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March - April 2003
Problem Gambling

29th April          Problem Gambling - New Zealand          Source:
Gamblers 'out of control' 
The number of gamblers seeking counseling in New Zealsnd has risen 21% in 12 months. Gaming machines in pubs and clubs being the major problem for 81% of helpline callers.

23rd April          Moscow         Source: The Scotsman
Russia plagued by rise in gambling

22nd April         Canada        Source: Toronto Globe & Mail
Government gambling revenue tops $11-billion
Spend on gambling products has quadrupled in 10 years in Canada. Casinos accounting for 34% of the total.

19th April          Indiana        Source: Las Vegas Sun
Gambling addict appeals court decision - Man claims Ind. casino should have barred him

16th April          Valley Center, California        Source: Las Vegas Sun/AP
California casino shooter was a chronic gambler

16th April          San Diego        Source: San Diego Herald-Tribune
Gambling addiction led to 2 killings  - Desperate man went on crime, gun spree, killed himself, guard
Background information and profile of William O'Neal who went on a robbery and shooting spree at the weekend before killing himself at the Harrahs Rincon Resort & Casino.

15th April          Washington        Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal
Study finds young boys are frequent gamblers
A telephone survey of 408 adolescents across the U.S. from March 3 to April 6.

13th April         Mississippi          Source: The Clarion Ledger
Addiction deals a losing hand - UMC program offers way out
Course for Addicted gamblers at the University of Mississippi Medical Center's - the cost appears to be $1,500.

13th April          Conecticut & Quebec          Source: Gazette
Connecticut cites risk to children, bans Loto-Québec CD-ROM

13th April          Cruiselines          Source: Post
Major cruise lines lower age for drinking, gambling - Listing of Age requirements by Cruiseline.

9th April          New Zealand          Source:
Community groups deserve answers on Gambling Bill - Press Release NZ National Party.

6th April          Victoria, Australia           Source: The Herald Sun
Pokie program fails

2nd April          Indiana          Source: The Courier-Journal
Bill to keep compulsive gamblers off all 10 state riverboats dies in committee

1st April          New Zealand          Source:
More elderly succumb to lure of gambling

29th March          Copenhagen, Denmark         Source: The Copenhagen Post
Spotlight on compulsive gambling
Denmark has hosted the countries first conference on problem gambling. Around 150,000 Danes are thought to have gambling problems.

29th March          Indiana         Source:
Problem Gambler Seeks Reinstatement of His Lawsuit against Aztar
David N. Williams having already had his lawsuit thrown out by a Fedral judge is now trying his luck in Chicago.

29th March          North Carolina         Source:
Former CEO gets 2 years in federal prison for gambling-loss fraud

28th March          Christchurch, New Zealand         Source:
Jail sentence for gambling lawyer
Lawyer gambled with clients' money
Lawyer Philip Coburn lost over NZ$2 million of clients money playing Pokies at Christchurch Casino.

22nd March          South Australia          Source: The Advertiser/Sunday Mail
Fraud jackpots
Tax loss may delay gaming smoking ban
Gambling related fraud is apparently rising steeply in South Australia with 12 addicts allegedly caught stealing more than A$450,000 in the past week.

22nd March          Arizona           Source:
Study: 2% of Arizona are problem gamblers
Interesting statistics on the profile of a potential problem gambler - Male (73% chance), White (73%), age 35 to 54 (42%) and in full time employment.

20th March          New York           Source: Yahoo/Reuters Health News
Brain Changes Similar in Gambling, Drug Addiction

19th March           Washington          Source: Las Vegas Sun/AP
Internet gambling said to be 'rapidly growing social problem'

19th March           Canada - Problem Gambling          Source: News
No end to sad slots stories

15th March           Halifax, Nova Scotia         Source: Daily News
Problem gamblers profit province - Government ignored report slamming new VLTs
Machines designed to help stem problem gambling apparently have a faster game speed.

15th March           Ottawa, Canada         Source: Canadian Press
Ontario set to fund specialized treatment for gambling addicts
In 2001-2 Ontario spent 12 times more promoting state owned casinos, VLT's and lotteries than on treatment programmes for addicted gamblers.

15th March           Nova Scotia, Canada          Source: MyTelus/CBC
New VLTs behind soaring gambling rate

13th March           Nevada         Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal
Problem-gambling alliance set - Year-round program intends to educate social service workers

13th March           Sports betting          Source: The Palm Beach Post - Editorial
Betting players a threat to sport

12th March           Nevada          Source: Las Vegas Sun
Nevada problem gambling program launches today
Since casino gambling was legalised in 1931, Nevada has never given any money for problem gambling research.

11th March           South Australia        Source: The Advertiser
Pokie losses lift with every new machine
South Australia has 15,048 machines approved for operation, with 14,804 in use in 599 licensed venues.

8th March           South Australia         Source: ABC News Online
SA MP calls for action on gambling issues

8th March           Problem Gambling - New Zealand         Source:
Gambling lawyer at victim's funeral

6th March           Indiana          Source: Las Vegas Sun/AP & Las Vegas Review-Journal
Judge rejects lawsuit over gambling losses
Aztar gets decisive victory in lawsuit filed by gambler
A Federal judge has thrown out the lawsuit brought by addicted gambler David N. Williams against Casino Aztar.
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