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November - December 2002
Problem Gambling

27th December         Connecticut       Source: Newsday/AP
Casino executive says problem gamblers not welcome

26th December         Indiana          Source: Cincinnati Enquirer/AP
Now broke, gambler sues Indiana casino
The lawsuit is expected to go to trial in April 2003. It is being viewed by casino operators and lawyers representing players to determine what responsabilities casinos have with respect to customers with gambling problems.

14th December         Tasmania         Source: Mercury
Pokie Stash: $2.5m addict help fund lies idle

14th December          Gambling Issues        Source: Sydney Morning Herald
Irresistible odds
An interesting look at gambling and gamblers as portrayed over the years by scholars and the big screen.

11th December         Nova Scotia, Canada          Source: Kansas City Star
Slot machines in Nova Scotia tell gamblers when they've had enough
The 3,234 Government owned VLT's in Nova Scotia now have a package of components to combat problem gambling including shutting down automatically after 150 minutes play.

11th December         Nevada          Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal/AP
Gambling health issues discussed - Experts seek increase in research, funds

29th November        Quebec, Canada       Source: Press
Loto-Quebec asked to pull ad accused of glamourizing gambling

29th November        Iowa       Source: Las Vegas Sun
Study: Treated addicts avoid betting - Harvard researchers tracked problem gamblers in Iowa

29th November        Illinois       Source: Elk Grove Times/Pioneer Press
Lycos sentenced; audience applauds
Lycos’ chronicle of deception stretches back at least to 1991
A quite amazing tale of deception with the proceeds apparently spent at Illinois Riverboat casinos.

29th November        Tasmania       Source: ABCNews Online
Casino Charged over underage gamblers
The fine of A$2,500 for allowing 15 and 17 year olds  to play slots at Wrest Point is a very light one indeed.

27th November        Sydney, Australia       Source: The Sunday Mail
Salvation Army attacks gambling
The New South Wales SA has unveiled a five point plan including ATM's to be located further from slots and for larger and cleared warning signs to be placed on machines.

27th November        New Brunswich, Canada       Source:
Statistics show gambling a factor in suicides of New Brunswickers - Brief article

27th November        ACT, Australia       Source: ABCNews Online
Gambling code aimed at curbing 'excessive' gambling

26th November        Toronto       Source: The Toronto Star
On-the-job gambling drove officer to steal - Undercover work led to 'addiction' Stole $16,000 to support habit

26th November        Online Gambling       Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer
Accounts bled to pay Web bets, police say
The strange tale of a gambler stealing over $25,000 from bank accounts to play at Internet casinos.

25th November        Schwerin, Germany       Source: November 21st
Wenn das Zocken zur Sucht wird
A look at problem gambling in Germany, a country with considerably tighter regulations on gaming & betting than its neighbours.

22nd November        Ontario, Canada        Source: The National Post
Addicted gambler sues gaming corp. for encouraging him - Broker claims $7-million after Ontario casinos failed to turn him away

22nd November        New Zealand        Source: New Zealand Herald
Ex-Gambling Foundation head spent nearly $35,000 on himself

22nd November        Atlantic City        Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer
Casino visitors eat up soup kitchen's resources - Day-trippers are hurting an Atlantic City facility
A look at the not so glamourous side of Atlantic City casinos daily bus traffic from New York City.

21st November        Nova Scotia, Canada        Source: Daily News - Opinion 
The gambling dilemma - Adults should be able to do what they want, shouldn’t they?
Very Interesting and well written article looking at casino gamblers in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

21st November        Canada        Source: Brunswick Telegraph Journal
Lotto luring 'compulsive gamblers' - Atlantic Lotto's business summary reveals aggressive plan

16th November        Ontario        Source: Northern Light/Canada News Wire
Responsible Gambling Council (Ontario) invites nominations for 2003 Excellence in Achievement Awards

11th November        South Africa        Source: Northern Light/Sunday Times
Slot Machine Mom Hits Rock Bottom

10th November        Illinois        Source: Telegraph
Deal me out State compiles list of problem gamblers
Illinois now has a state-wide programme in place to allow gamblers to sign up for self exclusion.

6th November        London        Source:
Sky seeks advice from gambling charity Gamcare

6th November       South Africa        Source: Cape Times
Gambling addict mom sentenced to house arrest for R49 500 theft

6th November        Indiana       Source: Discover/National Public Radio
Compulsive Gamblers Test Casinos in Court - audio file

3rd November        Problem Gambling - Duluth, Minnesota        Source: Wausau Daily Herald
Addiction counselors see gambling's dark side
An online resource for casino trade and industry news