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March - April 2004
Problem Gambling

25th April           London            The Observer/Guardian
Gamblers to face addiction checks
Provisions in the Gambling Bill may require casino staff to take courses in recognising and assisting problem gamblers.

21st April           Britain - Problem Gambling   Guardian
700,000 reasons to ditch these Las Vegas dreams
Guardian writer Polly Toynbee argues against unlimited expansion of casino gamblinbg in the U.K.

20th April           Athens, Alabama            Athens News Courier
Gambling the night away; 4 arrested at Piney Chapel poker room
An unimportant story but with a superb picture of the local Sheriff. :)

20th April           London            The Scotsman/PA &
New Gambling Laws 'Will Cause Mental Problems'
Gambling shake-up 'risks health'

18th April           Problem Gambling - New Zealand  
Older women lured by pokies

9th April           Australia  
Casinos Bet on Aussie Gambling Addiction Web Site
The Australian branch of Gamblers Anonymous has a free message board. The suppliers software also incorporates advertising, some of which is for online casinos.

5th April           Problem Gambling           The Daily Telegraph
Gambling addiction drove Thorne to the brink
Popular snooker professional Willie Thorne has candidly revealed his problems with gambling in his autobiography  "Double or Quits".

2nd April           Problem Gambling - Mississippi           Biloxi Sun-Herald
Casinos vs. compulsions - Problem gambling in Mississippi

2nd April           Wales & Singapore           The Western Mail & Straits Times
Jail for store manager who stole £18,000 and spent it gambling on horses
APB executive pleads guilty to stealing S$117 million
Two similar stories but very different amounts involved!. The latter getting 42 years in Prison.

24th March           New Zealand 
Government proposes problem gambling strategy
Further information on problem gambling in N.Z and The Gambling Act 2003 can be found at:

21st March           Albany, New York          Times Union
Is there gambling on campus? You bet

21st March           Newcastle          The Sunday Mirror
Gazza's hooked on bets
Paul Gascoigne has apparently booked into a clinic in Arizona for gambling addiction treatment.

20th March           Niagara Falls          The Buffalo News
Woman pleads guilty in thefts tied to gambling

20th March           Rochester, New York          The Melbourne Age
Gambling addict stole $2.4m from work

19th March           Problem Gambling          The Day & ABC News
This Movie Hits Jackpot In Portrayal Of Gambling - Owning Mahowny.
Accountant prepared to pay back money spent on gambling

19th March           U.S.          Christian Science Monitor
Just a coincidence? Bankrupcties highest where casinos are
The CSM picks up on the Jesuit Creighton University study. To my knowledge the AGA has so far not issued a statement on the findings.

18th March           Problem gambling - Armed forces          The Belfast Telegraph
Corporal stole 'to pay for gambling'
Amazing story of an Army corporal rifling through mail and stealing cheques, bank cards and money from fellow servicemen.

15th March           Las Vegas          Las Vegas Sun
UNLV introduces training for problem gambling counselors

15th March           Omaha, Nebraska          Lawrence Journal/AP
Study links bankruptcy, proximity of casinos
The study is from the Jesuit Creighton University -

15th March           Wales          icWales/Western Mail
Currys manager stole £18k to fund gambling addiction

13th March           Problem Gambling - Nevada          Las Vegas Review-Journal
Forum focuses on problem gambling

13th March           Problem Gambling - Connecticut         The Day
Problem Gambling Quickly Becoming An Equal-Opportunity Addiction - Women Account For 40% Of Treatment Inquiries

11th March           U.S.          Omaha World-Herald
Study finds more personal bankruptcies in U.S. counties with casinos

9th March           Nevada          Las Vegas Sun - Liz Bentson
Groups get 'positive' about problem gambling
This week is National Problem Gambling Awareness Week in the U.S. Website: &

9th March          Hamilton, Bermuda          The Royal Gazette
Salvation Army leads push against casino

8th March           Waitakere, New Zealand
Have your say on draft gambling policy

8th March           Kentucky          Evansville Courier Press - Editorial
States are addicted to gambling

6th March           Queensland          The Courier Mail
Gambling addiction leads to $300,000 theft
An online resource for casino trade and industry news