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May - June 2003

29th June         Switzerland           Source:
Experts warn of rise in gambling addiction

29th June         Jersey, Channel Islands           Source: Jersey Evening Post &
Casino at the Fort? - Link liable to change shortly
States to debate casino

28th June         Bulgaria          Source:
Bulgaria Aims to Attract More EU-Investors Into its Gambling Business

28th June         Israel           Source: Ha'aretz Daily
A-G asks Dimona to respond to charges of secret casino project

26th June         Israel          Source: Virtual Jerusalem - Opinion
Yediot: Plotzker plotzes over casino plan

26th June         Israel         Source: Globes Online
Minister of Tourism: Present plan to combat negative casino effects

25th June         Israel          Source: Ha'aretz Online
Betting the house with us in it

25th June         Israel          Source: Globes Online
Cards up the sleeve - Why hand casinos to Mifal Hapayis? Why not Eilat? And what's the Sharon family link?
A look at the personalities and political wrangling that may or may not lead to the Jericho casino re-opening.

25th June         Israel          Source: Globes Online
Sharon: Casinos won’t bring salvation
Prime Minister Aerial Sharon's strong opposition would seem to put an end to speculation that Israel will soon legalize casinos.

24th June         Israel          Source: Ha'aretz Online
Sharon fiercely opposed to opening casino in Israel

24th June         Israel          Source: Ha'aretz Online - Editorial
Casino addiction
Ha'aretz believes that the drawbacks to legalising casinos in Israel far outweigh the benefits.

23rd June         Israel         Source: Globes Online
Yitzhaki: One legal casino would earn state $60m a year - Part of the revenue would be allocated to fight illegal gambling

23rd June         Israel         Source: Ha'aretz Daily
Is it worth gambling with the risk?
Datailed analysis of the problems that may be encountered if Israel decides to legalise casinos.

22nd June         Israel          Source: Ha'aretz Daily
Plan for casinos goes to Sharon on Tuesday

21st June         Israel          Source: Ha'aretz Daily
Mifal Hapayis to present casino plan to Sharon on Tuesday
A wagon of poker chips heads for the Negev

21st June         Las Vegas & Monaco          Source: Yahoo/Business Wire
Wynn Resorts and Societe des Bains de Mer of Monaco Enter into Previously Announced Strategic Alliance

20th June         Israel        Source: Israel Insider
Proposal to open casinos in Israel gathering steam, and opposition

19th June         Switzerland         Source:
Wenige Casinos rentieren, die Mehrheit wurstelt sich durch. Politiker fordern lockerere Auflagen
Switzerland has 7 class A Casinos and 15 Class B. Business at the Class B casinos is below what was expected. Casino Arosa has had it's license suspended for not having enough capital available.

18th June         Baghdad         Source: Yahoo Singapore/Reuters
Baghdad racecourse gambles on survival
The Equestrian Club has re-opened Baghdad's racecourse. It was formerly owned by Saddam Hussein's son Uday.

17th June         Israel           Source: Ha'aretz Online
The casino curse - Editorial
Gambling on a casino
Ha'aretz Online with a very strong editorial condemning plans for a casino to be sited in Israel's Negev Desert.

17th June         Israel           Source: Globes Online
“Yediot Ahronot”: Rubinstein opposes casinos
Attorney General Elaykim Rubinstein is against the  establishment of legal casinos in Israel.

16th June        Vienna, Austria          Source: - In German
Interview with Professor Johann F. Graf founder and head of the Novomatic Group

16th June        Lebanon          Source: Lebanon Daily Star
Troubles continue for Casino du Liban chairman

15th June        Israel          Source: Globes Online
Mifal Hapayis proposes running 5 casinos
Mifal Hapayis is the Israeli National Lottery operator.

14th June        Las Vegas & Monaco          Source: Las Vegas Sun & LVRJ
Wynn in deal with Monaco casino operator
Monaco casino operator partners with Wynn
The $45 million deal will see SBM buying 3.6% of Wynn Resorts. Both companies appear to be gaining the abilty to cross market their casinos and exchange staff & services.

13th June        Vienna, Austria          Source: Tiroler Tageszeitung/apa
Casinos Austria 2002 mit Rekordergebnissen, aber Besucherminus
In 2002 Casinos Austria had a record win but experienced a decline in visitors, down to 2.6 milion from 2.8 million. CA has 1,850 employess in Austria's 12 casinos with a total of 1,800 slots and 240 tables.

