centres

22nd September           London
Gambling deregulation to be axed - FT

21st September           London
UK gaming groups to miss jackpot
The FT making the call on the eve of the Government's official press release.

21st September           Aberdeen          Aberdeen City Council & Aberdeen Independent
New casino plan for city centre recommended for approval
New casino may be on the cards

21st September           Las Vegas & London          Business Wire
Cyberview Technology Announces Licensing and Distribution Agreement with Legends & Icons

19th September           Glasgow, Scotland          Glasgow Sunday Herald - Muriel Gray
Chips With Everything
A must read article on a visit to Gala's new Glassford Street casino. The reporter and her friends were not impressed.

19th September           London          The Sunday Telegraph
Caesars bets on palace at Wembley
Caesars is apparently in talks with Quintain Estates who own 42 acres of land surrounding the new national stadium.

19th September           London & Johannesburg          The Independent
Peter Bacon: He's come from the casinos of Sun City to play one-armed bandits in Britain
Excellent profile of Sun International CEO Peter Bacon and the companies aspirations in the U.K.

18th September           Glasgow          The Glasgow Evening Times
Probe into gambling launched by council
Glasgow City Council have launched an enquiry into the flood of casino applications and development plans that have been filed in the city recently.

17th September           London          The Independent
Compulsive gambling, Hunt protests and others
Letters to the Independent from Peter Collins (Director, Centre for the Study of Gambling, University of Salford) & Tessa Jowell (Secretary of State, DCMS) commenting on Mark Griffiths remarks last week about an increase in gambling addiction.

17th September           Sydney & U.K.          The melbourne Age
Packer lifts stake in UK gaming

17th September           Glasgow          Evening Times
18-hour a day super casino opens in city

16th September           Glasgow, Scotland          The Glasgow Herald
Largest casino opens as residents raise the stakes
Gala have now opened their 30,400 sq ft Glassford Street Casino that also becomes one of the largest in the U.K.

16th September           Birmingham, England           Express & Star & The Guardian
Plan for £50m complex is unveiled
£50m plan for leisure complex 
- The Brierley Hill location at

16th September           Birmingham, England           Yahoo Asia/Asia Pulse & AFR/AAP
Kerry Packer Announces Plans for English Casino Project
Packer punts on new British casino
Detailed article on the partnership between Kerry Packer's CPH and Damian Aspinall and their joint plans for an Aspers chain of casinos across the U.K.

15th September           London           The Guardian
Earl agrees £19m settlement with casino operator

14th September           London           Hotels/The Times
Casinos could fund poor councils

14th September           London           The Independent & Daily Telegraph
US casino head takes reins at London Clubs
London Clubs' chief to be man who rescued Aladdin

11th September           London          ATE Online
Fox hunting could delay Gambling Bill
BACTA emphasises importance of triennial

11th September           Liverpool
London casinos boost Stanley Leisure

10th September           Liverpool          Stanley Leisure - Press release
Stanley Leisure - AGM Trading update

8th September           London          The Guardian - Letters
Stakes are high in gambling legislation
Tessa Jowell, Secretary of state for Culture, Media and Sport. A letter in respoce to a Guardian article on Betting Exchanges

8th September           Edinburgh          The Scotsman
Leith Docks centre of £80m plan for music, hotel and casino

7th September           Britain          Media Week
Casinos gamble on a change in the law
A look at how British deregulation may effect Bookmakers and Casinos marketing and advertising campaigns.

7th September           London          The Guardian
William Hill raises virtual roulette stake
Hill's intend having around 5,200 FOBT's in their 1,600 shops by the end of the year.

7th September           London          The Stage
Planet Hollywood mogul plans £5m London casino

6th September           London          London Evening Standard & The Scotsman
Bookie William Hill on a winner
William Hill has big jump
Hill's now have some 5,000 FOBT's and got rid of some 2,000 AWP's. The average win per-week per-FOBT is around £400.

6th September           London          City Wire, The Guardian & Yahoo UK/Reuters
William Hill pulls up lame on slowdown warning
William Hill reports profits increase
William Hill slips on punters' winning streak

6th September           London
William Hill Plc - Announcement of interim results

6th September           Wales          The Western Mail
How Tenby 'fix' made horse racing a non-runner in much of Wales
A look back at the victory of Oyster Maid at Tenby in 1927, possibly one of the biggest betting coups ever landed in Britain.

5th September           British Racing          The Observer/Guardian & Daily Telegraph
Spotlight falls on '£6m loser'
Fixed? Bet you anything it isn't
Let the police get racing out of a fix

5th September           Glasgow          Scotland On Sunday
We're on a roll to nowhere
A thoughtful and entertaining article on the 5 additional casinos now on the drawing board in Glasgow. The first, Gala's Glassford Street opens in 11 days time and will become Scotland's largest casino.

5th September           London          Daily Telegraph
Gambling Bill MPs linked to casinos

5th September           London          Daily Telegraph
The casino economy
An interview with Rt Hon Lord (Andrew) McIntosh of Haringey, Minister for Media and Heritage.
A profile of Lord McIntosh and his responsibilities can also be found at:

4th September           Scotland          The Scotsman
Sun International planning £150m Scots casino complex

3rd September           London & Australia          The Courier Mail & SMH/AAP
Betfair confident of licence despite UK scam
Betfair confident of getting licences

3rd September           London          The Caterer
Big names for London casino
Planet Hollywood's Rober Earl's plans for 50 St James's in partnership with LCI.

3rd September           London          Rank Group - Website links
Latest News: 2004 Interim Results Webcast 
Video interview with Rank Group CEO Mike Smith - Registration required.

3rd September           London
UK's Rank mulls group break-up, H1 profits fall

2nd September           London
Bailed jockeys back in saddle

2nd September           London
Jockey Fallon held in race-fixing probe
Fallon finds controversy on and off the track

1st September           Britain - Various          The Sun, Scotsman & London Evening Standard
Champion jockey arrested
Sport of Racing Plagued by Scandal and Controversy
Racing's image hit again
"Today's events almost certainly involve the backing and laying of horses via the exchanges"
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