13th June        Las Vegas & Monaco          Source: Yahoo/Business Wire & Yahoo France
Monaco casino takes 3.6% stake in Wynn Resorts
SBM : alliance stratégique avec Wynn Resorts

13th June        Las Vegas & Monaco          Source: Wynn Resorts/Business Wire
Wynn Resorts, Limited to Enter Into Strategic Alliance With Societe des Bains de Mer of Monaco
SBM will buy 3 million Wynn Resorts shares at a discounted $15 each, for a total of $45 million. Closing price on Thursday was just under $18.
Yahoo France SBM stock quote -

12th June         Breda, Holland          Source: Holland Casino
Een nieuw Holland Casino Breda - Opening grootste casino van Europa
Holland Casino opened casino Breda on June 6th (claimed to be the largest in Europe at 13,000 sq. mts) and had 11,000 visitors over the opening weekend.

5th June          Athens, Greece            Source: Yahoo/Dow Jones Business News
Greece To Offer 24.61% Stake In Opap Mid-July

4th June       Gijón, Spain          Source: El Comercio Digital
El nuevo Gobierno decidirá sobre el casino al retrasarse un mes la adjudicación
The decision on who will operate the casino of Asturias, in Gijón has been delayed until 10th July. There are 4 potential bidders for the license.

3rd June          Dublin           Source: Yahoo/Reuters
Paddy Power says betting on upbeat future

2nd June          Bern, Switzerland           Source: Yahoo Germany/ots
EJPD: ESBK suspendiert die Konzession des Casinos Arosa
After less than 1 year of operations the Swiss Casino Commisssion has suspended the licence of the Class B Casino Arosa. Website:

22nd May          Loutraki, Greece & Israel           Source: Globes Online
Khakshouri, Boblil dispute Loutraki casino compromise

20th May          Switzerland           Source: - 16th May
22 Spielbanken - Listing of casinos A & B in Switzerland

15th May          Israel          Source: Ha'aretz Online
Casino Austria denies owning floating casino off Eilat coast

14th May          Bern, Switzerland          Source: Yahoo Germany/AP
Neue Schweizer Casinos setzten 2002 140 Millionen Franken um

14th May          France & Australia          Source:
Gambling – a French holiday pastime
Postcards from Europe: Writer Kate Townsend-Mirande compares casino gambling in France and Australia.

14th May          Vienna, Austria          Source: Yahoo Germany/Reuters
BETandWIN verbessert Ergebnis im Q1

12th May          Pforzheim/Berlin        Source:
Plummeting sales for Casinos

12th May          Hannover, Germany        Source:
Niedersachsens Spielbanken stehen vor dem Ruin
Spielbankabgabe sinkt - Viel Kritik an Verkaufsplänen. Nur Roulette gilt als fein
The problems facing the 10 Spielbanks in the German Lander Niedersachsen - Fewer guests and a tax rate of around 80%.

11th May          Cyprus & Macau        Source: Yahoo/AP Photos
Tourists outside Casino Lisboa, Macau
Macau has just had its first confirmed case of SARS.
Northern Cyprus Casino Interior
Greek Cypriots are now able to freely visit casinos on the Turkish side of the island.

11th May          Nicosia, Cyprus        Source: Yahoo/AFP
Higher education, halva trump casinos on northern Cyprus economic agenda

9th May          Hittfeld, Germany        Source: Hambuger Abendblatt - May 6th
Sorgenkind Spielbank - Das Land senkt die Spielbanken-Abgabe, damit die Casinos nicht schließen müssen

9th May          Baden, Switzerland        Source: Yahoo Germany/AP
Wirtschaft in Kürze Stadtcasino Baden machte weniger Gewinn

6th May          Germany          Source: Yahoo Germany/AP
Länder verdienen Milliarden an Glücksspiellust der Deutschen
In the last year the 16 German Landers have collected €4.7 billion in taxes from all forms of gambling.

6th May          Paris          Source:
Accor sales fall on currencies, casino divestment

6th May          Vaxjo, Sweden          Source: Yahoo/Primezone Media
Boss Media delivers Online Bingo to Victor Chandler

6th May          Libon, Portugal          Source: Ponto Final
Extensão de qualidade: Casino Lisboa ‘cresce’ para o espaço do antigo restaurante chinês
Sociedade de Jogos de Macau that has the management contract for Casino Lisbon will open an extention to the casino tomorrow.

5th May          Cannes, France          Source: Lucien Barrière
The third casino in Cannes